Top 10 slowest animals in the world

Every animal species have some kind of speciality that make them unique. Some animals have power to run faster than super cars, at same time some species are super slow in motion. Here the list of top 10 slowest animals in the world.

10 Manatee


Manatees or sea cows are one of adorable herbivorous marine animals can be seen in Amazon, Caribbean seas and Indian ocean. Manatees used to live in shallow water, always found as just floating over water rather than moving.

Actually manatees don’t have any predators to and won’t face any harm in their life span. Such condition makes manatees one of slowest animals in the world. Most of time they engaged with eating and resting, makes them heavier in size.

9 Gila Monster

Gila Monster

Gila monsters are one of member of venomous lizards native to south western parts of United States. They always found as hidden under the ground, rarely get chance to see them. The 22 inch sized gila monster lizards have capacity to consume meal up to one third of their body, also very slow movers in nature.

Gila monsters stored the fat within their body,rarely search for food as fat is within their body. It let them to live longer time under the ground and keep with complete rest. The hidden nature alo keep away the predators from them, became one of species that make least body movements.

8 Loris



Loris are medium sized primates native to south-east Asia. They have human like hands and follows twisted like movement very slowly. Loris can only make maximum speed of 2 km per hour.

Lori’s special lumbering help them to keep away the predators, let them to live without fear. Loris are also seems as poisonous mammal, one bite will inject enough venom to harm you.

7 Sea Horse

Sea Horse

Sea horses are special type of fish species found within tropical waters around the world. Unlike other species of fishes they are unable to make so much movement in water because of their mysterious body structure, very slow in movements.

The fast movement of seas horses are limited for 0.5 miles per hour. As they are very slow at movements seas horses used to stay within a unique place in their lifetime.

6 Banana Slug

Banana Slug

Banana slugs are member of gastropod mollusc with no  shell at all. As the move through muscular contraction became a slowest animal species. Most of all time slugs used to lay under the ground for feeding and laying eggs. In that way slugs completely put away movement from one place to another.

Slugs can only achieve faster movement of 0.2 miles per hour. They also have capacity to live underground for several years in moist condition.

5 Koala Bear

slowest animals in the world

Koala bears are comes under special sub category of mammals called marsupial. It is not at all a member of bears, called as because of it look like bears native to Australia. The strong limbs and claws of koala bear help them to climb on trees in no time, used to have leafs of trees. Kola bears are one of slowest animals, as they are poor at eye sight they spend most of time in trees.

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Koala bears have thicky padded tails, let them to sit in trees for hours. They have excellent sense of smell and sounds, so that easily can recognize predators easily.

4 Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

Tortoises are  vertebrate with longest life span which is known for it’s slow movement. Giant tortoises are mainly found in Seychelles and Galapagos Islands. The have a heavier body with weight up to 350kg, also causes slow movement for them.

The thick legs and heavy shells also responsible for ginat tortoise’s slow movement.They mainly found within wet and grass lands. They have capacity to make larger inter storage of water, have power to live without water or food up to an year.

3 Garden Snail

Garden Snail

Garden snails or land snails is member of terrestrial molluscs, native to Mediterranean region. Unlike slugs garden snails have thick coiled shells, make them so slow in movement, only few yards in an hours

They mostly found in wetlands, move through muscular contraction. Garden snails also make hibernation for years, they also like to hide away from sunlight.

2 Star Fish

Star Fish

There are 2000 different species of star fishes are in total, found within all oceans around the world. Interestingly start fishes can’t move long distance, used to travel along with ocean currents. Star fishes are as slow as 0.02 miles per hour.

Their star like body structure itself causes slow movement in ocean. Star fishes have no blood and brain, if they gets cut down into pieces then new star fishes wil grw from each of those pieces.

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1 Three-Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth

Three toed sloths are the slowest animals in the world, native to America. They can only move with maximum speed of 0.003 miles per hours. Three toed sloths won’t move farther than 100 feet in a day, that much tied to a unique place.

It can be said that sloths spend major part of their life within branches of trees, tropical rain forests of America. They used to have leaves of trees and conserve more energy through no body movements.