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Desire is the starting point of all achievements.
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We build themysteriousworld.com on such a burning desire to add something new in the age of data explosion. Today our site attracts millions of visitors every month from across the world.

If you are interested to write and if you think you can add something truly unique that inspires The Mysterious World readers to a whole new level, nothing else could excite us more. We are open to your unique contributions and chances are high that your work will be presented to millions of readers given its quality requirements.

You don’t need to be an expert writer, you just need to have the ability to research and create content that readable and enjoyable. The topic of your article should be exciting and you need to have a list of atleast ten reasons why it is exciting with no less than 1000 words.  You can submit your article here and our editorial team will review and let you know if it is a fit for our website.

If your work is exciting for us then it will get published on the very front page of The Mysterious World for our millions of monthly visitors. Based on the quality of your work, we will credit an amount between $25 and $50 to your PayPal Account. Make sure you also send us your PayPal address along with the article.

Once your article gets published, *The Mysterious World* become the sole owner of all copyrights of that article. Your name will be mentioned under your post, along with a short description.

Benefits of Writing For TMW

  • Your work will get published before the eyes of millions of readers.
  • You can earn up to $25 – $50 for a single article.
  • Qualified writers will be promoted to the TMW Editorial Team.


Submission Rules

  • Your article should be unique, which is not already on themysteriousworld [dot] com. Don’t steal the content from other sites.
  • Choose a topic that comes under the major categories Nature, Travel, Lifestyle, and Universe. Acceptance will be higher if your topic is related to the posts that are already published within our website.
  • The article should contain ten list items and a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Your article should be very authentic. You also need to add a list of references at the end of the article.
  • You need not add photos or videos with your work. Leave that work to our editors, who will find best the images that match well with your post.

Terms And Conditions

How To Write A Good List Post

  • Choose an excellent topic to write that comes under four major categories – Nature, Travel, Lifestyle, and Universe. Make sure the selected topic will excite the readers.
  • Your list should contain at least ten items. Research well for each list item.
  • Your post should contain minimum of 1000 words. Explain every point in simple words.
  • Your post should be very authentic and genuine. Don’t steal content from other websites. Make your content truly unique.
  • You should include the list of references at the end of your post.

Author Bio

  • Your name will be mentioned at the bottom of the post.
  • All the authors will get a ‘TMW Officials‘ badge. It displays next to the name mentioned at the bottom of the post.
  • You can also share a little biographical information about yourself. But don’t include any of the sensitive information, your social profiles, email addresses, or websites.
  • Displaying your name and biographical information is optional. The decision is yours.

What Types Of Topics You Should Avoid

  • Adult content.
  • Hatred, violence, harassment, or racism.
  • Gambling.
  • Alcohol or tobacco-related content.
  • Political content.
  • Restricted businesses.
  • Content related to dangerous weapons.


  • By selling your article, you are agreed to transfer all right of that article to themysteriousworld [dot] com.
  • Once your article gets purchased and published, themysteriousworld [dot] com become the sole owner of all copyrights of that article.
  • The rights of publication also include using your article on various publication formats, including videos, magazines, and books.

The reply will be given only for selected articles. ” 

**Due to the huge volume of submissions we receive each day, our team recommends you to stay away from low-quality content and stand unique to get noticed and accepted. The acceptance rate is 12%-18% with no compromise in quality.

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