Top 9 Most Strange Looking Animals In The World

There are 1.75 million species of animals in the world, excluding insects. Scientists also keep discovering new species of animals every year. It is very hard to make a close study of all species of animals. So a large number of animals becomes very strange to us. Followings are 9 most strange looking animals in the world.

9 Saiga Antelope

saiga antelope


Bulbous nosed saiga antelope is endangered species of antelope only found within hill areas of Russia and Kazakhstan. The illegal hunting and habitat loss cut down on the population of this species of antelope every year. The distinctive bulbous nose itself makes saiga antelope to totally strange from  other species of antelope.

This flexible and inflatable nose helps saiga antelope to get fresh air in different climate conditions.It grown up to a height of 80cm and having weight up to 50 kg. Saiga antelope usually form herd having members up to 40 and graze i grasslands. During summer it makes long distance migration, can see thousands of saiga antelope together at that time.

8 Japanese Spider Crab

japanese spider crab

credit of image:Tsarli on en.Wikipedia


Japanese spider crab have longest leg span in group of arthropod in animal kingdom, named after the spider like appearance. Their legs reach up to a length of 3.8 meters and having weight up to kilograms. This large marine crab lives southern coasts of Japan, usually found within depth of 2000 feet.

Male spider crabs have longer chelipeds than female crabs. Unlike other crabs the pleopods of Japanese spider crabs are in unusually twisted form. They eat both plants and small animals, also like to have dead animal parts.

7 Narwhal



Narwhals are medium sized toothed whales found within Arctic oceans. Unlike other species of whales narwhals have long sword like tusks, having length up to 8.8 feet. Female narwhals doesn’t have long tusk like males. This long tusk help narwhal to attract females and to fight with rivals.

Narwhals have length up to 6.1 meters and weighing between 1.5 to 1.8 ton. They travel in group that having members up to 20 whales. Narwhals feed on small fishes, shrimps, and squids.



6 Shoebill

shoebill bird


Shoebills have one of most amazing bill in species of birds. This huge bulbous bill grow up to a size of 9.4 inches, having sharper edges help them to catch the preys easily. Shoebills lives in tropical forest of east Africa.

The height of showbills ranges between 45 to 52 inches, having weight up to 6 kilogram. Shoebills never files more than a distance of 300 meters. They only have flapping rate of 150 flaps per minutes, much slower than other birds.

5 Aye-aye

strange looking animals


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Aye-Aye are endemic to islands of Madagascar. They are actually lemus, species related to chimpanzees and apes but never look like that. Aye-aye have dark body with long bushy tail. The slender fingers and big eyes also makes them as one of scary looking animal.

The claws on their fingers help them to easily travel from branches to branches. In fact they never come down to ground, like to sped their life within the tree branches. Aye-aye used their long fingers to catching wood boring insect larvae. They also like to have other fruits and plant leaves. Humans kill them on sight as they have strange and scary appearance, in that way population cut down by every year.

4 Blobfish



Blobfish is most ugliest and strange looking animal in the world. It have muscle less gelatinous like flesh, density is slightly less than that of water. It help them to float over water, travel within seas floor without using any energy. Unlike other fishes they have a straight looking face, can see large flap of skin over it’s mouth.

They lives in depth of 1200 meter in coast of Australia and Tasmania, where pressure much higher than that of sea level. Blobfish remain stationary within deep sea, open and close moth repeatedly to catch preys. Mollusks, crabs and lobsters and main food of blobfish.

3 Indian Purple Frog

indian purple frog


Indian purple frogs are found within western ghats of the country, very rare and listed as one of endangered species. Unlike other frogs it have rounded and bloated body. It have very unusual snout just like nose of pigs.

The rounded toes of purple frog perfectly suit for movement in ground. As termites becomes their primary source of food purple frogs moves to underground up to 14 feet in depth. They also like to spend most time in underground, coming to surface only for breeding, during monsoon season.

2 Red-lipped Batfish

red lipped batfish

credit of image:Barry Peters on Flickr


Red-lipped batfishes are lives within Galapagos islands.  Unlike other fishes it have broad head and attractive red lip. This red lip remains brighter year around, main purpose of this redlip is nothing but to attract females.

When red-lipped bat fishes become mature a shiny lure projected from their head. It help them to attract preys like mollusks and shrimps. Unfortunately they can’t swim like other fishes, they used to walk on sea floor using the fins.

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1 Goblin Shark

goblin shark


Goblin sharks are known as living fossil as they becomes only existing species members of mitsukurinidae family, originated before 125 million years ago. They have elongated snout and strong jaws. The snout of goblin sharks grows up to a length of 4 meter. Goblin sharks are found within all three major oceans in the world.

They lives in a depth of 1300 meter in ocean. Goblin sharks have parabolic shaped mouth, nail like teeth are arranged in different raw within its mouth. Dragonfish, isopods, rattails, and decapods are become main food of goblin sharks