9 Most Haunting Abandoned Places In The World

People like to visit palaces, monuments, historical walls and popular statues because they tell the stories of past time. At same time they unknown about many ghostly abandoned places in the world. In fact such ruined places can also reveal many informations about people once lived there, purpose behind construction of that place, lifestyle of people at that..etc. Followings are 9 most haunting abandoned places in the world.

9 Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island


This abandoned island located 15 kilometers away from Nagasaki, Japan. This island also known as ghost island, only broken concrete building can seen here. One this reas known for coal mining. In 1890 Mitsubishi group brought this island with intention of extracting coal. They also built country’s first ever largest concrete buildings within the island.

Thousands of workers lived within these building for mining at that time. But Mitsubishi group forced to shut down entire project when petroleum replaced coal in 1960, closed mining in 1974. The island remain closed for next 35 years and became an abandoned island. In 2009 Japanese government re-opened travel to this ghost island.

8 Michigan Central Station, Detroit, USA

Michigan Central Station


The construction of Michigan central station began in 1913 as a main transportation station. The main aim behind the construction of this station to serve large number of passengers at a time. But after the World War II many of services from the station cut back as they faced large decline in number of passengers.

All facilities within Michigan central station closed by 1967. Most parts of this station get destroyed, station added to National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The future of Michigan Central Station yet to decide.

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7 IM Cooling Tower, Belgium

IM Cooling Tower

This cooling tower is a part of abandoned IM powerplant in Monceau, Belgium. IM powerplant built in the year 1921 and became main supplier of power for the country in short time. But the high amount of CO2 emission result in closing of power plant in 2007 and whole crea get deserted. During active time the IM cooling tower managed to  cools down 480000 gallons of water per minute.

6 Abandoned Submarine Base, Balaklava, Ukraine

abandoned submarine base balaklava


Once Balaklava town was one of most secret sites of Soviet Union. This submarine base is the main focusing site of Balaklava. Before the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991 people cout not visit anyone in Balaklava without having good reason.

This submarine designed to survive against direct atomic attack. It remain operational until 1993. Now most parts of this site get abandoned, remaining parts opened for public as naval museum.

 5 House of Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria

haunting abandoned places


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The house of Bulgarian communist party or Buzludzha monuments  located within the peaks of balkan mountains of Bulgaria. It was used from 1981 to 1991 as a meeting place of leaders of communist party of Soviet Union. Many political rallies and ceremonies related to communist party took place within this place.

It built within remote region of Bulgaria by spending 16 million Bulgarian Levs. But the entire area remain unnoticed after the fall of Soviet Union in 1991. Now it became a most abandoned place in Bulgaria.

4 Sanzhi UFO Houses , Taiwan

Sanzhi UFO houses

credit of image : Yeowatzup on Flickr CC BY 2.0


Sanzhi UFO houses are abandoned pod shaped building within the city of Taipei in Taiwan. These UFO houses were built back in 1978 as tourist resorts. But the authorities forced to close this vacation spot in 1980 due to investment loss. It is also said to be once that areas was a burial place of soldiers and nothing get succeed within that place.

3 Abandoned New Bedford Orpheum Theatre, United States


New Bedford orpheum theatre also known as majestic opera house, opened in the year 1912. The orpheum remain in operation for long fifty years. But in 1959 the theatre get closed and became a storage place of tobacco. Today major parts of this theatre remain untouched and rest of them became a part of a super market.

2 Haunted Salto Hotel, Columbia

haunted Salto hotel


Salto hotel situated within the cliffs of Bogota, capital city of Columbia. Actually just opposite of 157 meter tall Tequendama water falls. Salto hotel opened back in 1928 to serve tourist came there for seeing the water falls. From the hotel visitors can also enjoy breathtaking view of surrounding.

The tourist lost their interest in visiting  Tequendama water falls when Bogota river linked to it got polluted. Year by year the management of Salto hotel watched large declination in number of visitors and they closed closed the hotel in 1990, left abandoned for ever.

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1 Maunsell Forts, England

Maunsell fortrs, England


Maunsell forts located in Thames Estuary area i England, operated as naval and army forts. The main purpose of these forts was to provide anti aircraft fire. These towers situated within the sea in a depth of 30 meters. There are seven towers in total, main controlling tower at the centers, connecting to reaming towers through walkways.

Both naval and sea forts became inoperative in the year 1950. Later used for many other activities and left abandoned. Many species of fishes used to live near the fort, as these towers created cover within the sea.