Top 10 Most Spectacular Train Stations Around The World

The train travel can be incredibly scenic, charming, cost-effective and less hassle. It also gives you the chance to see some stations with incredible architecture and great facilities. Here the list of 10 most spectacular train stations around the world.

10 Madrid Atocha Railway Station, Spain


The spectacular Atocha station in Madrid City is the largest railway station in Spain. The station was opened back on February 9th 1851. It is the first ever railway station in the city of Madrid. A decade later, after the inauguration the original station was largely destroyed in a huge fire. The current large station was opened in 1892.

The Atocha station was again expanded and renovated in 1985.  The station and steel and glass roof and beautiful interior. It houses an attractive garden with more than 7000 plants. You can also see a number of small lakes at the station. The station also offers services such as coffee, restaurants, luggage storage, shops and nightclubs.

9 Los Angeles Union Station, U.S

The Union Station in Los Angeles is one of the busiest and beautiful rail stations in California. The station offers commuter trains, regional strains, long distance trains and metro rail. Every day the station receives more than 60000 passengers. The attractive station has a unique combination of Dutch Colonial Revival architecture and Art Deco styles. The interior of the station is decorated with tiles and travertine marbles.  The Union Station is also one of the popular landmarks in Los Angeles City.

The ceilings of the waiting room at the Union Station made of steel. But it looks like wooden ceilings. The waiting room also has a small beautiful garden. The tile and marble decorations can be found in almost all rooms of Union Station.

8 Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan


The spectacular Kanazawa train station is located in Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. A red colored wooden gate called ‘Tsuzumimon’ and a glass dome called ‘Motenashi dome’ are the most beautiful attractions of Kanazaka station. The wooden gate has a shape of traditional Japanese hand drum called ‘Tsuzumi’. Behind the gate there is a magnificent Motenashi dome to welcome the passengers. The Motenashi dome resembles an opened umbrella. There is also a beautiful fountain in front of Tsuzumimon gate.

7 T-Centralen Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden

spectacular train stations


The T-centralen metro station in Stockholm City is one of the most spectacular metro stations in the world. It is the central station of the Stockholm metro system. The word ‘T’ in T-centralen stands for “tunnelbana’ which means ‘underground’ in Swedish language. The walls of this busiest station were decorated with blue vines and flower motifs.

It was designed by Swedish artist Per-Olof Ultvedt in 1975. The paintings at the T-centralen station also represent the shapes of carpenters, welders and steel workers. In addition to the stunning paintings the decoration of walls with multi-colored glass prism tiles truly gives an art gallery like look to the station.

6 Berlin Hauptbnahnhof Station, Germany


The Berlin Hauptbnahnhof Station is the focal point of the German rail network.  It is also known as Berlin Central Station. Hauptbnahnhof Station was built on the site of the former Lehrter Behnhof station which was destroyed during WWII. It took 11 years for the construction of this station and opened in May 2006. The large multi-level structure has a 321 meter long glass hall. The glass roof of the station also lets the passage of natural daylight to the indoors.

5 Gare du Nord, Paris, France

With 190 million passengers per year the Gare du Nord station in Paris City is the busiest train station in Europe. The original Gare du Nord station was opened back in 1846. But the building was demolished in 1860 due to lack of space. The new large station was opened in 1865.

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A 165 meters high façade that adorned with 23 female statues is the main attraction of Gare du Nord station. The statues represent different destinations including Paris, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Warsaw, Frankfurt and Berlin. The facade was built using large slabs of stone and cat iron beam. The station also has a 600 ft. long magnificent central hall. The Gare du Nord station also offers many facilities including cafes, ATM machine, internet access, baggage service and shops.

4 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India


The spectacular Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus is a popular train station and a world heritage site located in Mumbai City. The station was built (between 1878 and 1888) to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. This historic building is an outstanding example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal designs.

The design of the station represents a mix of European and Indian culture. The main entrance of the station is adorned with figures of a lion and a tiger, representing India and Great Britain.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is truly looks like a traditional Indian palace from outside. The sandstone and limestone were the main material used for its construction. The interiors of the station are also decorated with Italian marbles and 3D carvings of animals, human faces and flowers.

3 Antwerpen Central Station, Antwerp Province, Belgium

The Antwerpen central station is a popular landmark in Antwerp City in Belgium. The original wooden station was opened back in 1854. It was replaced by a new impressive station in August 1905. The station also underwent an extensive restoration work between 1993-2009. Today the beautiful Antwerpen station station has two entrances and an impressive domed building.

The historic Domed building at the station was built by Belgian architect Louis Delacenserie. The building also includes eight small towers and beautiful lion statues. The stunningly beautiful waiting room is decorated with different kind of marbles and tiles.

2 St.Pancras Railway Station, London, England

St. Pancras railway station is also known as London St.Pancras located in London City. The station is an outstanding example of Victorian architecture. The historic station was opened back in 1868. The station was also renovated between 2001-2007. Today the St.Pancras station is a popular landmark of London City.

The St. Pancras station has 13 platforms in total. Six platforms of the station are dedicated to Eurostar speed train service. The station has a 689ft long 100 ft high magnificent train shed roof known as Barlow train shed. It was designed by English civil engineer William Henry Barlow in 1863.

The St. Pancras station also houses the longest champagne bar of Europe. The amazing St. Pancras grand champagne bar is 98 meters long and has a seating capacity of 110. Passengers can also enjoy different artwork displays at the station. The St.Pancras station also offers several facilities including restaurants, bars, ATMs and luggage storage.

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1 Grand Central Terminal, New York, U.S

Grand Central Terminal in Midtown of Manhattan is described as the ‘loveliest station in the world’. The station was opened back in 1913. The station also underwent major redevelopment in 1994. Today the station is considered as a great architectural landmark of New York City.

The Grand Central Terminal encompasses a vast area of 28.2 hectares. The station has 67 tracks in total. The station is globally popular for its grand design, especially for its amazing facade. It has a beautiful Beaux-Arts design. The facade is crowned by 15 meter high sculptures of Minerva (Roman God of Wisdom), Hercules (Greek divine hero) and Mercury (God of Commerce).

The impressive main concourse is another attraction of Grand Central Terminal. It is 275 ft. long and 120 ft. wide. The ceiling of the main concourse is decorated with zodiac constellations. The 75 ft high arched windows of main concourse also let the passage of natural daylight. In addition to these attractions the Grand Central Terminal also provides great shopping and dining facilities for the passengers.