Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Do you believe that there is anyone who doesn’t adore cats? It’s highly unlikely, isn’t it? These cute, furry companions can bring joy to our lives and help reduce stress. That’s why many pet owners are willing to spend a huge amount on their beloved felines.

Let’s take a closer look at the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

10American Curl, $1,200

American Curl The American Curl is a pure cat breed with fluffy fur and distinctive curled-back ears. They come in various colors and can have either short or long hair. These felines are known for their playful, friendly, and easygoing nature, which they retain throughout their lives. Some call them “Peter Pan cats” because of their youthful behavior.

American Curls are affectionate towards their owners and get along well with children and other pets. Although not very large, they are muscular and exceptionally intelligent. They enjoy exploring anything new in their territory. As sociable cats, they require regular exercise and sufficient playtime to keep them happy and energetic.

9British Shorthair, $1,500

British Shorthair The British Shorthair is an old cat breed that originated in Britain and is known for having a rounded face, eyes, and a dense, fluffy coat. They have an independent and relaxed temperament but still form strong bonds with their human companions and get along well with children and other pets.

Their affectionate and easy-going nature makes them great pets. They are sturdy and muscular and typically live for 12-16 years. While they shed their coat moderately, regular brushing can keep them in good condition. Although they are not highly active, providing interactive toys and games can help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

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8Scottish Fold, $3,000

Scottish Fold Scottish Folds are a rare and fluffy cat breed known for their distinctive folded-down ears, which give them an owl-like appearance. Their scarcity drives their price, but they are beloved for their friendly and affectionate nature. They enjoy spending time with children and other pets, often seeking attention through playfulness.

Due to their unique features, Scottish Folds must be bred with specific breeds, such as American Shorthairs or British Shorthairs, to achieve their signature folded ears, contributing to their high price. Also, engaging them in activities such as playing games, solving puzzles, chasing, and feeding them healthy food is essential to keep their pleasant temperament.

7Russian Blue, $3,000

Russian Blue The Russian Blue is a popular cat breed with a high price tag due to its rarity and reputation as a purebred Russian cat. Pure Russian Blue has a dense, double-layered coat with a silky, soft, and smooth blue upper layer. Their hypoallergenic qualities and prestigious lineage make them a highly sought-after pet.

Known for their friendly, playful, and relaxed personalities, Russian Blues share similarities with dogs as they enjoy fetching and returning thrown items. The pedigree variety is more expensive than mixed breeds because producing a Russian Blue with standard features like a silky blue coat and emerald eyes takes significant work.

6Sphynx, $3,000


Sphynx cats are a beloved cat breed due to their friendly, clever, and lively personalities. However, their rarity makes them among the most expensive purebred cats on the market. Owning a Sphynx cat requires a significant financial investment to meet its unique specifications. These medium-sized cats have angular faces, big ears, and large eyes, making them quite an adorable sight.

The high demand for Sphynx cats and their limited supply have resulted in an annual increase in their prices. Maintaining a Sphynx cat is expensive, as it requires specialized care such as keeping them warm, providing yearly health checkups, high-quality cat food, and a unique skincare routine.

5Peterbald, $5,000

Peterbald The Peterbald is a popular cat breed that originated in Russia. They have short coats that can come in different colors and patterns, or they may have no hair. Peterbalds have a very loving and affectionate nature which helps them form strong bonds with people and other pets. Since they are family-oriented, they require plenty of activities to keep them stimulated.

They quickly become bored if left alone for long periods with nothing to do or no one to interact with. Additionally, they are sensitive to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. But taking care of them is relatively easy as they enjoy following and watching people around them.

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4Persian, $5,500

Persian Persian cats are purebred cats, making them one of the most expensive in the world. With their luxurious coats, distinctive rounded faces, and gentle temperaments, owning a pedigreed Persian Cat comes with a relatively higher price tag than other feline breeds. In addition, their maintenance costs, including routine checkups, vaccinations, food, and grooming expenses, are higher than other cats.

While Persian cats generally have a quiet and timid nature, they enjoy following their owners around inside the house but are not the attention-seeking type. Despite having long legs, they prefer staying low on the ground, so the owners don’t have to worry about things getting knocked off counters and tables.

3Bengal, $25,000

Bengal Bengal cats are a unique and affectionate domestic cat breed with an exotic, wild-looking appearance and playful, energetic personality. They have an athletic build and a short, glossy coat in different colors and patterns, including brown, silver, and charcoal. Their distinctive “marble” pattern, which consists of dark spots and swirls on a lighter background, is the most popular.

Bengal cats are exceptionally intelligent and can do tricks such as fetching and climbing. They are very social animals and enjoy being around people, but they can also be independent sometimes. The most expensive Bengal cats are the F1 generation, and their price varies depending on the breeding quality and location.

2Savannah, $50,000

Savannah Savannah cats are known for their high price, mainly due to the difficulty in successfully breeding a domesticated cat with a Serval. The cat’s gender and generation also influence the cost. These gorgeous and loyal cats require a significant amount of care and attention, which also contributes to their price.

Although they make a perfect addition to any home, acquiring them can be challenging because they are illegal in some states and counties. Special laws may apply to purchasing different generations, with F1 cats being more expensive than F5 cats. Furthermore, the breeding process for Savannah cats is costly, which adds to their overall price.

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1Ashera, $150,000


The Ashera cat is an extremely rare and expensive breed, with an average purchase price of over $100,000. First developed by “Lifestyle Pets,” an animal breeding company, in the 2000s, this breed combines the characteristics of domestic house cats, the Asian leopard, and the African serval.

They resemble wild-looking cats much larger than the average domestic cats, standing 4-5 feet tall and weighing 33 pounds. Since Ashera cats are sterile, you can only purchase them from the laboratory where they are bred. As only a few are available yearly, the one-time cost of buying an Ashera cat is much higher than even the rarest purebred domestic breeds.