Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

Totally agreed, nothing could possibly stop you from adoring small cats. But large domestic cats are also cute, affectionate and playful. Some of them even resemble other BIG WILD CATS from the family. Here the list of 10 largest cat breeds in the world.

10 Chausie


Size : Male – 9-15 pounds  Female – 7 – 10 Pounds

Chausie is a large hybrid cat that developed by crossing between a jungle cat and domestic cat. A fully grown Chausie cat would weigh up to 15 lbs. This breed has an athletic body, deep chest, long legs and big ears.

Chausie’s short to medium-length coat comes in three different colors – solid black, black grizzled tabby and black ticked tabby. As a healthy breed, Chausie won’t be affected by serious diseases. They are very active, energetic and have excellent jumping and hunting skills.

9 Chartreux

Size : Male – 10-15 lbs Female – 7-10 lbs

Chartreux is a beautiful rare breed of domestic cat. Typically weighing between 7-10 lbs, it is also one of the largest cat breeds in the world. The important thing you want to know about Chartreux breed is its slow growth – takes 4-5 years to be in their full size. A mature Chartreux has a muscular body with broad shoulders and deep chest.

Apart from the large size, Chartreux breed is known for their water repellent blue-grey coat. Females have a thinner coat than males. This breed also has very attractive copper-colored eyes. In case of temperament, Chartreux is very calm and love to be with the family. Even though generally a healthy breed, Chartreux is prone to few diseases, especially polycystic kidney disease.

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8 Siberian Cat

Size : Male – 11-16 lbs Female – 8-11 lbs

This exceptionally beautiful breed has been known in existence in Russia for almost 1000 years. The Siberian cat is also regarded as the national cat of Russia. Hailing from a cold place like Russia this breed has long, thick triple coat that comes in all colors and their combinations.

In appearance, Siberian cat is a look large, strongly and steadily built breed. A fully grown male measure 11 to 16 lbs and female measure 8 to 11 lbs. Like Chartreux, Siberian cat grows slowly. They only reach their full size after 5 years.

7 Turkish Van

Size : Male – Up To 16 lbs Female – 12 -14 lbs

Turkish van is an ancient breed that developed in Turkey and has existed there for centuries. When fully matured, this large agile breed would weigh up to 16 pounds or more. But, it takes 3-5 years by Turkish van to becomes a fully matured cat.

When matured, the Turkish Van would have a long, well-built body with broad shoulders. This breed is also very energetic and active. They love to learn games, especially to play in the water.

6 Norwegian Forest Cat

SIze : Male – 12 – 16.5 lbs Female – 7.7 – 8.8 lbs

Originated from the Northern Europe, Norwegian forest cat is a large domestic breed which can make a great pet for the family and children. What male this breed special is their great size and beautiful, dense double coat. A fully grown male Norwegian forest cat would weigh 16.5 lbs or more. Females are smaller than males, they measure between 7.7 to 8.8 lbs.

Regardless of the large size, Norwegian forest cats can easily climb or jump. They have a well-balanced body with the deep chest, big paws, muscled legs and triangle-shaped head. As mentioned earlier, the long, dense, water-repellant double coat is another noticeable feature of Norwegian cat. Their beautiful coat comes in wide variety of colors including black, blue, red, silver, golden, cream and brown. The dense coat also keeps Norwegian cats warm in the harsh winter climate.

5 British Shorthair

largest cat breeds

Size : Male – 9 – 17 lbs Female – 7-12 lbs

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Imported to Britain from Egypt in first century A.D, the British shorthair is one of the ancient cat breeds in the world. With a chunky appearance, British shorthair also comes among largest cat breeds. This breed typically weighs between 7 and 17 lbs. A fully grown British shorthair would have a well-muscled body with the deep chest, strong shoulders and strong legs.

Physical maturity for British shorthair only become complete after 3-5 years. This breed has very attractive short, dense coat. The blue-gray coloration is the most popular one. But their coat also comes in many other colors including cream, brown, black, white, silver, blue and torbie.

4 Ragdoll

Size : Male – 12 to 20 lbs Female – 8-15 lbs

Ragdoll is a large, powerful cat that well known for its extremely calm nature. They are very loyal to the family. Ragdolls can also get along well with children and other pets.

Upon full growth, this gentle giant weighs up to 20 lbs. Female ragdolls weigh between 8 and 15 lbs. A matured ragdoll would have long, muscular body with the broad chest and large paws.

The medium-length, silky coat of Ragdolls comes in four main colors – chocolate, seal, blue and lilac. Sparkling blue eyes are also another defining feature of this breed.

3 Ragamuffin


Size : Male – 15 – 20 lbs Female – 10-15 lbs

This large domestic breed is a variant of ragdoll. Just like ragdoll, the ragamuffin known for their good temperament. This breed can make a good companion for you. Ragamuffins can also get along well with dogs or other pets in the family.

A fully matured male ragamuffin cat would weigh up to 20 lbs, where females weigh between 10 and 15 lbs. But they look even bigger with their dense, silky, medium-long coat, which comes in every colors and pattern.

2 Savannah

Size – 20 lbs or more

Savannah is a large hybrid cat that weighs up to 20 lbs or more. Developed by crossing a domestic cat with an African serval Savannah is an active, confident and alert cat.  They are taller than most domestic cats. This curious, active bred love to engage in adventurous activities, especially climbing.

One of the most interesting features of Savannah cats is their small cheetah like appearance. Their short coat comes in variety of patterns and colors. But the most popular one is golden color with black spots.

Savannah need a lot of attention from the family. You should spend quality time to teach them games or other activities. Such a Savannah cat would make strong bond with the family.

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1 Maine Coon

largest cat breeds

Size : Male – 15 – 25 lbs Female – 8 –  12 lbs

Maine coon is probably the largest domestic cat in the world. When fully matured, a male Maine coon would measure 15 – 25 lbs or more. Females are smaller than males. They weigh up to 12 lbs. They have long, muscular body with a broad chest, large head and a long tail.

The stunningly looking Maine coon has long, silky coat. The brown tabby pattern is the most commonly found coat color. But Maine coons also comes different other colors including red, white, black, blue and silver pattern.