Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Dogs offer an invaluable kind of love. However, finding the perfect companion requires some investment. Certain dog breeds are expensive due to their rarity, purity, and exceptional abilities. Additionally, some breeds need more extensive healthcare, grooming, and maintenance throughout their lifetime. Do you want to know which dog breeds are the priciest?

Then, check out the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

10Afghan Hound, $7000

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a purebred dog from Afghanistan and is part of the Hound breed subcategory. For centuries, Afghan Hounds were the hunting companions of aristocrats and tribal chieftains and the symbol of royalty in the mountain kingdoms of Asia. They can spot and pursue their prey with panoramic vision and high speed.

Their dramatic fluffy and silky coat, thin and exotic face, and fashion-model build provide a unique and elegant appearance.  These dogs are affectionate and adaptable, making them suitable for any size of family and home. However, their luxurious coat and high energy levels require quality time and attention to maintain.

9Pharaoh Hound, $7500

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound, a hunting dog from Malta, is an ancient breed known for its impressive speed and agility while hunting rabbits on rocky terrain. This breed is quick and persistent in tracking scents and displays a friendly and affectionate nature.

It is essential not to leave them along for long time as they may become bored and bark excessively. With a slender build and short, glossy tan coat, this breed has a long, finely chiseled head and amber-colored eyes. A unique characteristic of the Pharaoh Hound is their tendency to “blush” when happy or excited, causing their ears and noses to turn pink.

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8Dogo Argentino, $8000

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a mastiff type large breed that originated from Argentina. It was originally used for pack-hunting to catch big games such as peccaries and puma. Like serious athletes, these dogs possess intelligence, strength, and quick responsiveness.

They have a muscular build, a strong sense of smell, and great lung capacity, making them ideally suited for chasing and hunting dangerous game. They have a plain and smooth coat that is entirely white, with some dark patches that may appear near the eye, covering no more than 10% of the head.

7Canadian Eskimo, $8750

Canadian Eskimo The Canadian Eskimo Dog is a hardworking breed commonly found in the Arctic. They have a powerful physique and athletic appearance, which enables them to adapt to hard work rather than speed. This breed typically has erected, triangular ears and a heavily feathered tail.

Male dogs have a more masculine appearance than females, who often have slightly shorter coats. These dogs can be aggressive towards dogs outside their pack. Their temperament reflects their original work and environment, and they are known to be affectionate, gentle, and intensely loyal toward their owners.

6Rottweiler, $9000


The Rottweiler is a domestic breed known for its robustness and great strength. They usually come in medium to large or large sizes. Rottweilers appear self-assured and unfriendly when observing the outside world, but they act as gentle playmates and protectors within their family circle. Their short black coat with bright rust markings adds to their imposing strength.

Proper breeding and training allow Rottweilers to be calm, confident, and courageous without aggression. It’s important to note that Rottweilers are prone to health issues throughout their lives, and pet insurance can help provide proper care and support for your dog.

5Azawakh, $9500


The Azawakh is a tall and elegant breed that originates from West Africa. They have a short, fine coat in various colors such as pure red, clear sand to fawn, brindled, black-blue, and brown. The breed often has a black mask on its head and white markings on its bib, legs, and tail tip.

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This ancient hunting hound is very slim and rangy, with bone structure and musculature visible beneath their skin. They have smooth S-shaped contours, an aerodynamic head, and a deep chest. As members of the Sighthound family, they rely on their keen vision and blazing speed to chase their prey.

4Chow Chow, $11,000

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a versatile dog breed with origins in northern China. It is a compactly built dog with a broad skull, small triangular ears, and a dense double coat in various colors such as self-red, blue, cinnamon/fawn, black, or cream. Their neck fur is thick, creating a ruff appearance.

This breed has a snobbish expression due to its deep-set almond eyes and blue-black tongue. Despite its serious-minded and aloof nature, it can adapt quickly and thrive in urban environments without requiring special exercise. A well-socialized Chow is not aggressive and is eternally loyal to their loved ones.

3Löwchen, $12,000


The Löwchen, also known as the Little Lion Dog, is a small companion breed that sees a few hundred new registrations yearly. These dogs are affectionate, lively, and brave, just like lions. They have a balanced physique and square proportions from all angles. Löwchen’s coat is very long, flowing, in many colors, and easy to maintain.

Löwchen become vocal when expressing excitement or making demands. The rear, back legs, front legs, and 1/3rd of the tail closest to the body naturally resemble a male lion, making the lion cut a traditional presentation for dog shows. Löwchen make great pets for families with children.

2Samoyed, $14,000

Samoyed The Samoyed breed is a medium-sized herding dog with spitz-type having thick, white, double-layered fur that naturally repels dirt. They have a friendly and agreeable nature, making them ideal for expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Samoyeds have a unique feature of a perpetual smile, which prevents drooling and icicles from forming on their faces. These dogs require love and attention as they are social creatures and do not cope well with being kept in solitary confinement. Providing proper care for Samoyeds is important since they are prone to several breed-specific hereditary diseases.

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1Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, $50,000

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

This breed, which originates from Czechoslovakia, is the result of crossbreeding Carpathian grey wolves with German Shepherds. As a result, they have inherited the German Shepherd’s temperament, trainability, and pack mentality, as well as the Carpathian wolf’s stamina, strength, and physical build.

They are known for their intelligence and self-reliance but are unsuitable for repetitive tasks or service work. These dogs are fiercely loyal and devoted to their owners. They have excellent hearing, eyesight, and sense of smell, making them highly adaptable and hardy. This breed is more independent than other working breeds due to its versatility and resilience.