10 Intensely Fragrant Roses To Plant In Your Garden

Are you confused about the selection of most fragrant roses to grow in your garden? Well, roses are a diverse group of flowering plant. So, the selection of best fragrant roses can be a difficult job. Never mind, here the list of 10 Intensely Fragrant Roses To Plant In Your Garden

10 Memorial Day

sweet smelling memorial day rose

credit of image : wendy cutler flickr


It is an exceptionally fragrant hybrid tea rose with beautiful pink petals. According to the experts, one bloom to perfume an entire room. Undoubtedly, everyone will love such a strong old rose fragrance from a memorial day bloom. It is an easy to grow rose. The large, fully double blooms will have more than 50 pink petals.

Memorial Day Rose – Additional Info

  • Class : Hybrid Tea Rose.
  • Size : 5-6 inches across.
  • Blooming  period: Throughout summer/early fall
  • Flower color : Clear pink.
  • Blossom type : Fully double blooms with more than 50 petals.

9 Sunsprite

pleasnt smelling sunsprite rose

credit of image : homeinsalem wikimedia


The sunsprite is probably one among the best yellow roses in the world. The strikingly deep, yellow color of this rose last throughout its lifetime. The strong, sweet fragrance is another great feature of the Sunsprite rose. It can be a perfect addition to your cutting garden.

The attractive bushy plant of sunsprite rose will grow up to a height of 2.4 feet. It can be planted on the ground or in a flowerpot. The bright, yellow blooms normally have 25-30 petals. Luckily, they are saturated with intense, sweet fragrance.

Sunsprite Rose – Additional Info

  • Class : Floribunda
  • Size : 2.8-3.2 inches across.
  • Blooming period : Late spring to frost.
  • Flower Color : Bright yellow.
  • Blossom type : Solitary or small clusters, between 25 and 30 petals.
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8 Secret

fragrant secret rose

credit of image : audrey flickr


The secret rose is an ideal flower for scenting your house. Its flowers produce intense, fruity fragrance. In addition, the blossoms are so attractive, the creamy petals are edged with bluish pink. The blossoms have an average diameter of 4.75 inches. Spring is the best to plant the secret flower. The plant bears mostly the solitary flowers, also comes in small clusters. Each bloom normally has 26-40 petals.

Secret Rose – Additional Info

  • Class : Hybrid Tea.
  • Size : 4-5.7 inches across.
  • Blooming period : Late spring/early summer
  • Flower color : Creamy petals edged with bluish pink.
  • Blossom type : Solitary or small clusters.

7 Mister Lincoln

nose pleasing mister lincoln rose

credit of image : javier martinlo wikimedia


Mister Lincoln is probably the most fragrant red rose in the world. This well known hybrid tea rose produces a sweet, classic rose scent. Mister Lincoln is a right choice for your cutting garden or exhibition. You can smell its large velvet, deep red flowers from almost 10 feet away.

Mister Lincoln is a continual blooming flower plant. Normally, its first blossom will appears in the month of June. Then it blooms repeatedly until the arrival of winter. The large blossoms have an average diameters of 5 inches. In each blossom, you can see 30-35 violet, deep red colored petals.

Mister Lincoln Rose – Additional Info

  • Class – Hybrid Tea.
  • Size – 5-6 inches across.
  • Blooming period – Late spring to frost.
  • Flower color : Violet, deep red.
  • Blossom shape : double, 30-35 petals.

6 Louise Odier

strong fragrant louise odier rose

credit of image : hamachidori wikimedia


Louise Odier is one of the most beautiful bourbon roses in the world. It is also a best cutting flower plant you can grow in your garden. Its blossoms are clustered and have intense, sweet fragrance. They have very attractive deep pink coloration with 25-55 petals. Louise Odier will bloom at first in June. Then, it blooms again and again throughout the summer.

Louise Odier – Additional Info

  • Class : Bourbon.
  • Size : Average diameter of 3 inches.
  • Blooming period : Continual blooming.
  • Flower color : deep pink.
  • Blossom type : Fully double, 25-55 petals.

5 Royal Highness

intense smelling royal highness rose


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The royal highness is a very fragrant exhibition quality rose. It produces large, soft pink colored blossoms. Probably, no other roses in hybrid tea class have such an attractive pink coloration. The Royal Highness plant grows best in sunny climates. The long pointed buds will come at first. Gradually, they turn into large, high centered blooms with 40-50 petals.

Royal Highness – Additional Info

  • Class : Hybrid tea.
  • Size : 5-6 inches across.
  • Blooming period : late spring/ summer.
  • Flower color : Soft pink.
  • Blossom type : Double, 40-50 petals.

4 Fragrant Plum

fragrant plum rose

credit of image : rexness flickr


The fragrant plum is one among beautiful flowers with an unusual color combination. At first, the plant produces long and attractive buds. They gradually unfurl into large, elegant blossoms. The fully bloomed fragrant plums have lavender coloration at the center and edged with plum-purple.  The fragrant plum is also a heavily scented rose. They spread a strong, fruity fragrance into the surroundings.

Fragrant Plum – Additional Info

  • Class : Grandiflora.
  • Size : Average diameter of 4 inches.
  • Blooming period : summer.
  • Flower color : lavender, plum-purple.
  • Blossom type : Double, 20-25 petals.

3 Heritage

good fragrant heritage rose

credit of image : drew avery flickr


The heritage rose is one of the most attractive flowers from the English roses. It is a classic-cup shaped rose. This near perfect shape itself makes the heritage rose so unique among the rose family. Heritage rose is also renowned for its color and fragrance. It has a gorgeous light pink coloration. In addition, the heritage roses spread a pleasant, lemon fragrance.

Heritage Rose – Additional Info

  • Class : English rose.
  • Size : Average diameter of 3.5 inches.
  • Blooming period : Summer.
  • Flower color : Light pink.
  • Blossom type : Fully double, up to 40 petals.

2 Honey Perfume

Insanely Fragrant Roses In The World

credit of image : chipmuk_1 flickr


The honey perfume is an intensely beautiful cluster-flowered rose. This rose bears large clusters of apricot-yellow blossoms. Apart from its striking appearance, honey perfume also has a strong, spicy fragrance. It blooms from spring to fall. Each blossom has 25 to 30 petals. The honey perfume plant has dark green foliage. Thus, each flower of this looks more attractive and shining.

Honey Perfume – Additional Info

  • Class – Floribunda.
  • Size – 4-4.5 inches across.
  • Blooming period – Spring to autumn.
  • Flower color : Apricot-yellow.
  • Blossom type : Double.

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1 Double Delight

insanely fragrant double delight rose

credit of image : Arashiyama wikimedia


Undoubtedly, the double delight is the most beautiful bicolored rose in the world. The large creamy blossoms are edged with striking red. The double delight rose is also renowned for its intense spicy fragrance. It is a great exhibition quality flower and a perfect choice for the cutting gardens. This brilliantly colored, strong scented roses bloom throughout the summer and fall.

Double Delight – Additional Info

  • Class : Hybrid Tea.
  • Size : 4-6 inches across.
  • Blooming period : Summer and fall.
  • Flower color : cream, red.
  • Blossom type : Double.


Undoubtedly, roses are the most fragrant flowers in the world. There are 100-150 species of roses in the world. The majority of them are renowned for their beauty and fragrance. To select the best fragrant roses from such a large group is not an easy job.

The above is just a short list of some of best fragrant roses in the world. Your opinion can be vary from this list. So please free to share your opinions on this topic in the comment section below.