Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

Walking through a beautiful garden is undoubtedly a special feeling. You will lose yourself in the beauty of nature when you care surrounded by flowers. It add joy and calmness to your life. The followings are 10 most beautiful gardens in the world

10 Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Desert Botanical Garden


The desert botanical garden in Phoenix city of Arizona displays a large collection of beautiful arid-land plants. The 140 acre garden has more than 21000 desert plants from 139 different species. This garden is renowned for its collection of 169 rare species of desert plants.

It is also home to 1350 different types of cactus plant. The collection of desert botanical garden is mainly from the deserts of Southwestern North America.

The well-maintained paved trails in the garden makes walking is much easier for you. In each spring season the desert garden welcomes plenty of beautiful butterflies. The volunteers in the garden will explain you about different types of desert plants. You can also see lots of fountains and benches in the garden.

9 Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

Claude Monet's Garden

credit of image : Anna and Michael on Flickr


The magnificent Claude Monet’s garden is located in the Giverny commune of Northern France. This garden is divided into two parts, a flower garden and a water garden. The famous French impressionist painter Claude Monet was one who design this breathtakingly beautiful garden.

Claude Monet and the family settles in Giverny in 1883. He loved the life in calm and beautiful place. As inspired by many Japanese paintings from his collection Monet decided to renovate his garden.

Claude started the designing of his new garden in 1890. With lots of hard work he diverted the river near his house into a beautiful pond garden. He also built a bridge across the bridge. The pond is also filled with water lilies.

Today you can see lots of willows on the bank of the pond. The small bridge covers with beautiful wisterias is truly a breathtaking scene. The clear water in the pond also reflects the flowers in the surroundings.

The garden in front of Monte’s house is mixed with lots of flowers from different species. The climbing roses are one of the main attraction in this garden. There are also a number of fruit trees in the garden.

8 Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, U.S

Longwood Gardens

credit of image : Wikimedia Commons


The 1077 acres Longwood gardens located in Pennsylvania of U.S displays 40 magnificent gardens and 4.5 acres of greenhouses. This enormous garden is home to 11000 different types of plants and trees. The 86 acre meadow garden is the most beautiful attraction in the Longwood gardens.

The well maintained walking trails in the Longwood gardens stretch over 3 miles. There are also a number of water resources in the garden. This botanical garden also protect many animals including deer, beavers, butterflies and birds.

The huge conservatory in this botanical garden houses 20 indoor gardens. This conservatory spread across a vast area of 4.5 acres. It protects 5500 different types of plants. You can see lots of beautiful flowers inside the conservatory including summer roses, ferns, bonsai, cacti, bromeliads and ferns.

The seasonal exhibitions and performing arts in Longwood gardens surely becomes an unforgettable experience for you. As the flowers are season specific each exhibition offers a different kind of experience for you. During summer season you can also enjoy fountain shows, music concert and firework displays.

7 Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Piedmont, Italy


The Villa Taranto botanical garden is located in the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy. It spread across an impressive 16 hectares of land. This botanical garden protects 20000 varieties of plants from thousands of different species. The garden also contains Italian style statues, terraces, waterfalls, fountains and ponds.

There are 4.3 mile long walkways to enjoy the beauty of plenty of flowers and other attractions in the garden. The large collection of this garden includes many tropical plants, tulips, lotus, dahlias, camellias, magnolias and heathers.

The entry to the gardens of Villa Taranto is free. You can enjoy the full flowers in bloom from spring to autumn. In each year in April the garden displays thousands of full blooming tulip flowers. The dahlia seas start in July and last for next three months.

6 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

Royal Botanical Gardens, London


The impressive royal botanic gardens in the Kew district of London encompass 326 acres of land. You can discover more than 50000 different species of plants. This historic garden is also a world heritage site. Besides the beautiful gardens you can also explore art galleries, green houses, unique edifices and climatic zones.

It was Princess Augusta (Mother of King George III) who originally designed this garden back in 1759. The botanist Lord Bute and gardener William Aiton also joined with the princess in the work. They designed a huge beautiful garden in 3.6 hectares of land at White lodge in Richmond, London.

In 1770s the King George III decides to expand the garden designed by his mother. For this King George III appointed famous botanist Joseph Banks. He collected a huge amount of plants from all round the world and added new gardens.

In the 19th century a number of greenhouses were added in the garden. The palm house is the most attractive green house in Kew gardens. This impressive glass house is home to many tropical rainforest plants.

The Princess Wales conservatory is another important greenhouse in the Kew gardens you want to visit. This greenhouse contains 10 different climate zones controlled by computers. You can find desert plants, carnivorous plants and different types of orchids in this conservatory. There is also a 59 feet high treetop walkway that bring a beautiful view of the surrounding places.

5 Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada

Butchart gardens,

It is a world famous garden and national historic site of Canada, located in Brentwood bay of British Columbia. This garden contains theme gardens, exotic flowering plants and ponds. Butchart gardens spread across 22 hectares and home to 700 varieties of plant.

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This garden was designed Robert Pim Butchart and his wife Jennie Butchart. Once the site of this beautiful garden was a quarry owned by Robert Pim Butchart. When the quarry closed in 1909 the couples decided to turn the land into a beautiful garden. They spent 12 years to designing this garden. From 1921 onward they welcome visitors to their beautiful garden.

The Butchart garden is also home to thousands of butterflies, parrots, peacocks and other birds. The star pond in the garden also protects a number of ducks. There are also musical nights, light shows and firework displays in the Butchart gardens.

4 Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya City, Thailand

Nong Nooch botanical garden

credit of image : Kimmam at English Wikipedia


The Nong Nooch botanical garden is a popular tourist attraction in Pattaya city of Thailand. This 500 acre botanical garden display largest collection of flowering plants in the country. The Noon Nooch garden contains plants from more than 670 native species.

The Noong Nooch garden has a symmetrical design. There is a 1.1 km long walkway to explore the beauty of this garden. The bonsai, ferns, palms, cactuses and orchids are distributed in separate sections in the garden. You can also see perfectly trimmed shrubs while walking through the garden.

Apart from beautiful gardens Noong Nooch botanical garden also present Thai cultural show, car museum, fishing pond and elephant show for the visitors. You can also enjoy cycling, elephant riding and boat paddling in the garden.

3 Gardens of Chateau de Villandry, Indre-et-Loire, France

gardens of Chateu de Villandry

credit of image : Calips on Wikimedia Commons


The popular Chateau de Villandry in Indre-et-Loire of France has six magnificent gardens. The outstanding gardens of Villandry divided into six terraces. The upper terrace features ‘Sun garden’, next terrace contains water garden, followed by ornamental garden and the lower terrace contains herb garden.

The Sun garden in the top terrace contains beautiful meadow plants. This garden is surrounded by lime trees. There is a Sun-shaped ornamental pond in the center of the garden.

The water garden of Villandry is an ideal place for relaxation. You can find a number of beautiful fountains and lawned spaces in this garden. There is also an ornamental pond at the center of the garden.

The water garden of Villandry is an ideal place for relaxation. You can find a number of beautiful fountains and lawned spaces in this garden. There is also an ornamental pond at the center of the garden.

The herb garden in the lower terrace contains different aromatic medicinal plants. The plant structure of this garden is circular in shape. It symbolizes eternity.

2 Gardens of Versailles, France

gardens of versailles

It is one of the most beautiful and largest gardens in the world. This magnificent garden across 800 hectares of land is an outstanding example of formal French garden design. The gardens of Versailles contain 300 hectares of forest, hundreds of acres of flower beds, 35 kilometers of canals, 600 fountains and 372 statues. It is also home to 200000 tress and more than 210000 flowering plants.

The gardens of Versailles were commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661 and took forty years for the completion. It has the same importance as that of the palace. UNESCO recognized the gardens of Versailles and the palace as a world heritage site in 1979.

There is a 1.5 kilometer long Grand Canal of located in the lower level of the garden. You can see many oak trees, wild cherry trees and ash trees on the bank of the canal. The boat trip in the Grand Canal bring magical view of vast gardens of Versailles.

The large Orangerie in the garden covers 7.5 acres of land. It contains thousands of trees. The main purpose of this Orangerie to protect plants in the winter season.

The fountains are another attraction at the gardens of Versailles. All main fountains in the garden feature colossal statues. Most of the statues depict mythological characters including Saturn, Cupid, Ceres, Flora and Neptune.

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1 Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

most beautiful gardens

The Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world. It covers an area of 32 hectares and home to 7 million flowering plants. This garden is situated in Lisse town of Western Netherlands. Keukenhof is also regarded as ‘The garden of Europe’.

Keukenhof garden is open only in spring, from late March to late May. During this time the garden displays millions of tulip flowers in full bloom. Apart from the beautiful tulip bulbs you can also see bluebells, hyacinths, narcissi and daffodils. The garden also present world’s largest lily show.

Another interesting thing about Keukenhof you need to know is each year the garden has different themes. There is 15 km long walking paths to explore the beauty of the garden. The 45 minute long boat ride also brings magical view of garden from another perspective. Keukenhof garden also has many artwork sculptures and fountains.