Top 10 Most Pleasant Smelling Flowers

Flowers are truly a feast to eyes. In addition, flowers can also add positivity to the surrounding by spreading pleasant fragrance. Here the list of top 10 most pleasant smelling flowers in the world.

Why Do Flowers Smell Different

Each flower has a unique smell. Because, each flower produce a unique chemical compound (which causes smell) to direct pollen from male to female stigma. Also, not all floral scents are pleasant to humans. It depends on volatile compound produced in each flower.

10 Wisteria


Wisteria is a climbing flowering plant grows mainly in in U.S, Korea, Japan and China. This stunning flower opens in purple, pink and white colors. Wisteria has great resemblance with grape like clusters. During blooming, wisteria produce a sweet pleasant smell.

Not all species of wisteria flowers produce smell. Chinese wisteria is the most notable pleasant smelling plant of wisteria family. It climbs to a maximum height of 20 meters and spread across 10 meters. To climb, wisteria plant swapping their stems around different things.

9 Frangipani


Frangipani is a tropical flowering plant native to South America, Mexico and Pacific and Caribbean Islands. Frangipani is also the national flower of Nicaragua. It is also known as Hawaiian lei flower among tourists due to its wider use. Fragrance of frangipani become intense at night. Its sweet smell attracts sphnix moths for pollination.

On blooming, frangipani open in in white, pink, red and yellow colors. Frangipani mainly uses for making boutiques and spa. Frangipani spa offer immediate relaxation and pleasant smell. Interestingly, frangipani only burn at extreme temperature of 500 degree Celsius.

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8 Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum flower

Sweet alyssum is a tiny, annual blooming flower native to Mediterranean region. Sweet alyssum has dense clusters and tiny flowers in white and yellowish colors. It also produces attractive pleasant smell during spring season. Sweet alyssum flowers are mainly use for making bouquets. The seeds of sweet alyssum can grow directly from the ground.

7 Sweet Pea

pleasant smelling flowerrs

Sweet pea is an intensely fragrant annual flowering plant found in the Mediterranean region. Sweet pea flowers grow to 2.4 inches wide and open in yellow, white, deep red colors. It blooms in spring and winter and produce intensely pleasant smell.

Sweet pea flowers can be found in every popular gardens due to their popularity of strong smell. Sweet pea flowers are also widely uses in making boutiques.

6 Four O’ Clock

four O clock flower

Four O’clock flower is a member of mirabilis that grows across the world. Four O’ clock flower is named after it’s evening blooming nature, which continues for the night. It also produces intense fragrance on blooming. This smell remain in the surroundings till the warm goes off.

Four O’clock flowers grows in many colors, in different combinations of pink, white and yellow. Interestingly, different colored flowers can also see in a single four O’ clock plant.

5 Chocolate Cosmos

chocolate cosmos

credit of image : TANAKA Juuyoh on Flickr


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Unlike other fragrant flowers, chocolate cosmos produce pleasant vanilla scent. Chocolate cosmos flowers have a reddish brown color. This flower is named after its chocolate like fragrance and color. Chocolate cosmos mainly found in Mexican regions. This plant bloom at night. During summer season, chocolate cosmos produce more intense pleasant scent than other season because of strong heat.

4 Gardenia


Gardenia is a waxy smelling flower native to tropical regions of South Asia, Australia and Africa. Gardenia is a member of coffee family. It was named after the famous Scottish botanist Alexander Garden.

Gardenia is widely uses in wedding ceremonies due to its beauty and fragrance. In France, gardenia flower wear as boutonnieres. It is also use to make perfumes and as herb in many parts of the world.

3 Lily of the valley

lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a delicate flower found largely in the Northern hemisphere of Asia. It is a member of the lily family. Lily of the valley is known for its pleasant smell and beauty. This plant has nodding bell shaped flowers. As a sweet smelling flower, lily of the valley is use in the production of perfumes.. It is also use as a herb for burning and for fever.

2 Jasmine


Jasmine flower is one of the most popular pleasant smelling flowers in the world. This beautiful, small flower is native to tropical regions around the world. Jasmine flowers open in white and yellowish colors. It is widely use in production of perfumes and cosmetics. Jasmine flowers are also use in ceremonies and aromatherapy.

In gulf regions, dried jasmines are use as a ingredient for making tea. Jasmine is bloom in spring and summer. It produce intense fragrance at night , especially during full Moon.

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1 Rose


Roses are undoubtedly the most popular pleasant smelling flower in the world. There are 100 different species of roses in the world. This beautiful flower is found in Asia, Europe and North America. It is also one of most common flower that can found in every gardens across the world.

Roses are widely uses in wedding ceremonies and for making perfumes. Rose water is one of best remedies to get naturally glowing skin. Roses are found in many colors including red, pink and yellow. It is found as a sacred flower in ancient Egypt, widely used for making wreaths on tombs. Roses are also used as a her because of presence of vitamin c.