Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters in the World 2021

There is absolutely nothing to compare with the thrill of having a roller coaster ride. Famous roller coasters like Formula Rossa, Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Dodonpa, and Superman: Escape from Krypton can exceed a blazing speed of 100 mph. Modern roller coasters add thrilling elements like hydraulic launches and inversions and utilize park terrains in unique ways. Following is the list of the top ten fastest roller coasters in the world.

10 Millennium Force, 93 miles per hour, Cedar Point, United States

millenmium force
The final airtime hill next to the station of Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA.

It is an Intamin manufactured roller coaster located at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Being the first roller coaster to exceed 300 feet and the tallest wasn’t the only records broken when it opened to the public in 2000. Additionally, it also debuted the fastest speed, topping out at 93 m.p.h and having the longest drop.

It is the first roller coaster that promotes a cable lift system rather than a traditional chain lift. Officials named Millennium Force for its introduction in the new millennium. Furthermore, it also features two tunnels, three overbanked turns, and four hills. Additionally, it takes approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds to complete one cycle. Moreover, Millennium Force is one of only two Intamin built Giga Coasters as of 2020.

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9 Fury 325, 95 miles per hour, Carowinds Amusement Park, United States

Fury 325
View of Fury 325 ride

Fury 325 is North America’s tallest, fastest, and longest Giga coaster. Bolliger & Mabillard built this steel roller coaster. Additionally, Fury 325 is the world’s fifth-tallest roller coaster located at Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trains get pulled up a 325 feet tall chain lift hill and drop the riders 325 feet at speeds up to 95 mph.

Meanwhile, the train has an incline of 81 degrees once at the top. Like the target chasing of angry hornet, passengers race into a 190-foot high barrel turn and a high-speed S-curve, making its way to the park’s north entrance. Above the park’s front entrance, riders can enjoy an astonishing 91-degree overbanked 157-foot horseshoe turn.

8 Steel Dragon 2000, 95 miles per hour, Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park, Japan

Steel Dragon 2000
Roller Coaster, Steel Dragon 2000.

Steel Dragon 2000 is famous as the world’s longest roller coaster, located at  Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park in Nagashima, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Morgan Manufacturing built this steel roller coaster and opened it to the public on August 1, 2000. Additionally, this one of the fastest roller coasters got its name from the year 2000, representing the dragon in Chinese astrology and zodiac calendars.

The wild four-minute ride will send riders plummeting from 307 feet high and reaching speeds of 95 mph. Besides, it is also the fastest and tallest among complete-circuit coasters. Furthermore, it is among the fastest that utilize a traditional lift hill. In March 2013, the amusement park introduced new trains from Bolliger & Mabillard for Steel Dragon 2000.

7 Ring Racer, 99.4 miles per hour, Nürburgring, Germany

ring racer roller coaster

After a lengthy series of setbacks, Europe’s fastest Formula One-themed roller coaster has finally opened to the public at the Nürburgring in Germany.  S&S – Sansei planned it to accelerate from 0 to 135 mph in 2.5 seconds. Besides, two defects in its launch system delayed the opening until 2013. S&S – Sansei manufactured roller coaster features a pneumatic launch.

Engineers tried to raise the ride to its maximum speed on September 3, 2009, as it tested at a lower power. Additionally, it is accelerating from 0–99.4 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds. It closed on November 3, and Nürburgring wouldn’t start running again. Moreover, people unknown about when the ride will reopen.

6Superman : Escape from Krypton, 100 miles per hour, Six Flags Magic Mountain Park, United States

superman escape krypton roller coaster

The steel shuttle roller coaster was the Northern Hemisphere’s tallest, fastest roller coaster when it opened in 1997. We can find it at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The two coasters, such as Tower of Terror II and Superman: Escape from Krypton, were the first to promote technology like Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) to propel vehicles to top speed.

It is the only reverse freefall coaster model left in operation as of November 3, 2019. Furthermore, it is accelerating from zero to 100 mph in seven seconds before shooting straight up a 41-story into the sky. As of 2013, it holds the record for the world’s third-tallest structure, as well as the third-longest drop of any roller coaster.

5 Red Force, 112 miles per hour, Ferrari Land, Spain

Red force in Spain’s most popular amusement park. Ferrari Land.

Image credit: sarymsakov/Depositphotos

Red Force is Europe’s fastest vertical accelerator that flings its riders at unprecedented speed.
We can experience it at Ferrari Land within PortAventura World in Salou, Catalonia, Spain. Furthermore, it opened for the public on April 7, 2017. Moreover, the steel launched Red Force is the tallest roller coaster and the tallest Giga coaster in Europe.

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It also has the world’s fastest LSM. Its ride catapults from 0 to 112mph in just 5 seconds. This fastest speed is as fast as a LaFerrari road car, the world’s fastest car. Additionally, Red Force ride fires its passengers to a height of 367 feet. Therefore people can enjoy the entire passage is over in around 30 seconds. It can handle not one but 1,200 passengers an hour.

4 Do-Dodonpa, 112 miles per hour, Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, Japan

dodonpa roller coaster

Do-Dodonpa is the fastest roller coaster in Japan, located at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Yamanashi. Besides, S&S manufactured steel roller coaster uses compressed air to propel the trains. The ride goes up to the speed of 112 mph in 1.6 seconds. Moreover, on December 21, 2001, it opened to the public as the world’s fastest roller coaster with the quickest acceleration at 3.27 g.

Intermountain Lift, Inc. provided its Steel fabrication. Impressively, it is the world’s fastest coaster that features an inversion of a giant 161-foot tall vertical loop. In that way, Dodonpa offers a floating experience for its riders. Additionally, the track’s total length is 4,081 ft. It will also reach a height of 161 feet during its journey.

3 Top Thrill Dragster, 120 miles per hour, Cedar point, United States

Top Thrill Dragster
Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA.
Image credit: Steve/Flickr

It is an incredible roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The steel accelerator roller coaster will stun thrill-seekers in 2003 with the debut of an unprecedented 16th roller coaster in the park. Moreover, the world’s first-ever strata coaster features a complete circuit roller coaster to exceeds the height of 400ft.

People can travel 2,800 feet of track with a top speed of 120 mph, maxing out at the height of 420 feet. More than 1,000 riders will enjoy this Top Thrill Dragster every hour. This roller coaster’s tagline is “Race for the Sky” because it climbs 42 stories before falling 90 degrees straight down to ground level. Furthermore, the train also follows a 270-degree twist upon its descending from the hill.

2 Kingda Ka, 128 miles per hour, Six flags great adventure, United States.

Kingda Ka
Kingda Ka is the at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA.

Image credit: Pitstock/Depositphotos

Kingda Ka is simply the world’s tallest coaster and fastest roller coaster in North America. Additionally, We can find it at Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, New Jersey that goes up 456 feet and can go 128 mph. So, it leaves all other roller coasters in the dust. Kingda Ka, along with Top Thrill Dragster, is the only two strata coasters in existence.

It climbs 90° straight up. And once we get to its top, we will be plummeting right back down in a 270-degree spiral. Furthermore, one of the fastest roller coasters opened to the public on May 21, 2005. Intamin subcontracted Stakotra to assist them with its construction. Moreover, we will leave the station after going from 0 to 128 mph in a jaw-dropping 3.5 seconds.

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1 Formula Rossa, 149.1 miles per hour, Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates

Formula Rossa
Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster globally in Ferrari World amusement park at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Image credit: CaptureLight/Depositphotos

Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller steel coaster with a top speed of 149.1 mph. Besides, Intamin launched Formula Rossa to simulate the feeling of being we are in a Ferrari F1 car. With the wheels’ problems and the high amount of friction, officials added brakes to the first hill to reduce the ride’s total speed.

We can find this roller coaster in  Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, Formula Rossa opened to the public on November 4, 2010. The roller coaster track is 1.4 mi long. The Italian racetrack Autodromo Nazionale Monza inspired its shape. Moreover, once the ride following the launching pad, it ascends 171 feet hill and will cover a 2.2-kilometer long track in 1.32 minutes.