Top 9 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers

Imagine that on a quiet night, you are sitting in your garden which is full of with beautiful, sweet fragrant flowers. How peaceful that experience can be?  Such experience could free you from stress and tension, especially after a busy day. Are there any such night blooming flowers in your garden? if not., here the list of 10 most beautiful night blooming flowers in the world.

9 Night Scented Orchid

night scented orchid


The night scented orchid or epidemdrum nocturnum is a beautiful night blooming orchid native to tropical regions of Central and South America.  This orchid grow best in cool to warm conditions. It blooms from summer to fall.

On blooming, you could see 2 or 3 flowers on a single plant. Night scented orchid flowers have long, wide spreading sepals and petals. The flowers are also spread strong fragrance at night.

8 Nottingham Catchfly

nottingham catchfly flower


Nottingham catchfly is a yellowish-white, wild flower that mainly found in rocky banks and hillside ridges of Southern Finland. This flowering plant is known as Eurasian catchfly in U.S. Nottingham catchfly is first found on Nottingham place in England. The plant is named after the Nottingham palace.

The Nottingham catchfly bloom between the months of June and July. The flowers remain closed during daytime and open late in the evening or night. Each flower has 5 yellowish-while narrow petals with hairy leaves. The flowers produce strong fragrance during night and it would attract moths and insects.

Nottingham catchfly flowers becomes more attractive during twilight. This plant continues to bloom for three successive nights. Each night, the plant opens different stamens to increase pollination.

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7 Evening Primrose

evening primrose

The evening primrose plant is cultivate for the oil and edible roots. The evening primrose oil contains a numerous essential fatty acids that is great for good health. The plant is native to the Americas. There are 145 different types of primroses in total. It is named so because the beautiful flowers only open at night.

The evening primrose plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height. Its stem is stout and soft-hairy. The plant blooms between July and August. The bright yellow colored flowers bloom ony at night and closed up early morning. The flowers are also strongly scented during night time.

6 Chocolate Flower

chocolate flower


Scientifically known as berlandiera lyrata, a night blooming plant that mainly found in grasslands and rocky limestone soils in the United States. It is also known as chocolate scented daisy, named after its pleasant chocolate like fragrance. Chocolate flower blooms from mid spring to late summer, only at night. After blooming, the flowers produce a rich cocoa smell until the morning.

5 Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies

tropical water lilly

There are a number of night blooming tropical water lilies in the world. These flowers bloom at the dusk and close up in the mind-morning. The night blooming tropical water lilies comes in wide varieties of colors including purple, blue, red, pink, orange and yellow.

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The tropical water lilies are also very large in size. They can have a diameter of 2-12 feet. The tropical water lilies only grow best in ponds where the temperatures are above 65 degree Fahrenheit.

4 Night Blooming Jessamine

night blooming flowers


The night blooming jessamine is a woody evergreen shrub that native to West Indies and South Asia. The plant is also known as night jessamine and night blooming Cestrum. It grows best in moist sandy soil, reach to a height between 6 and 13 feet.

The night jessamine bloom in warmer months. The plant produces tiny, tubular greenish-white flowers which open only at night. The beautiful flowers also produce a strong, pleasant smell. But the flowers and berries of night jessamine contain toxic elements. So you have to plant the night jessamine on the safe side where children can’t reach easily.

3 Moonflower


The Moonflower is a beautiful night blooming pleasant smelling flower that grows best in the Americas. As the name suggest, the Moonflowers open at the dusk and close up in the morning. The beautiful white-pink blossoms also look like a full Moon.

The sandy loam soil is the best soil to plant Moonflower seeds. The plant grow 6 to 15 feet in height. They need warmer temperature. The Moonflowers bloom in spring and summer. The white-pink flowers open at the dusk which have a diameter of 2-43 inches. The Moonflowers also produce pleasant smell that last through the night.

2 Four O’clock Flower

four O clock flower


Scientifically known as ‘Mirabilis Jalapa’ which commonly called as four O’clock flowers. The flowers called so because they bloom only in the evening and last till the morning. The four O’clock flowers come in a variety of colors including red, pink, yellow, blue and white. They are also one of most pleasant smelling flowers in the world.

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1 Night Blooming Cereus

night blooming cereus


The night blooming cereus is a member of the cactus genus that found mostly in Mexico and Southern Arizona. It’s a strange plant that bloom only for a single day in a year, between June and July. The beautiful, white flowers only open at night. The pleasant smell of these flowers last til the morning. The next morning after blooming the the night blooming cereus will flowers closes forever.

There are different types of night blooming cereus in the world, including peniocereus greggi, echinopsis pachanoi and hydrocereus undatus. The paniocereus greggi is the best known species of night blooming cereus. The white-creamy flowers of night blooming flowers have a diameter of 6 inches. The strange one night blooming plant is pollinates by sphinx moths and nectar feeding bats.