Top 10 Tourist Attractions In United Arab Emirates

The unbeatable shopping experience, spectacular events, high-end resorts, white sand beaches and safety of UAE attracts millions of visitors every year. UAE government also made huge investment in tourism industry to make country as one of most popular tourist destinations in the world in near future. Followings are 10 popular tourist attractions in UAE.

10 Dubai Creek

Dubai creek is a 14 kilometer length water inlet that divides the city in to two main sections, Bur Dubai and Diera. The creek served as main port for transportation of merchandise from Africa and India in 20th century. Also became the destination of pearling industry of the city at that time.

Nowadays boating through Dubai creek becomes one of popular tourist activities in the city. Tourists can hire old fashioned boats known as ‘abra’ , at cheap rate. The cruising offers view of beautiful sunset and lining of remarkable building like Dubai creek tower and Diera twin tower.

9 Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is the oldest existing building in the city. It is a part of Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787. The museum showcases different historical models that representing lifestyle in Emirates before the discovery of oil. The gallery of this museum also includes the artifacts from ancient times, some of them dated back in 3000 BC.

The number of maps and video room within the museum let the visitors to get deep knowledge about growth of Dubai over time. The models of old Arabic homes and towers also offers much historical infos of the city. The other sections of Al Fahidi Fort also have collection of old weapons from different centuries.

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8 Bastakiya, Dubai


One of remaining parts of old Dubai. The traditional courtyard houses and wind towers reflects the history of UAE. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Arabian architecture within historical buildings of Bastakiya. Some of historical houses in Bastakiya now served as museums, galleries and traditional markets.

Bastakiya’s wind towers reveals how people in old Dubai cooled down their houses before main electricity. Th remaining parts of old city wall, built back in 1800 also reflects defensive system used in old city of Bur Dubai. The galleries of Bastakiya also have collection of old paintings, handcrafts and jewelry.

7 Jumeirah Beach and Hotel, Dubai

Jumeirah beach stretches over the South coast of Jumeirah city. The soft white sand of Jumeirah beach attracts visitor for walking and sun bathing. Sailing, scuba diving, water skiing and wind surfing becomes popular activities in the beach. The frontage of Jumeirah beach also features large and luxurious hotels like Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah beach hotel.

It is a wave shaped hotel that contains 298 rooms, 20 restaurants, bars and beach side villas. Visitors can enjoy Arabic style parties and DJs. Jumeirah hotel also offers tennis courts, swimming pools, health clubs, spas and gyms.

6 Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Emirates palace is a seven star hotel located in Abu Dhabi. It spread across in an area of 100 hectares, including the large garden. The hotel contains 300 rooms and 92 suites. The 114 domes of this luxurious hotel standing at height of 80 meters, covered with gold. Many of suites of Emirates palace also decorated with gold and expensive marbles.

The suites within top floor of this hotel solely reserved for Emiralty loyalty. A single room in Emirates palace demands $12000 per night.  The list of attractions within Emirates palace also includes world’s most expensive Christmas tree, worth 11 million dollars. The hotel also offers camel riding, exclusive beach, tennis court, spa and health centres.

5 Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The largest indoor amusement park in the world, located in Yas Island of Abu Dhabi. It is the first Ferrari themed park in the world, explains the story of Ferrari through educational rides. The huge iconic red roof of itself is the main attraction of Ferrari world, designed by award winning architectural firm, Benoy group. the dimension of Ferrari logo within huge structure measures 65m * 48.5 m. largest Ferrari logo in the world.

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Steel and glass are mainly used for the construction of Ferrari world, to reduce the effect of desert heat. The park is also home to Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coast in the world. It gains top speed of 240 km/ hr in just 5 seconds, just like a Ferrari super car. The gallery of Ferrari world, Galleria Ferrari also displays cars from 1947 to present time.

4 Dubai Mall

Based on total area Dubai mall is the largest mall in the world, spread across 13 million square foot and have internal floor area of 5.9 million square foot. It is situated in Downtown Burj Dubai. Opened in the year 2008, attracted 65 million visitors in 2012 and became most visited shopping mall in the world.

Dubai mall contains 1200 shops, 22 cinema theaters, cafes, 120 restaurants and luxury hotels. The mall also offers 14000 parking space for the visitors. The list of attraction within Dubai mall includes Dubai aquarium & under water zoo, Dubai fountain, Dubai Ice Rink and SEGA Republic indoor park.

Dubai aquarium is one of the largest acrylic viewing panel in the world which is 32.88 meter wide, 750 mm thick and 8.3 meter high. It contains 85 different species of marine animals,total population of animals in this aquarium is 33,000. The 270 degree transparent although tunnel of Dubai aquarium offers incredible close encounters of marine animals, includes 400 sharks and rays.

Dubai ice rink on ground floor of mall have 1.5 inches of ice bead,  Olympic sized one, host sports activities and skating. SEGA Republic, a 76000 square foot indoor theme park at Dubai mall contains 150 amusement games for the visitors. Moreover the mlal offers view of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and Dubai fountain from which water jets rise to a height of 150 meters.

3 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque situated in Abu Dhabi city, The largest mosque in United Arab Emirates. The mosque covers an area of 30 acres and have capacity to accommodate 40000 worshipers. The tomb of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AI Nahyan, late visionary president of UAE also buried in the courtyard of this mosque.

The construction of grand mosque done between 1996 to 2007. Persian, Mughal and Moorish mosque architecture styles are uaed for it’s construction. The four minarets found within four corners of the mosque have height of 107 meter. High cost marbles, gold, stones, semi precious stones and crystals are the main material used by artists for the design for the mosque.

The visitors can see 96 columns within main hall of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, all of them are covered with marble. The 99 names of Allah, God in Islam also written on Qibla wall of mosque using Kufic calligraphy.

2 Burj Al Arab, Dubai

tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab is a seven star luxury hotel situated in an artificial Island besides Jumeirah beach in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is globally popular for it’s luxurious hotel services and ‘sail of ship’ design. From 1999 to 2008 it remained as only seven start hotel in the world. This luxurious hotel have a height of 321 meter and a private curve bridge connect hotel with land.

Starting from 1994 it took five years for the construction of Burj Al Arab. The sail of Arabic vessel style for the hotel chosen by British architect Tom Wright. There are 202 suites in total in Burj Al Arab, rates ranging from $1000 to $15000 per night. Ech of suites within this hotel has an office section, will also get laptop and internet access.

Burj Al Arab is surrounded by white sandy Jumeirah beach. Visitors can also access private beach for exclusive use and can explore wild wadi water park situated next to the hotel. Spa, gyms, hypnotherapy bath,  squash court and swimming pools are also available in Burj Al Arab hotel.

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1 Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa is the most visible techno marvel of Dubai city. It is the tallest skyscraper in the world, have height of 828 meter. Burj Khalifa built for mixed use, contains 300 homes, nine hotels and offices. The skyscraper contains 163 floors in total and it also became building with highest occupied floor at 584 meter.

The construction of Burj Khalifa started in the year 2004, designed by American architectural firm Skidmor, Owings and Merril. The construction was completed in 2009 and Burj Khalifa officially opened on 4th January 2010.

As Burj Khalifa is half a mile tall the tip of the building can seen from 95 kilometers away. Visitors can also explore the beauty of city from observation desk of Burj Khalifa, from 124th floor. it is the second highest observation desk in the world. At new year event the building makes colorful firework displays, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.