Top 10 most popular tourist attractions in England

The long history and influencing culture of England make the country as one of most popular tourist destinations in the world, have 17 world heritage sites, finest beaches, world class music festivals and games. Every year England welcomes more than 25 million international tourists. In that way tourism plays an important role in economy of the country. Followings are 10 most popular attractions of England.

10 London Eye

London eye or millennium wheel located in the bank of river Thames in London, one of highest viewing platform in the city, best way to explore the city for tourist. Being Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, having height of 443 feet, you can see things around 25 miles away from it. London eye attracts more than three and half million visitors every year.

It took even years for the construction of London eye, opened in the year 1999 by former prime minister Tony Blair. It have 32 air conditioned passenger capsules, have seating capacity to hold 800 people at one revolution. Visitors can also stand and walk inside the capsule. London eye also welcomes disabled guests and offers special care free of charge.

9 Natural History Museum, London

This world renowned museum contains 70 million items from categories such as botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. The collections within this museum also includes many important specimens discovered by Charles Darwin, having great scientific as well historical values.

There are four main zones in natural history museum, have four specific colors. The first one is green zone, manage section of planet, life, environment and evolution. The second one is red zone, explore facts about how this living planet was formed and it’s changes over time.

Third one is blue zone,  handles the section of diversity of life in Earth. The fourth and final one is orange zone, concentrate about wild life and findings of Charles Darwin. This museum is also famous for collection of skeletons of dinosaurs and other ice age giants. The cathedral like structure and beautiful sculptures also make visiting to natural museum of London to an unforgettable experience.

8 Warwick Castle

Warwick castle situated in the bank of river Avon, in Warwickshire, England. This castle is found as ‘greatest medieval experience of Britain’, showcase living history from 10th century, attracts half a million visitors every year.

Warwick castle was built back in 1068 by William the conquerer, renovated several times. There are collection of old musical instruments and weapon within this castle. The two projecting tower in the castle dated to fifteen century, used as artillery platform at that time. Visitors can also enjoy beautiful Victorian rose garden at the ground.

7 Blenheim Palace

One of world heritage sites of England, located in Oxfordshire. It is one of the largest country houses in England, built between 1705 to 1722. Rare English baroque style was used for construction of Blenheim palace, more popular as birth place of Winston Churchill.

The maze, adventure playground, butterfly house, garden and park are main tourist attractions in Blenheim palace. Different festivals and concerts are also organized by authorities for the tourists.

6 Windsor Castle

most popular tourist attractions in England

The oldest and largest occupied castle across the globe, situated in Berkshire, England. Windsor castle also choose by Queen Elizabeth II as official weekend home, also stands as important ceremonial location of the country.

Windsor castle spread across in vast area of 13 acres, contains a palace and small town. It was built back in 1066 by the Normans, got modified in later time. Guided tour offers you castle’s 900 years of history and about royal family lives there.

Road tour is also available at Windsor castle, experienced guides will take you to historical sites and park of Windsor castle. From the terrace of castle you can also enjoy the beauty of surrounding places.

5 Westminster Abbey

One of most mountable and large religious buildings in England, located in Westminster, London. The first part of this church was built in 1050 and renovated in between 1245 – 1272 by King Henry III. The church have collection of lifelike figures of number of British monarchs.

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It is estimated that more than 30000 famous people were buried in Westminster Abbey, tombs of Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens becomes most popular among them. British monarchs are also get enthroned in coronation chair of Westminster abbey.

4 St.Paul’s Cathedral

St.Paul’s cathedral is the most visited religious building in England, situated in ludgate hills of London. The dome of St.Paul’s cathedral is the second largest in the world, having height of 366 feet. From 1710 to 1960 it remained as tallest building in London.

Whispering gallery at St.Paul’s cathedral becomes interesting point among tourists, whispering again one particular wall can be clearly heard from another side. What make it is really interesting is that the other end of wall is 112 feet away.

Crypt of this cathedral contains 200 monuments and memorial, the largest one in Europe. St.Paul’s cathedral also included funeral of famous personalities such as Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and  Duke of Wellington.

3 Tower of London

Tower of London officially known as ‘her majesty’s royal palace and fortress’, located in the bank of river Thames in London  another world heritage site of England. It was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror as a palace and defense system.  The palace housing crown jewels of United Kingdom, public office records and as part of royal mint, company which manufacture coins of UK

The collection of crown jewels in tower of London includes some of extra ordinary diamonds, imperial state crown, crown of Queen Elizabeth, coronation spoon and other jewels used by the Queen. The museum at the tower also have collection of uniform and bearskin of King George V.

The yeoman warder guided tour at tower of London let you to understand about history of tower and to see important sights, tour have length of one hour. White tower is the important section of tower of London, built to scare off foreign invaders. 300 years old royal armories also keep within white tower.

2 Big Ben

Big ben is actually great bell of Westmister palace in London. It is the largest four faced chiming clock in the world, clock tower is officially known as Elizabeth tower.  The massive bell inside the clock have weight of 13 tons. It is also said to be it is named after the civil engineer Benjamin Hall who managed the work, who was very massive in size.

Big ben is built back in 1859., each dials of big ben have diameter of seven meters. The minute hands of big ben have length of 4.2 meters. The clock tower have height to 92 meters, have to climb 40 steps to reach at the top, It is not opened for public and foreign tourists.

There is a golden inscription in Latin language at every clock dial of big ben that reads ‘Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostrum Victorim Primam’ which have meaning of ‘O Lord Keep Safe Our Queen Victoria the first’.

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1 Stonehenge

Stonehenge is the most recognizable and one of most visited sites in England, Located in Wiltshire. It is one of seven wonders if medieval world, also listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The purpose and method of construction of these standing stones remains as a mystery in archaeology, believed that it was built between the period from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

There are mainly two types of stones are used for the construction of Stonehenge sarsen stones and blue stones, sarsen stones have height of 18 feet and weighs up to 25 tons, bluestones weighs up to 4 tons. Archaeologists estimated that it took 1500 years to built Stonehenge. Stonehenge was also aligned with mid winter sunset ans mid summer sunset.