9 Amazing Underground Tourist Spots To Visit

Like scuba diving and space travel, visit to underground places also gives much adventurous experience for you. It also gives the chance to find out the history and many mysterious things. Here 9 amazing underground tourist spots to visit

9 Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam


It is a large network of underground tunnels, can be located in Ho Chi  Minh city in southern parts of Vietnam.  Cu Chi tunnels have total length of 250km, only two portions are opened for visitors. You will also get an experienced guide for the exploration to Cu Chi tunnel.

Cu Chi tunnels in actually used buy army force until 1975, much used during Vietnam wars. The well constructed passageways along with ancient things to see at right intervals makes exploration more interesting among travellers. You can will meet with different tools used by Vietnamese people years ago.

The availability of hospital operating rooms, barracks and mess halls makes travel through Cu Chi tunnel more easier. You will also get chance to taste meat that Viet Cong fighter ate during Vietnamese war.

8 London Underground

London underground is one of best underground metro rail system in the world, goes through main area of greater London with 270 other stations of the country. Other than a railway service London underground provide chance to experience the history of the country. When you pass through different station you can see the differents works that made from centuries ago. First ever train service set out in the year 1863.

During second world war many parts of this underground station used as shelters, now those shelters as acts as different stations. It also gives you much adventurous experience as there exists different ‘Ghost stations’ inside London underground. Actually those stations closed years ago because of several reasons.

During second world war many treasured stored inside british museum, now it is a part of London underground. Many bunks of this rail system became shelter for many people, also helped more than 200000 people to escape during world war 2.

7 Seattle Underground, Washington


Seattle underground is one of main tourist attraction in city of seattle, Washington. You can explore downtown city that destroyed during 19th century’s great seattle fire. Bill Speidel, one of Seattle resident who turned many areas of this destroyed city to a tourist destination in 1965.

The historical importance and old architecture are make Seattle underground to one of favorite tourist spot in Washington. Many parts of Seattle under ground remains unsafe for exploration. You will demand for to wear warm jacket as there always have chilly climate and good walking shoes, provide by authorities.

You will see the old tools and paints used by residents of Seattle in past time. There also exist many old things that can give information about history of Seattle. Interestingly wedding ceremonies are also going over there in sometimes. Cafes and other must wanted facilities are also available at Seattle underground.

6 Basilica Cistern, Turkey

Basilica Cistern is also known as sunken palace situated in the largest city of Istanbul in Turkey. Basilica cistern makes the opportunity to explore one of oldest architecture ever. It is originally created in the year 532 by Justinian for supplying water to Byzantine palace. It is opened every day for visitors.

You will able to see stunning interior once you explore basilica cistern. There are 332 columns in 12 different rows in this cistern. Ancient used doric style for the construction of these columns.

The pillars within basilica cistern makes stunning illumination, becomes unforgettable visual experience. You can also see water still flowing through the ancient Turkish structures. The authorities also arrange special parties and musical concerts in basilica cistern for the visitors.

5 Rome’s Catacomb


It is the most impressive catacombs around the world. It is one of the most important historical sites because of underground burials from range of second century to 5th century. Such catacombs reveals in depth details about ancient culture and art system.

These tombs are actually found in large network of narrow and dark tunnels. It is estimated that the catacombs in Rome spread across hundreds of kilometers, still larger parts are remains unexplored. It also demands special permission from Vatican to explore christian catacombs in Rome, as those catacombs belongs to Catholic.

4 Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

Dambulla cave temple is located near anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. It is most impressive cave complex of Buddha sculptures and ancient paintings. This cave temple is constructed in 77BC by King Vattagamini Abhaya. A large massive rock having 600 feet height covers the surroundings of the temple.

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The ancient paintings from second century in vivid colors reveals stunning historic art works. But the large 45 feet sleeping postured Buddha statue became the main attraction of Dambulla cave temple among visitors, includes many other Buddha statues. Archaeologists also discovered many statues of lord vishnu from there. The beautiful art works on rocks and the sculptures makes stunning visualization of ancient culture.

3 Coober Pedy, Australia


Coober pedy provides world’s largest supplying of special gem, opal. Other than mining of opal coober pedy provide many fascinating underground attractions for the visitors. The harsh environment itself makes underground residents of  Coober pedy to become safe zone for the people, also finest tourist spot for foreigners.

It is only underground tourist spot where you can find residents, bars, restaurants, hotels, church and golf club. It includes more than 4000 residents from many countries. The art gallery and pottery also becomes finest attractions of this spot.

2 Mammoth Cave National Park, United States

amazing underground places


Mammoth cave national park is situated in central Kentucky of United States. It is the longest preserved cave system in the world. It is also listed on world heritage site, also the most diverse cave ecosystem.

The sight of frozen Niagara is one of the special attraction that can get bu visitors from mammoth cave. The grand avenue and fat man’s mystery also becomes interesting sights for you.  The authorities of national park provide well experienced guides for you.

Mammoth cave have long 630 km of passageway, can explore formation of nature at it’s best. You can find 130 different forms of life within mammoth cave. Many ancient dwellers and crystals had been found from mammoth cave. The lime and sand stones within mammoth also raise the historical importance of this spot.

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1 Eisriesenwelt, Austria


Eisriesenwelt is most impressive natural limestone ice cave, located in werfen of Austria. It is spread across wide area of 42 kilometers, actually is one part of Alps. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Austria, also largest ice cave system in the world.

You can make visit to Eisriesenwelt in between May to October, not opens for winter season. You will demands for to wear warm cloths as freezing temperature existing in cave for all time. photography and filming are strictly prohibited inside the cave. You can see massive formation of ice one you walk through the cave. Average ice formation in Eisriesenwelt have height of 25 meters. You can also see hymir’s castle, an ice organ creation inside of the cave.

The ice formations in Eisriesenwelt appears in different size and shapes. The million years old limestones can be also spotted inside this cave. But you won’t allow to visit to that area, but it gives a unforgettable hiking experience for you.