Top 10 most strangest landscapes in the world

The Martian blueberries, red spot on Jupiter, Moon rocks….always dream for far distant object. You don’t have to be an astronaut to enjoy such alien looking places, the blue planet also have such unusual weirdest landscapes. Here list of 10 most strangest and beautiful landscapes in the world.

All the strange looking landscapes in this world is a result of continuous natural erosion, have millions of years of age. Most of the keep changing it’s structure by time.

10 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills

This mysterious cone like hills can be spotted in Island of Bohol in Philippines. There are 1700 cone shaped hills are in total, spread across 50 square kilometers of area. These limestones hills have several millions of years of age. The origin of chocolate hills still remains a mystery.

It is also became one of finest tourist attractions of Philippines, listed on UNESCO’s world heritage site. At end of dry seasons the green color of these hills changes to chocolate brown, so called as chocolate hills. The height of each of those hills varies between 30 meters to 120 meters.

9 Mono Lake, California

Mono lake

Mono lake is one of the oldest lake in the world, have 7600000 years of age. It is located in Mono country of California State. The unusual shaped limestone pinnacles within the shore of mono lake makes this place as a alien looking one. These limestone pinnacles called as tufa towers.

In fact this type of limestone pinnacles only grows in deep ocean, but the mysterious shores of mono lake give birth to such structures. Mono lake have no outlets to seas, makes large deposits of alkaline particles.

The water of mono lakes also shows some kind of mysterious behaviour, very thick and oily, makes a slippery experience on touch. It’s water contains lots of salt and baking soda. It is also home for brine shrimps, attractions millions of migratory birds to mono lake every year.

8 Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Giant Causeway

Giant causeway can be spotted at county antrim of Northern Island, actually 40000 hexagonal basalt columns. Giant causeway have age of 60 million years. It is formed by eruption of volcano at ancient times, the unique shape of columns still remains a mystery.

Giant causeway is one of the world heritage site of Ireland. Each columns aries by height and thickness, tallest one have height of 40 feet. Tourists can also see different species of birds over here.

7 Spotted Lake, British Columbia

strangest landscapes


Spotted lake is the most mineralized lake in the world, located in British Columbia, Canada. The high concentration of different chemical component makes different spots within the lake, such spots becomes more visible in dry season. Ech spots contains different composition of chemical elements, magnesium sulphate is the most predominate mineral found there.

The spots within this lake appears in white, pale yellow, blue and green colors.The okanagan tribe within the place use water from spotted lake to cure some of diseases,they also believed that it is a sacred place. It is also becomes interesting to see that the color of these spots varies with different time span of a day.

6 Midway Geyser Basin, Wyoming

Midway geyser basin is the largest hydrothermal spot inside Yellowstone National park, Wyoming. It spread across an area of 11 miles, erupts 4000 gallons of water every minutes. All those waters flows to firehole river beside the geyser.

The chlorophyll and the water temperature also makes colored spots across this geyser. The center spot of geyser always appears in blue colors because of high heat, another spots appears in orange, red and white colors.

5 Fly Geysers, Nevada


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Fly geysers is located in Gerlach town of Nevada. It is not an entirely natural formation, men also became a part of it’s birth. In 1964 a geothermal energy exploring team started drilling on this spot, to find out geothermal sources. But that work  get uncompleted but the dissolved mineral in that areas accumulated and developed a geyser that erupts water up to a height of 5 feet.

Water get erupt from deep red and blue colored mounts, forms as a result of action of thermophilic alages. Even though many organization tried their best to purchase this geyser for tourism the owner denies all those request.

4  Hillier Lake, Australia

Hillier Lake


Lake hillier can be spotted in island of recherche archipelago of Western Australia. Unlike other lakes hellier lake have permanent pink colored water, special attraction for air passengers as it situated besides blue ocean.

The coloration of this lake hellier remains a mystery. This 600 meters wide lake is surrounded by dense forest of paperbark and eucalyptus trees. It is also discovered high concentration of algaes within this mysterious lake.

3 Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Kilauea is one of the most active volcano located in big island of Hawaii. Kilauea having a continuous eruption since 1983, lava also flows in to Pacific ocean, becomes one of most stunning view of nature.

Kilauea started eruption 600000 years ago, surrounded by volcanic rocks having 500 feet height. There are 61 total eruptions are recorded for Kilauea volcano.

2 Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni is the world’s biggest salt deposit can located in Bolivia of South America. The salt deposit spread across a wide area of 10582 square kilometers, contains 10 billion tons of salts.

Whenever this area covered by water it becomes largest natural mirror on Earth. At that time it reflects sky, clouds and everything above the surface. This flat stable surface does not change over time, NASA uses this property of salar de uyuni to calibrate the satellites.

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1 Zhangjiajie National Park, China

Zhangjiajie National Park is the first ever authorized national park in China, covers 185 square miles of area. The narrow sandstone pillars becomes the main attraction of this national park, formed from millions of years of natural erosion. Each pillars differs y size, highest pillar in this national park have 650 feet height.

It is also recognized as UNESCO’s world heritage site. Zhangjiajie also became home for many rare animal and plant species. It is possible to rare white flowered trees which is originally appears on Earth before 205 million years ago. There are 100 different types of vertebrates are securely living inside this national park.