Top 10 most amazing royal palaces in the world

The royal homes of kings and emperors reflects their architecture style and wealthness. Today most of greatest palaces around the world becomes one of popular tourist attractions. Visiting such great palaces help to explore history of kingdom and the lifestyle of a time. Here the list of 10 most amazing palaces in the world.

10 Pena National Palace, Portugal

Pena national palace can be located in the hills of Sintra in Portugal. In 1493 Portuguese King John II built a monastery and it was protected for centuries one king after another. But it as severely damages by 1755’s Lisbon earthquake. King Ferdinand II transform those ruins in to beautiful palace – Pena national palace.

The construction was took place between 1842-1850. The Romanticism style was used for construction of this palace. This beautiful palace is listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The popular monument of Portugal also can seen from far away places in clear sky days.

9 Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

One of the most popular cultural monument of Vienna, the name meant for ‘beautiful spring’. The palace was built between 1696 – 1712, commissioned by Emperor Leopold I.

This great palace have 1441 different rooms. The sculpted garden in front of Schonbrunn palace also make this site more beautiful. The Austrian 10 Euro coin minted back in 2003 put this great palace at one side. Today millions of tourists visited Schonbrunn palace in every year.

8 Mysore Palace, India

Located in the city of Mysore, Known as city of palaces, in South India. Mysore palace was built by different kings in different centuries. The first part of this palace was built in 14th century by Wodeyar kings, constructed multiple times by following generations. The modification and construction of new parts of current Mysore palace was took place between 1897-1912.

A mixture of Indo-Saracenic, Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles of architecture used for construction of palace. It was also surrounded by large garden, illuminated by more than 10000 bulbs during dasara festival in the month of September.

7 Summer Palace, China

Summer palace covers an area of 2.9 kilometers in the city of Beijing in China. It was constructed in 1750 as a resting place for imperial rulers of China, later it became main residence of them. At first this palace is known as Qingyi garden and renamed as summer palace after the reconstruction in 1888.

There are 3000 man made ancient structures within compound of palace. The royal garden and natural beauty of surrounding places make it as one of main historical sites in China.

6 Topkapi Palace, Turkey


The construction of Topkapi palace was took place in 1453 by King Sultan Mehmed II in Istanbul. The palace used as a residents for sultans and place for hosting judicial and executive functions. The palace covers vast area of 173 acres, protected by huge walls.

Topkapi palace was continued to modified centuries after centuries. The minarets and domes  remains as remarkable sight of this palace.

5 Chateau de Chambord, France

amazing royal palaces

Chateau de Chambord known for it’s French renaissance architecture, also the second most visited place in the country. This place was built as a hunting lodge for king Francois, constructed in between 1519-1547, never completed.

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This palace features 440 rooms and 84 different fireplaces.  The palace was surrounded by 52 square kilometers of wooded park. The king only spent 40 days in total within this palace, heat remains impractical within it’s rooms because of massive structure and open windows.

4 Palace Of Versailles, France

It is the most popular palace in France, located in Southwest region of Paris. It was built in 1624 by King Louis XIII as a hunting lodge. In 1682 king Louis XIV expanded it into a largest palace in the country, used as permanent residence.

Palace of Versailles features 700 rooms, 1200 fireplaces and 60 staircases. The huge garden of this palace covers an area of 2000 acres, contains 1400 fountains and mile long canal. The kings of France used this place as official residence until 1789.

3 Alhambra Palace, Spain

Alhambra palace situated in city of Andalusia in Spain. The first part of this palace construction in 9th century, damaged and ignored for more than 2 centuries. It was renovated by Muhammad ben Al-Ahmar in 11th century, transformed into current palace by Sultan of Granada in 1333.

The whole sections of Alhambra palace were whitewashed, today it appears as reddish one because of centuries of baking in sunlight. As Alhambra place located at hilltop, can viewed from various part of the city.

2 Potala Palace, China

Potala palace


Potala palace in one of the greatest monuments, located Lhasa city of People republic of China. This palace was named after mount potalaka, mythical dwelling of a Buddhist. The construction of this palace originally started in 7th century and transformed into today’s form in 1645 by spiritual advice of great fifth Dalai Lama.

The potala palace features most treasured Tibetan architectural marvels. The palace remained as tallest building in the world from 1653 to 1889, can see entire Lhasa from the roof of the palace, remained as symbol of Buddhism in Tibet.

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1 Forbidden City, China

Forbidden City

Forbidden city is the world’s largest palace complex located in Beijing, China, also known as imperial palace and palace museum.This palace complex spread across an area of 72 hectares. Forbidden city features 980 buildings with 8707 different rooms. This palace complex was built between 1406 to 1420, to accommodate emperor Zhu Di.

Forbidden city housed 24 different Chinese emperor from 1420 to 1912. This complex was also decorated with stone animals, rails, arches and dragons. Until 1912 no one allows to enter this complex without having permission of the emperor. Forbidden city became UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1987, 10 millions of tourist visits this site every year.