Top 10 massive things on Earth that can be seen from space

It is always curious to know what all things on Earth can seen from space. Some of geographic features and man made things massive enough to seen from hundreds of kilometers above. Here list of 10 massive things on Earth that can seen from space.

10 Cities at Night

Cities at night

Astronauts can identifies the continents from space by analyzing their shape. But the views of illuminated cities becomes more impressive visuals, mainly the major cities around the world. The illuminated areas of United States, Europe and India are mainly spotted by astronauts, where vast areas of land lit up in all possible nights.

9 Palm Island, Dubai

Palm Island Dubai

credit of image : Palm Island NASA


Palm island along with world islands of Dubai canseen even from space. As became world’s largest artificial islands there is no reason for to wondering in this case. The palm islands actually holds two artificial islands in shape of palm tree, spread across in an area of 100000 cubic meters.

You can meet hundreds of luxury hotels, villas, shopping malls and parks within this man made wonder. World islands contains 300 artificial islands covered over 9 kilometers of area, constructed by sand dredging in shallow water in coast of Dubai.

8 Phytoplankton Blooms

Phytoplankton Blooms

credit of image : phytoplankton blooms NASA


Plankton blooms are one of common and stunning phenomenon in oceans, concentration of uncountable numbers of microscopic plants called phytoplankton in surface of ocean. Plankton blooms can seen even from space, captured by satellites such as terra and aqua from NASA.

Plankton blooms begun to form in warm ocean water, found as a multi colored swirl from space. It also becomes foods for small ocean creatures to large whales. Plankton blooms also plays a major role in transforming carbon dioxide in nature in to oxygen.

7 Greenhouses of Almeria, Spain


Greenhouses of Almeria is the heart of agriculture of Spain, spread across 64000 acres. These plastic greenhouses are visible from space during daytime. This image was taken from International Space Station (ISS) in 2004, provided by Earth Observation.

Several tons of vegetables and fruits are produced here every year, exports to many parts of Europe. These economic miracles of Spain also becomes finest tourist destination  in the country.

6 Pyramid of Giza

massive things can seen from space

credit of image : Pyramid of Giza NASA


One of seven wonders of ancient world also becomes favorite site for astronomers to capture photograph from orbit. It is not at all visible with naked eye from space, astronomers used long focal length camera for it. The high resolution cameras with International Space Station already took many detailed images of pyramid of Giza from space.

Within space images of pyramid of Giza the South East parts seems to be illuminated by Sun and Northwest parts as in shallow. The limestone statue of lion in SouthEast part of Giza pyramid also can seen from space with power cameras at possible conditions.

5 Ganges River Delta

Ganges River Delta

credit of image : Ganges river delta NASA


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Ganges river delta is world’s largest delta formation can spotted in bay of Bengal in part of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. It covers an area of 220 miles, this amazing geographic feature also can seen from orbits of Earth.

When river becomes empty it is possible to see large sediments within the area. It is also becomes largest remaining habit of Bengal tiger and other rich wildlife.

4 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Credit of image : Grand Canyon NASA


It surely took many days to enjoying every site of 277 miles long Grand Canyon in Arizona. But the astronauts at orbits of Earth are blessed to seeing Grand Canyon al at once. This space’s bird eye view of Grand Canyon took from NASA’s Terra spacecraft in 2011.

The space images of Grand Canyon help the scientists to make surface map of the steep sided Canyon, also to monitor the changes within it’s surface. This photograph also includes northern RIM and Colorado river in Grand Canyon.

3 Amazon River

Amazon River

credit of image : Amazon River NASA


The 4000 miles length Amazon river and it’s tributaries can also can seen from space. This image was taken by one of ISS crews in 2006. Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes, the two important territories of Amazon river started to flow in to it during floods. In such situations it form a long web like lines that can seen from space. Within space images of Amazon river the color of waters seems to deep dark because of soil of lowland forest.

2 Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

credit of image : Great Barrier Reef NASA


The 1600 miles long great barrier reef becomes largest coral reef on Earth. It also becomes largest living thing in this world that can seen from space. The great barrier reef interlinked more than 900 reef islands, located in Eastern part of Australia.

It is listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites, home for 1500 tropical fish species. It also becomes main destination of scuba divers and finest tourist spot in Australia.

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1 Himalayas

Himalayas from space

credit of image : Himalayas NASA


Himalayas, the world’s highest peaks also can seen from space. This highest mountain range separates Indian subcontinent from Tibetan plateau, where Mount Everest situated, highest mountain in the world.

Himalayas includes hundreds of mountains that exceeds height of 7200 meters. Many areas of this mountain range also sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism.