Top 10 most amazing churches in the world

Other than places of worship churches also represents iconic architecture of a country. Many of churches look like heaven on Earth, becomes finest tourist attraction. Following list includes 10 amazing churches in the world.

10 Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

cathedral of brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia Roman Catholic central church in city of Brasilia, Brazil. The hyperboloid style of this church millions of visitors every year. Church also opens for visitors every day, won’t allow visitors during prayer time. This church was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, started the construction in 1958 and completed it in just two years.

Cathedral of Brasilia dedicated for blessed virgin Mary, Brazilian people found this church as queen of the country. The church consist of 16 identical concrete columns that have hyperbolic shape. This design symbolize hands moving upwards to the heaven.

The church also have glass roof and the gap between concrete columns are filled with blue and white colored glasses. At bright sunlight the church makes natural illumination. A small piece of linen cloth that was used to cover the body of Jesus Christ known after crucifixion, known as shroud of turin also kept inside the crypt of this church.

9 Stykkisholmur Church, Iceland


This church is situated in Stykkisholmur city of Iceland. The visitors can found exceptional architectural styles and design within the church, remain finest attraction both from seas and land. The two sweeping arms leading to tall bell towers makes church more attractive.

Stykkisholmur church was built in 1980 using modern designs. The interior of the church is also beautiful as it’s outside, can hold 300 people at a time. This church is also used as concert hall.

8 Borgund Stave Church, Norway

It is one of the oldest preserved stave church in Norway, situated in Borgund village. The name of this church derived from the style of it’s wall. used vertical wooden boards. also known as stave. There are seven different kinds of inscriptions are discovered from this church, one inscription among them read as ‘Ave Maria’.

This stave church from middle age have many global significance. Today Borgund stave church used as a museum, one of most important monument and attraction of the country. The strong stone foundation itself hel this church to remain in the place.

7 Church of Paraportiani, Mykonos


It is the most photographed church in the Greek Island of Mykonos. It built near gate to old medieval castle, so church also called as ‘ Our lady of side gate’. The entire complex actually consist of five churches, four churches connected together to form the base complex and fifth church built on the top of it.

The fifth church within this complex dedicated for ‘Virgin Mary’ The construction of this church stated in 1425 and remain uncompleted until 17th century. The most remarkable cycladic architecture style was used for it’s construction.

6 United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel


This spectacular church in Colorado built to meet spiritual needs of US army. There is separate rooms for Catholic, Buddhist and  Jewish faiths, also two other sections for people who believe in all religions, separate entrance for chapels of each religion.

The seventeen spires in a row is the most attractive element of this church, made of steel and glass. This church is standing at height of 150 meters, have gold anodized aluminium door. It took three years for the construction of this church started from 1959., designed by Walter Netsch.

5 Grundtvig’s Church, Denmark


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It is the most popular church in Copenhagen, Denmark. The unusual appearance makes this church totally different from that of other churches in the city. Most parts of the church made of red brick, now all those bricks get darkened by time. The church opened for visitors year around, not allow the visitors at the time of prayers.

The church was designed by Jensen Kline, used mix of geometric form of brick expressionism with Gothic styles. The 49 meter tall bell tower in the west facade became the main attraction of this church. There are 6 million yellow cricks are used for the interior work of the church.

4 St.Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery, Ukraine


This amazing golden domed church located in capital city of Kiev in Ukraine. This church was the first ever Russian cathedral with attractive dome. It was originally built back in 1108 and reconstructed many times, opened in the year 1993. The golden domes and blue exterior of this church becomes special attraction for the visitor

The bell tower of the church also equipped with electrical clocks. Ukrainian Baroque style was used for this church when it rebuilt in 17th century. At that time sxi domes were added to the church building. Byzantine mosaics and frescoes are used for decorating the interior of this church.

3 Las Lajas Cathedral, Colombia


This Roman Catholic cathedral was built between slopes of Guitara canyon , in Southern Colombia. This amazing church was built to commemorate the appearance of virgin mary on a rock within this place. The church was built between 1916-1944 using gothic revival style.Las Lajas Cathedral remains as popular tourist and pilgrimage destination of this place since 18th century.

2 Milan Cathedral, Italy

amazingc churches

Milan cathedral is the fifth largest cathedral in the world, situated in Milan of Italy. This cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mary Nascent. It took six centuries for the completion of this huge cathedral, started from the year 1386. The pinnacles and spires at top of cathedrals also makes a spectacular view.

A bronze statue of ‘madonnina’ was also places at top of one of main spires of the cathedral. There are also 40 five wide naves that are separated by 40 different pillars. Millions of bricks are used for the construction of this cathedras, marbles also used for the design.

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1 Church of Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is the largest church in Iceland, measures 73 meters in height. The unique tower itself becomes main feature of this church, designed it to resemble basalt lava flow of the country. This church was actually dedication for popular Icelandic poet  Hallgrimur Petursson.

The construction of this church started in 1945 and completed in 1986. Visitors can reach the top of the church using the elevator, in that way church also acts as an observatory tower. Lutheran tradition of design are used for it’s interiors. The statue f norse explorer Leif Erikson also stands infront of Hallgrimskirkja church.