10 Most Romantic Animals in the World

Do you think that humans only possess romantic feelings in the universe?

It is not true. As artists mention, the rhythm of this globe lies in everlasting love!

You will wonder to see the amazing animals that get lost in love for each other. The passion and care they give each other sometimes overtake man as well.

Here is the list which mentiones the ten most romantic animals in the world.

10 Albatrosses


Albatrosses are large seabirds found in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific regions. They are the largest flying birds with the longest wingspans of around 12 feet. These beautiful birds are in fact lovely in their nature. It is amazing that the rituals of these birds even resemble human dating. They take almost ten years to mature and to start a relationship.

The selection of partner among this species is an interesting process. They won’t rush into any relationships; rather they learn the procedures that elders follow. They will learn dancing, staring, preening and vocalizations from them. After they will start dancing with many partners until they choose a special one for entire life.

The pair then creates own unique language and loving rituals. The couples will make themselves apt for the enormous process of egg laying and chick rearing. They usually build the nest in a near place of their native.  Albatross lay one egg at a time and once the feathers grow for the chick, parents will fly off. After the search for food, they will come back occasionally.

The specialty of these unique birds is their love for partners. They choose the partner and mate for entire life. Yes, they believe in pair bond and show what real devoted love should be. Their entire life, endurance, and wisdom are pretty good enough; it is the real so-called true love.

9 Elephants


Looking at these huge mammals, don’t judge that they are unromantic. These magnificent creatures do have all sorts of feelings that even man possess. They are distinctive beauty holders and have natural innocence. The elephants have long-lasting relationships with their loved ones.

The elephants use several unique romantic gestures in between. They are much social and create bonds with others soon. The romantic cuddles and touches make the partners feel their love. The entwine trunks are the ultimate sign of their love. The elephants found to possess relationship for entire life.

These emotional animals have families which include grandparents to aunts and uncles as well. They always believe in the love and heritage within the family. The pregnancy period of elephants is 22 months. The female elephants take care of children and even injured members of the family. These lovable mammals thus hold unique importance to the ecosystems.

Like the love and care among their family, they show extraordinary compassion towards other species as well. The well-developed brain of elephants thus balances the emotional traits. They are even capable of shedding tears during the death of loveable ones. They protect their own culture and tradition, at the same time keeps the immense love for family.

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8 Anglerfish

Angler Fish

credit of image: Thomas Quine on Flickr 


Anglerfish is a type of bony fish — the reason for its name is the fleshy growth from its head. It is unbelievable that these anglerfish are famous for their romantic rituals. The male of the species is much smaller than the females of the species.

The anglerfish searches for partners in deep sea and more down regions of oceans. Once the dwarf males find the females, they pick the waterborne pheromones. While they stick together, the skin of the partners will grow together. When the eggs are ready, the female will signal the male, and he releases the sperm. The gelatinous egg mass from the female will absorb it.

The fertilized eggs will move to the upper side of oceans and fattens. Once they are mature, they will migrate to the dark deep to find the perfect match. The real love of anglerfish leaves the message that it is not the size or the scary look that matters in love.

The small males will face all the hurdles and blackness of the deep sea to find out his partner. Once they meet each other, he gives her a special love bite, which releases an enzyme to melt the moth to her body. The anglerfish thus sticks with the bond of faith and love forever. No matter its deep dark see with wild predators, they love each other. It is the power of love!

7 Lovebirds


Lovebirds, as the name implies these small parrot species are much affectionate and born to love each other. They appear in green, orange and yellow colors usually. Their romantic actions are cute and innocent. The ladybird will give a love signal by fluffing up her feathers. In response, the male will do a beautiful dance during which he boobs head and scratches hers.

The male bird acts as a caretaker of both mom and child in the nesting period. He will feed both mum and child with essential nourishment. Unlike other species, they never think mating as a reproductive action. They believe in mating for life and usually spend time with each other in cuddling.

Lovebirds always prefer to sit together. In case of a get together after a long time, lovebirds feed each other fruits as a sign of love. The lovebird will be depressed if the partner dies. Even the birds kept in cages show the same erratic behaviors if they are alone. True love is the thread which always bonds them together.

Like the couples in restaurants on Valentine days, they sit together and have fun and romance always. Their affectionate nature and incredible bond was the real inspiration behind their names. They live up to the name. Born to love always! Romantic animals list will be incomplete without them.

6 Seahorses


Seahorses are romantic animals in the marine with horse-like necks and an upright posture. They possess a curled prehensile tail. They exhibit a highly romantic nature. The seahorses will give indications to the pairs once they met with the exact partner.

The Seahorses used to spend day times swimming side by side to each other. They will hold each other’s tail while swimming. Followed by the swimming, they engage in courtship dance for around eight hours. With this time the egg of female will get matured. The amazing part is that she will deposit the matured eggs in his pouch, which is a unique feature of seahorses. They prefer to have private space to love each other.

The romantic female will visit her lovely partner every day throughout the pregnancy period. Rest of the time she will dance with females in their colony. More than 1000 can be born at once from the pouch. The seahorses prefer to mate for life and flirt with each other.

This special featured marine animal thus shows a tendency to live together for entire life and have fun with love. They dance in early mornings with partners, which is a unique specialty. Males took a parental role in a complete sense holding the little ones in his pouch itself. Thus they remain as a strong icon of romance in the submarine.

5 Bonobo Chimpanzee

Bonobo Chimpanzee

The bonobos are a kind of chimpanzee often called as a pygmy chimpanzee. They are found in Central Africa. The bonobos have closest similarities with humans beings. They express all the natural feelings like anger, happiness and the most precious romance too. The partners always live in harmony with each other. They will spend much time in lovely plays and rituals.

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The family life of bonobos is more peaceful. This is because the females are in charge of society. This behavior is even rare in the animal kingdom. The females are smaller in size, but they got the ability to keep and maintain very special friendships. They even prevent the aggressive males from hurting others.

Nowadays bonobos are considered to be less aggressive than the entire ape primitives, including man. They possess a very biased peaceful life and are much brilliant. These romantic chimpanzees are famous for another unique specialty that they never kill own kind. This secret makes them always to keep rapport with others.

The bonobos always believe in family and friends relations and used to love and share with them. Apart from this, they prefer sharing food with strangers even, which is the best quality of them. These bonobos use romantic traits to release tension and stress as well. They are the best example for romantic animals in the world.

4 Manakin Birds

Manakin birds

credit of image: ryanacandee on Flickr 


The manakins are small passerine birds. They usually appear in the American tropical regions. The name came from the Dutch word mannekijn, with meaning little man. These small sized birds have a size of 7 to 15 cm. The stubby birds have short tails, rounded wings and short bills with a wide gap.

The females have dull green color and males hold black with striking patches. They are unique with many features, and among them, voice box is a distinctive one. These romantic birds blessed with a beautiful sound. They enjoy whistles, trills, and buzzes.

A further fantastic feature of these birds is the unique mating dance. The long-tailed males know the importance of a partner in their life. About seven years a master bird and a female bird will practice dance. They will practice so that to give a better dance in front of the female bird. They will perform it in a super way and with better synchronization.

At the end of the performance, the female will choose a pair to have romance. The master of the team always gets selected for this, and then they love each other. The entire process of dance and the selection is beautiful scenes for the eyes. The little birds also shower flowers of romance with their unbeatable dance. They thus acquire the place in most romantic animals all over the world.

3 Great Hornbills

Great hornbill


Great Hornbills or Great Indian Hornbill usually lives in Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. They have a lifespan of around 50 years. The females are smaller in size compared to the males with bluish-white eyes. A prominent feature of the bird is the yellow and black color casque on the top of the bill.

The mate selection of these romantic birds is too impressive. The male will choose a cute partner soon, and then will be gifting many gifts. Until she accepts them, he will keep giving new ones. For a female bird, it is all about selecting the best mate who offers the best gift.

The precious gifts include twigs, dead animals or bones even. The male bird puts the best effort to make a good impression and to live with the female one. Once they get a signal with a positive sign, there starts the actual romance. From the first day till their death, they live in love. They enjoy the moments they are together with silly joys and cuddles.

The Great Hornbills are capable of flying in many heights and sometimes travel to other places. The important feature of this birds is love for partners. They never cheat the other and have immense faith in love. The Great Hornbills will wait for their partner till the end of their life. They are the best icon of love ever in nature.

2 Bowerbirds


Bowerbirds are famous romantic birds. They use fruits in their diet and sometimes flowers, nectar, and leaves as well. The unique courtship behavior of the birds is considered to be a very special feature of them. The male birds create a structure and decorate it with sticks. The manmade objects like pegs, straws, and glass are even used to decorate the house if available.

Bowerbirds use bright colored sticks in the house creation to attract the female bird. To paint the sticks some species uses their saliva mixed with chewed fruits and flowers. Also, they will cultivate several plants near the structures to maximize the beauty. The berries used for decoration are the most desirable decorations by male birds.

Once the female bird is attracted they will explore the beautiful structures developed with great effort. The distinctive fruits will add their delights tastier. Thus the actual romance and enjoyments start. It is truly unimaginative that the small males work much harder to get the right partner for a lifetime.

It is unbelievable that a tiny bird can make an amazing structure like this. Bowerbirds are always adapted to adjust with a range of habitats like rainforest and shrublands. They believe in the actual pain beneath the gain of true love. It makes them the second most romantic animals of the entire universe.

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1 Pufferfish


Pufferfish, also known as blowfish is a type of marine fish. They are considered to be the top one romantic animal in the world. Pufferfish uses many tricks to escape from the predators. They use their elastic stomach which can engulf plenty of water and can transform them into inedible balls.

Some species of Pufferfish have spines in their skin to make them less palatable. The species are also toxic and its internal organs contain highly poisonous material. But this doesn’t matter in their romantic traits. The very unique specialty of the male Pufferfish is that they are the most celebrated artists of the animal kingdom.

Pufferfish attract the female pair, and for that, they create beautiful nests. The unique nature of this nest is that they develop it in the sand with different geometrical styles. The nest will be of 6 feet in diameter. They also have another specialty that every time they make a new house for romance instead of reusing them.

If the females get attracted they will lay the eggs in the nest and the male will fertilize them. The female will follow the male fish to the nest or use some covers to lay the eggs safely. Once the fry got developed they will swim off and ready to find food. Thus the Pufferfish waits a long period to love each other. The male will also take enough steps to prevent the eggs and partner from being attacked by the predators as well. Thus it is the romantic story of hard work, patience and eternal love that never ever gets over.