Top 10 Most Annoying Insects In The World

Who won’t feel irritated when a mosquito buzz in your ear in a deep sleep? No one. You know mosquitoes are not just annoying but dangerous also. There are many other insects as irritating as mosquitoes. Here the list of 10 most annoying insects in the world.

10 Louse


Louse is a parasitic insect from a family which comprises 5000 different species. These wingless parasites live on plants, birds, and mammals. In humans, lice infest both head and body. It leads to intense skin irritation and diseases called relapsing fever and typhus.

There are two types of louse – chewing and sucking louse. As their name indicates, chewing lice feed on skin and sucking lice feed on blood. This parasite is spread by contact of items used by an already infested person such as comb or clothes. The intense skin irritation itself is the most irritating part of louse infection.

9 Stink Bug

Stink bug

Stink bug is one of the smelliest creatures in the animal kingdom. When disturbed, these insects excrete a disgusting smell from the gland in its abdomen. Not just this defensive mechanism make stink bug as one of the most annoying insects in the world. Within their habitat, stink bugs can cause substantial damage to crops. They mainly infest apple, plum, citrus, tomato, grape, and cucumber.

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8 Cockroach


No explanation is needed. You know how invasive and disturbing the cockroaches are. It’s one of the most commonly found insects in homes. Foods are the main thing that attracts cockroaches to your home. They not only contaminate the foods but also spread disease-causing viruses.

Even the presence of cockroaches in homes, especially in the kitchen could make you feel irritated. They choose dark places to hide. Cleanliness is the only solution to get rid of this troublesome insect.

7 Locust

Most Annoying Insects

Locust is a grasshopper-like insect which measures 0.5 to 3 inches in size. This insect is not harmful to humans in a direct way. But locusts in swarms can cause massive damage to your agricultural fields. Such swarms contain several thousand or millions of locusts. So, they can damage a vast area of crops in very short time.

6 Termite


Termite is a small insect that lives in large colonies which contain thousands of members. These insects don’t carry diseases that affect humans. But, like locus termites cause indirect damage. It depends on their feeding habit. Termites feed on cellulose-based wood materials. As you know this habit can generate a tremendous amount of damage to furniture and other wooden parts in your home.

5 Ants


There are more than 12000 known species of ants in the world. Most species of ants are not harmful to humans. But not all members are harmless. For example, bullet and fire ants are known are among the insects that deliver most painful sting. Fire ant stings can lead to severe allergic reactions. Also, some other species of ants carrying disease-causing bacterias.

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All these are the direct impact that ants can cause. But their most annoying habits you can immediately be related to are what they can produce indirectly. Like invading your rooms and kitchen, eating foods and damaging furniture. Because these things happen all the time.

4 Flea


Fleas are one of the most commonly found external parasite of mammals and birds. These wingless insects thrive on sucking the blood of their host. Fleas infestation is extremely annoying and can cause health problems. If your dog or cat scratch all the time it’s most probably due to flea infestation.

You need to be very careful in this situation because it can be spread to you and your family rapidly. Intense itching is the not the only effect of flea infestation. Fleas can also transmit many diseases including typhus, tularemia, plague and allergic reactions.

3 Horse Fly


Horsefly is a dark-colored insect that can be found most parts of the world. They are notorious for delivering painful stings. Only female horse flies sting. They have very sharp mandibles that help them to suck blood from both animals and humans. It’s not just the painful bite that makes horse flies so irritating and annoying. They are also known for spreading diseases including cholera, typhoid, and anthrax.

2 House Fly


Probably the most type of flies found in your home. Noone wants to see this fly in their homes. Who wants to see these waste feeding flies sitting on foods? That’s why the presence of houseflies itself that makes you feel irritated.

These flies are also infamous for spreading many dangerous diseases. Because they carry some pathogenic bacterias which can cause diseases like tuberculosis, plague, typhoid, and cholera.

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1 Mosquito


Perhaps the most hated, most annoying and the deadliest insect on the planet. You may even afraid of mosquito buzz if you know how many deaths are caused by mosquito-borne diseases. More than 1 million, yes, numbers are terrifying. More than annoying, mosquitoes are extremely dangerous. In fact dangerous than any other animal on the planet.

Mosquitoes carry numerous viruses and bacterias.Irrespective of carrying these threatening parasites mosquitoes can remain unaffected by the disease they cause. Needless to say, Malaria is the most dangerous diseases that caused by mosquito bites.

Out of 3000 species of mosquitoes only from Anopheles genus carry malaria. Mosquitoes also are known to spread many other diseases including chikungunya, yellow fever, dengue, zika fever and filariasis