Top 10 Weirdest Insects In The World

With more than 1 million known species, insects are the most diverse group of animals in the world. It’s hard to know every single known species of insect on Earth. So, it’s really fascinating to learn about some of the weirdest insects in the world.

10 Giant Water Bug

giant water bug

Giant water bugs are one of the largest insects in the world. They found ponds and streams across the world. This giant insect can grow up to 4 inches in length. They also have large yet powerful pincers. Using these pincers water bugs can deliver extremely painful bite

It’s an insect which makes a surprise attack on preys when it comes closer. Once a water bug catches a prey it would immediately inject a strong injective enzyme into the prey using the pincers. Then they suck the remaining semi-liquid part of the prey.

9 Leafhopper


Leafhopper is a small yet colorful insect that found on a wide range of plants around the world. Even a full grown leafhopper does not grow more than 15 mm. A group of leafhoppers can cause severe damage to trees and plants they live in. Because they feed on the plant sap, a vital fluid of plants.

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8 Titan Beetle

titan beetle


Growing up to 6.6 inches in length, titan beetle is the largest beetle in the world. They live in the tropical rainforests of South America. This large insect has a flat body and curved, sharp and powerful mandibles. Using these mandibles, a titan beetle can even snap a pencil into two pieces.

The larvae of titan beetles feed on decaying woods. But like adult moths, adult beetle don’t feed. Despite the scary appearance, these beetles are not aggressive. But they hiss and bite if threatened.

7 Filbert Weevil

filbert weevil

Filbert weevil is one of the most unusual and beautiful insects in the world. It’s a long snout that characterizes the unique look of this insect. Despite the attractiveness, filbert weevils are harmful. Because they feed on acorn of oak trees.

6 Australian Walking Stick

australian walking stick


It is a large curve-bodied insect native to Australia. Adult Australian walking sticks measure 3 to 8 inches in length. Females are larger than males. It’s a tree-dwelling insect, especially on eucalyptus trees. Also, eucalyptus leaves are their primary food. To adapt to life on trees, walking stick insects have claws on their feet that ensure better grip while climbing.

5 Giant Weta

giant weta


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Giant weta is one of the largest insects in the world. An adult weta weighs up to 35 gram and has a length of 4 inches. This large insect is endemic to New Zealand. Giant weta can’t jump or fly as they have a massive body. Wetas also have noticeably long legs and antennas.

Apart from the great size, another interesting fact about giant wetas is how they breathe. Because they don’t have lungs and breathe through holes in their exoskeleton.

4 Hummingbird Moth

strangest insects

One of the most wonderful and unusual insects in the world. They resemble a hummingbird but actually a moth. The wings, long tongue, flight, movement and even their sound have a greater resemblance to a hummingbird. These amazing moths are found in the warmer regions of Southern Europe and Northern Africa.

An adult hummingbird moth has a wingspan of 1.6 – 1.8 inches. They have brown forewings and brown-orange hindwings. Hummingbird moths can be spotted at both at daytime and dusk. They hover over the flowers just like the hummingbirds.

3 Assassin Bug

assassin bug

Assassin bug is a predatory insect that can be found throughout the world. There are more than 7000 species of assassin bugs in the world. Depend on the species, both size and color of this insect vary. But most species has an elongated body and long legs.

Assassin bugs are called so because of they are such an efficient predators. These bugs are even known to catch the preys larger than them. To grab the prey, they inject the powerful saliva into the prey’s body using their long rostrum. The bite from assassin bugs is also very painful.

2 Hercules Beetle

hercules beetle

Native to rainforests of Central America, hercules beetles are among the largest insects in the world. The most defining characteristic of this insect is the longhorn found in the male beetle. With this long, incredible horn an adult male hercules beetle measure up to 18 cm in length.That makes male hercules beetles the longest beetles in the world.

The size of horns can be varied in the male beetles. Female hercules beetles lack this amazing horn. Hercules beetles are also famed for their ability to carry huge weight. Yes, this insect can carry 850 times its body mass.

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1 Scorpionfly


On the first look itself, you could understand why this insect called so. Yes, it has a significant similarity to a scorpion. To be precise, the tail of the male scorpionfly curled upward like a scorpion. But unlike a scorpion, this insect doesn’t sting with their tail.

The unusual look of a scorpionfly is also characterized by their elongated body, long antennae, and a long beak.  They have a yellow body and a red head and large eyes.