Top 10 Loudest Animals In The World

The level of a typical human conversation is measured at 60 dB. Any sound above 120 dB can cause pain or even damage to your ears. For different purposes, animals make different sounds that are too loud to us. Here the list of 10 loudest animals in the world

10 Hyena – 112 Decibels


This carrion-eating dog-like animal is well known for fighting the king of the jungle. This is not so surprising as hyenas live in large clans and have powerful bite force. The sounds of hyenas are also very famous. They make different sounds to signaling different situations with other hyenas. Sometimes their noises can be as loud as 112 decibels.

Among various sounds produced by hyenas, the unique and interesting form is laughing like sound by spotted hyenas. The spotted hyenas are the largest member of hyena family. Interestingly enough when being attacked or found a new food source, they make a ‘laughing’ like sound.

9 Hippo – 110 to 114 Decibels


Could you believe the fact that the large-bodied hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa? It may seem surprising. But they are extremely aggressive and even known to chase at a speed of 20 mph. At 110 to 114 dB this huge animal also have one of the loudest sounds in the animal kingdom. Hippos make the sound when they are in the water and the ground. These sounds mainly consist of grunts and groans.

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8 Lion – 114 Decibels


From an African safari or a zoo visitation, you know how loud the king of the jungle can be. At 114 decibels, the roar of a lion is loudest of all wild cats in the world. To be precise, a roar of a lion is so loud as it can be heard from a distance of 5 miles away.

Roaring is not the only sound lions make. Their sounds also consist of growls, grunts, and purrs. They roar to show their dominance in the territory and also to warn the enemies.

7 Gray Wolf – Up To 115 Decibels

gray wolf

What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you heard the name the gray wolf? Most probably the howling at the Moon. But there is no connection between Moon and the world. It’s a nocturnal creature who become most active at night. Anyway, the howl of the wolf is so famous. It can be range up to 115 decibels and can be heard from miles away.

Wolf is a social animal that lives in packs which consist 6 to 15 members. Their howling can mean different things such as marking the territory or to contact with other members of the pack.

6 African Elephant – 117 Decibels

african elephant

The elephants are one the extremely social highly intelligent animals in the world. They use different kinds of sounds to communicate with each other. It includes trumpets, roars, rumbles, and snorts. This variation in sounds signifies various things such as danger and anger. Sometimes the trumpet of elephant can be as high as 117 decibels.

Elephants also use low-frequency rumbling calls which can travel as far as 6 miles. Apart from this fantastic use of different kinds of sounds, elephants are also exceptionally good at hearing.

5 Green Grocer Cicada – 120 Decibels

loudest animals in the world

Inhabit in the coastal regions of Southeastern Australia, greengrocer cicadas have the loudest sound in the insect family. The high pitched loud calls of male cicadas can reach 120 decibels. That’s annoying yet painful to human ears. Cicadas make such loud sound by the rapid vibration of their exoskeleton.

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The male cicadas make such loud sound primarily to attract the females. There are more than 200 different species of cicadas in Australia. But each species has a unique call so that each species can identify their own family.

4 Northern Elephant Seal – 126 Decibels

northern elephant seal

The Northern elephant seal is a large marine mammal that found in the Eastern Pacific ocean. Based on the purpose, the sounds they use for the communication can be varied. Surprisingly, the sound of each makes elephant seal has a unique rhythm. So that they can identify each other. They can even understand each other’s strength by interpreting the sound.

Male elephant seals use their large proboscis to make loud noises which can reach a range of 126 decibels. Such calls can also be heard from several miles away.

3 Howler Monkey – 140 Decibels

howler monkey

Howler monkeys have the loudest call of all land animals in the world.These amazing monkeys live in the forests of South and Central America. At the peak, their call can reach a range of 140 decibels. Also, these calls can be heard from a distance of 3 miles. As you can guess, these monkeys are also named after their loud calls.

Howler monkeys live in groups that consist of 6 to 15 members. They make loud calls to communicate with each other. It’s the enlarged hyoid bones that help howler monkeys to make such loud calls.

2 Tiger Pistol Shrimp – 200 Decibels

tiger pistol shrimp


Tiger pistol shrimp of snapping shrimps are live in the shallow waters of West Pacific region. They are famed for their powerful claws. When a prey approach, the snapping shrimps will close their claws at incredible speed. This will create a show wave in water which helps these shrimp to kill the prey. At the same time, the air bubbles also create a loud noise at a range of 200 decibels.

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1 Whales – Up To 230 Decibels

sperm whale

Whales, the largest species also have the loudest calls than any other animal on Earth. To be precise, the sperm whales are the animal with the loudest call in the world. At the peak, these sound can reach as high as 230 decibels. Navigation is the primary purpose of clicking noises produced by whales.

In case of loudness, blue whale, the largest animal in the world also not far away from sperm whales. The rumbling calls of a blue whale can reach up to 188 decibels. They use these calls to communicate with other members of the pod.