Top 10 Most Amazing Eyes In The Animal Kingdom

We know how important our eyes are. We gain most of information, experiences, and memories through our eyes. More than anything else without the sight how we can enjoy the exceptional creations of nature around us. So, that’s important and incredible our eyes are. Animals also have as incredible or more amazing eyes than ours. Here the list of 10 most amazing eyes in the animal kingdom.

10 Frog


The large eyes of a frog are wonderful in several ways. First of all, this amphibian spends a decent amount of time in the water. To swim in water that filled with garbage, frogs have three eyelids – two transparent and one semi-transparent eyelid. This semitransparent membrane is known as nictitating membrane. It can close completely so that the frogs can protect their eyes underwater.

The position of a frog’s eyes also gives them a better field of view. The eyes situated on the top of sides of their head. So that they get a full 360-degree view. They can even see what happens outside while submerged in water.

9 Tarsier


Tarsier is a small primate that found in the forests of Southeast Asia. The most highlighting feature of a tarsier is its large eyes which measure up to 1.6 cm in diameter. Compared to the body size, these are the largest eyes of all mammals in the world. Just like owls, the eyes of a tarsier can’t be moved. Because they are fixed in their skulls.

But, tarsiers can move their head 180 degrees in left and right direction. It helps them to know what happens around them. Tarsiers are nocturnal who become only active at night. But the large eyes of tarsiers provide excellent night vision. Also, they have an acute sense of hearing. Both these qualities help tarsiers to detect the prey in low light conditions.

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8 Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark

Hammerhead sharks have one of the strangest yet interesting heads – shaped like a flattened hammer with widely set eyes. But studies have proved that this strangely shaped head has a good purpose. It provides hammerhead sharks better vision than other species of sharks.

To be precise, such widely set eyes gives them excellent vision and exceptional depth perception like humans.

7 Cuttlefish


Cuttlefish is an incredible sea creature which can turn its color almost instantly. It let cuttlefishes to quickly hide away from the predators by blend with the surrounding. This remarkable power of cuttlefishes is aid by specialized skin cells and their incredible vision. They have a strange ‘w’ shaped pupils which give them a wider range of vision. Interestingly, they can even see what’s behind them.

Also, they can detect the polarized light with incredible precision. That’s even the slightest variation in the angle of polarized light. Which gives them a clear idea about what exactly is happening around them.

6 Goat


Do a goat’s rectangular pupils seems strange to you? You might say yes. Because it’s strangely shaped. At the same time, it provides an impressive vision. For a grazing animal like a goat, it’s most wanted power.

Because, for a grazing animal like a goat chances from attack from predatory animals are higher. But their rectangular shaped pupils provide detailed panoramic vision. Which helps them to detect the danger from a distance. Besides, the effective rotation of eyes helps the goats to detect the strange movement in the field even at the time of grazing. In that way, they get enough time to escape from the predatory animal.

5 Gecko

Top 10 Most Amazing Eyes In The Animal Kingdom

There are 1500 different types of geckos live in the warm climate regions of the world. Most geckos are nocturnal. To adapt to this lifestyle, they have impressive eyesight. To be precise, their eyes are 350 times more sensitive than human vision and color vision threshold. That’s they can even see colors in low light with amazing quality. It’s not a widely recognized power in the animal kingdom.

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4 Dragonfly

Top 10 Most Amazing Eyes In The Animal Kingdom

One of the amazing things about dragonflies is their large globular eyes. These beautiful eyes are powerful too. Each eye of a dragonfly is made of 30000 facets and placed in different directions. The result is an incredible 360-degree vision. It allows them to detect even the slightest movement in their surroundings.

They can also detect UV and polarized light which are beyond our visual spectrum. All these qualities play a huge role in the navigation of dragonflies.

3 Owl


Owls have very interesting, large front facing eyes. This positioning of eyes gives a great advantage for owls – incredible binocular vision or ability to see an object with both eyes with great depth perception. For an animal or bird with eyes on the sides of its head don’t get such a great vision.

Surprisingly, instead of having eyeballs, owls eyes are shaped like tubes. Also, their eyes can’t be moved like ours. But, they can move their head in 270 degrees in both left and right direction. Thus, owls get a much wider vision. To adapt to the nocturnal lifestyle, owls also have excellent night vision which is contributed by millions of light-sensitive retinal rods.

2 Chameleon


Chameleons are so famous for their color changing ability. But, their visual system is as amazing as their color changing ability. These reptiles can move their eyes independently. That’s they can focus on two different objects in two different directions at the same time. This incredible power of eyes of a chameleon provides excellent 360-degree vision. Chameleons can also focus on objects at incredible speed.

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1 Mantis Shrimp

mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimps have the most fantastic visual system in the animal kingdom. We, humans, have three color receptors. But this unusual crustacean has 12 different color receptors. That’s mantis shrimps see more colors we can’t even perceive.

The beautiful eyes of a mantis shrimp can also rotate their eyes independently in the different direction at the same time. The capacity of rotation of eyes measures up to 70 degrees. It provides a wider vision for this small creature. Also, mantis shrimp can detect infrared, U.V and polarized light.