Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Cats, like dogs, can form strong bonds with humans. If you love cats, you may have noticed how they can hide their emotions by appearing independent and indifferent. However, some cat breeds are known for being more affectionate and having friendly personalities.

Check out the list of 10 cat breeds that are sweet, lovable, and enjoy being around people.


Birman The Birman is a long-haired domestic cat breed that originated in Burma. It has striking deep blue eyes, a silky coat, and white paws resembling gloves. This breed has been selectively bred for its friendly and calm temperament, making it an ideal companion pet.

They enjoy being around humans and playing and are not known for their hunting instincts. Birmans are sociable and can quickly get along with other cats, dogs, and people. They tend to observe and involve themselves in whatever their owners do without being overly vocal.


Burmese Burmese cats are a type of domestic cat that originated near the Thai-Burma border but were developed in Britain and the United States. They come in different colors but are primarily seen in dark brown. These cats are known for being friendly, social, and intelligent.

They have a playful demeanor and tend to vocalize frequently. Their large, round eyes are reminiscent of exotic Asian breeds, making them unique and attractive. Burmese cats love to engage with their family and are known for being curious, often exploring every open doorway they come across.

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8Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Exotic Shorthair cats are the short-haired version of Persian cats. Hence, they resemble the Persians in many ways, including a flat nose, temperament, and face. These medium-sized cats have round and broad head, which is prominent in proportion to the body. Their large round eyes and short muzzle always give them grumpy expressions.

They are more energetic and playful than their Persian counterparts. These cats love being relaxed and sedentary but are more athletic cat breeds. They are friendly and love to selective with strangers. If meals are delivered regularly, they won’t be problematic and chaotic.

7Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold The Scottish Fold cat breed boasts a charming owl-like appearance, characterized by round heads, large round eyes, and small forward-folding ears that lend them a distinctive look. They are medium-sized cats that sport a dense and luxurious short-haired coat and always seem to have a sweet expression on their face.

These felines have their roots in farm cats, which makes them resilient and robust. They can easily adapt to most environments and are a great fit for busy or noisy homes, although they prefer a peaceful atmosphere. Scottish Fold cats are gentle and have a small voice, which means they require no special grooming.


Siamese The Siamese cat breed originated in Asia and is distinguishable by its non-white irises. There are two distinct variants of Siamese cats: the traditional type, which has a round head and a chubby body, and the modern type, which has a wedge-shaped head and a skinny body. Modern Siamese cats are friendly, intelligent, sociable, and playful with their owners.

They have short-haired coat with darker shaded points, which appears light in color. These cats are affectionate and have strong opinions. They tend to form a close bond with a specific person and can experience separation anxiety if left alone. Therefore, they require a dedicated caregiver.


Sphynx Sphynx cats, also known as Canadian Sphynx, have a unique feature – they don’t have fur. Instead, their skin is loose and forms wrinkles in certain areas. They have a wedge-shaped head, large eyes, and ears. Sphynx cats are highly active, curious, intelligent, and affectionate creatures. They are friendly towards both family members and strangers.

They crave attention and love to involve in everything you do at home, sometimes even in an annoying way. Additionally, Sphynx cats enjoy being in the company of other Sphynx cats and will entertain you by being cuddly and sneaking under blankets.

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Abyssinian The Abyssinian breed of domestic cat has a short-haired coat with a unique ticked tabby pattern. Each has a slender and graceful body, similar to fashion models. Abyssinians are active, curious, affectionate, and desiring interaction. They appear reminiscent of wildcats, with their ticked coat and large ears that stand upright.

These cats enjoy being social and crave attention from their owners. Due to their friendly and social nature, they require a lot of stimulation, including interactive play and simulated hunting games. They entertain without supervision with their intense loyalty and playful demeanor.


Persian Persian cats are a breed of long-haired cats with round and flat faces. Despite their grumpy appearance, they are sweet and easygoing. They quickly adapt to their new family as kittens and have loving and charming personalities.

They enjoy the peace and have a pleasant, musical voice. Their large expressive eyes can convey either confusion at our mistakes with a head tilt or happiness with a rumbling purr. They are decorative cats, love to bask in sunny spots and perch elegantly on furniture.


Ragdoll The Ragdoll is a large feline breed with a soft, silky coat and striking blue eyes that come in distinct colorpoint patterns. Known for their calm and affectionate nature, these cats are playful puppies who enjoy following their owners. They rarely display aggression towards other pets and have muscular body with broad chests and sturdy legs.

Although they have a curious nature, Ragdolls prefer lounging on books or basking in the sun in the garden. Once you bring a Ragdoll into your home, they become your best companion and will spend the day playing with you. It’s hard to resist their beautiful appearance and gentle personality.

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1Maine Coon

Maine Coon Maine Coon is a large but oldest natural breed from the US state of Maine. These friendly cats have a dense fur coat to adapt to Maine’s harsh climate, hence getting the name: gentle giant. They are affectionate and friendly. Since they enjoy outdoor activities, they need plenty of space for exploring their athletic nature and become unhappy when confined indoors.

They need plenty of enrichment, like games with their owner, to simulate their activeness. They are excellent and tolerant of kids and show different personalities based on their breeding, upbringing, and early experiences. As domestic cats, they are just perfect for first-time cat owners.