Top 10 Most Liveable Cities In The World 2019

Ever since the start of time, man has always searched for the best places to live. What makes a city livable? Still, the search is going on. Are well-organized public services, good job opportunities, a world-class educational system, and efficient health care that can make the city livable? Here the list of the most liveable cities in the world in 2019 based on the Economic Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) liveability survey.

The EIU rated the cities out of 100. Don’t stop. Move further and find your dream cities. It’s time for a change now!

10 Adelaide, Australia

adelaide, australia
Adelaide city skyline viewed across Torrens river in Elder Park on a bright day, Australia.
Image credit: moisseyev/Depositphotos

Adelaide, one of the liveable cities, is the coastal capital of South Australia. Its population makes it the fifth largest Australian capital city. We commonly used the demonym Adelaidean to indicate the city and its residents. Green parklands, historic buildings, and a wide range of landscapes surrounding Adelaide city.

Now, Adelaide is famous for its many festivals, sporting events, and delicious and multicultural restaurants. Adelaide city quickly became known as the City of Churches due to the large number of churches found in the city and its diversity of faith. People considered the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts to be one of the world’s most famous art festivals.

Additionally, people made up Adelaide’s city center using a grid of streets and various squares. The native Kaurna people occupied the area around Adelaide, one of many Aboriginal nations in South Australia. We called the city and parklands area Tarntanya. The city also offers bikes for free hire for the citizens.

The recycling process, installation of solar panels, and green buildings are also very active in Adelaide. People regarded Adelaide city as its best educational system. Schooling in Adelaide is affordable, and the quality is guaranteed. The population of international students in the city is higher and also increases year by year.

The citizens also have access to high-quality and affordable health care services. There are eight modern hospitals across Adelaide city. According to the South Australian government’s health care plan, the city hospitals continue to improve their services to meet the new challenges and ensure citizens’ good health.

Adelaide’s climate is described as the hot-summer Mediterranean climate in Kent Town in dry summers with warm to hot and cold to mild winters and falling precipitation in winter months, leading to the weather known as a “cold monsoon.” The quality of life of Adelaide city has ranked perpetually highly in various measures through the 21st Century.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 96.6
  • Established: 1836
  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Language: English, Italian, Greek

9 Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen, denmark
Scenic summer sunset view of Nyhavn pier with ships, yachts, color buildings, and other boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and one among the world’s famous liveable cities, located on the eastern coast of Zealand island, and its other portion, situated on Amager. The experts connected these regions via rail and road transportation modes. It holds the ninth position in the list of most liveable cities in the world.

The city gained a recognizable place in Denmark, with its armed forces, defense systems, and various institutions. The town’s redevelopment age made several changes to the outlook, including new cultural institutions and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. We considered the city as the center of cultural, economic, and governmental policies of Denmark.

We know the financial center of Northern Europe, situated as the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The service sector of the city has shown remarkable growth through the initiatives of various technology-oriented solutions. Additionally, the city’s attractions include the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, Rosenborg Castle Gardens, and the Little Mermaid statue.

Educational organizations in the town consist of the Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, and Copenhagen School of Business. The well-established facilities and features make the city a feeling of hometown, and as a result, more people opt to choose the city as the most liveable one in the world in 2019.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 96.8
  • Established: 1167
  • Population: 1333888
  • Language: Danish

8 Toronto, Canada

toronto, canada
View at the Toronto downtown from Toronto Islands on Ontario lake in Canada.
Image credit: milosk50/Depositphotos

Toronto is Canada’s largest, most populous city and Ontario’s provincial capital, located on Lake Ontario’s shores in southern Ontario. During Canadian Confederation, designated it as the capital of the province of Ontario in 1867. Almost half of its population are migrants made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Toronto honors itself on its languages, food, arts, business, finance, technology, entertainment, and wide range of cultures. It attracts investment due to their economic size, projected future prosperity, quality of life, and living cost. Moreover, Families favored the suburbs such as North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, and the Halton region to live in Toronto.

The residents of Toronto have access to free medical care services. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provided these medical care benefits. Additionally, all residents and ex-pats need an OHIP card to receive free medical care services from the hospitals.

In the case of education, we can find many prestigious institutions across the city. The public school demands no tuition fee from the students. You can find art galleries in most of every street across the city. You can also enjoy music concerts, drama, and comedies in the streets of Toronto.

In Toronto, crime rates are low compared with North American cities, including Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Winnipeg. This low crime rate resulted in the town honored as one of the safest cities in North America.

Toronto’s crime rates are almost the same as that of Calgary’s and Ottawa’s. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates Toronto’s excellent public transportation system. Also, they serve an extensive network of buses and streetcars. Toronto also uses airports and light-rail for transportation. Toronto, one of the liveable cities in the world, lies in a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 97.2
  • Established: 1793
  • Population: 2.8 million
  • Language: English

7 Tokyo, Japan

tokyo, japan
View of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo served as Japan’s capital is situated at Tokyo Bay on the Pacific coast of central Honshu. Greater Tokyo would become one of the world’s largest densely populated metropolitan areas, formerly known as Edo city.

Tokyo has the world’s largest economy. Tokyo is an important international finance center, serves as a hub for Japan’s transportation, electronics, publishing, and broadcasting industries. The city possesses several world-class higher education institutions and the highest concentration of universities in Japan.

Rail is the dominant mode of transportation in Tokyo. A massive network of electric railways, subways, bus lines, and highways served it. Due to Japan is an island nation, the air is the most efficient means of access.

Various islands governed by Tokyo have their airports. But, Narita International Airport is the primary gateway for international travelers to Japan. Tokyo has many excellent museums, historic temples, and gardens. The city also offers several attractive green spaces in the city center.

Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate zone with hot, humid summers and mild winters with cold spells. Even in the driest month, rainfall is high in Tokyo. Snowfall is periodical but does occur annually. The vast metropolis of Tokyo likes a low incidence of crime that would be a city’s safety. It holds the seventh position in the list of most liveable cities in the world.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 97.2
  • Established: 1603
  • Population: 13.932 million
  • Language: Japanese 

6 Vancouver, Canada

vancouver, canada
Scenic view of Vancouver Harbour.

Vancouver is a beautiful seaport city located in the western regions of Canada. This coastal city belongs to the Lower Mainland part of British Columbia. The town holds recognition as the third biggest metropolitan area in Canada. Moreover, this highest populous city has around 5400 people per square kilometers.

As a result of this, the city got the title of densely populated city in the census. Because the residents consist of different language speakers from various cultures, we mentioned the city as a Beta global city of the world. People nicknamed Vancouver city as ‘Hollywood North’ because film production is one of the town’s major industries.

The complete healthcare coverage, free counseling, fitness workshops, and job sharing ensure the employees’ perfect work-life balance. The Vancouver government aims to make Vancouver city as the greenest city in the world by 2020. There are two prominent universities in Vancouver city – the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

The city is awarded the sixth rank in most liveable cities globally, based on the quality of life there and economic intelligence. The town got rewarded this place for the last five years, which makes it unique. Moreover, this well-living city hosted many international conferences and diverse events.

Vancouver has densely forested areas, beaches, and parks. It is also clean, free from corruption, and has a low crime rate. Additionally, this includes Commonwealth Games, UN-Habitat I, and Expo 86. The city also organized the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, TED conference, 2010 Winter Olympics, and Paralympics.

The busiest largest city of Canada takes forestry as the primary industry. The town is also well known for the suburban center surrounded by nature. As a result of the eternal beauty, we considered tourism as the second biggest industry there. So enlisted the city in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, 2019.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 97.3
  • Established: 1886
  • Population: 2,581,000
  • Language: English, French 

5 Calgary, Canada

calgary, canada
Scenic view of the city skyline of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Calgary is Alberta’s most populous city and one of Canada’s wealthiest cities, situated in Elbow River, characterized by prairies and foothills and the Bow River about 80 kilometers east of Canadian Rockies.

Besides, Calgary experiences a sunny climate because it is a mountain-high city, and the weather directly related to the altitude is dry. But the temperatures are mild. Calgary acquires an average of 2300 hours of sun per year, making Calgary city as the significant sunniest city in the country. However, the Calgary climate is unpredictable.

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Both Canadians and immigrants have access to world-class health care services in Calgary city. Under the Alberta Health Insurance Plan (AHIP), the hospitals provide free treatment for permanent residents.

Calgary city, one of the world’s liveable cities, has a high reputation for a world-class education system. The public schools in the city demand no tuition fee and ensure valuable academics for students.

Calgary is also one of the greenest cities in Canada. There are hundreds of parks and reserves in the town. The globally popular Banff national park and the Canadian Rockies are very close to the city.

Calgary earned the nickname ‘Cowtown’ due to its extensive grassland. Every year in July for ten days, the Calgary Stampede is the most fabulous outdoor event globally. Calgary has a clean environment. The City of Calgary must be licensed Cats and dogs. Calgary’s economic activity heavily focused on the petroleum industry, agriculture, and tourism.

The quality of life in Calgary city has ranked consistently high. Calgary is also known as the “Heart of the new West.” The C Train is Calgary’s light rail system, and even Calgary transport provides services through the city with buses. It is no shock to Calgarians that their city has been ranked the world’s 5th most liveable city by the Global Liveability Ranking 2019.

Calgary’s Features

  1. Low population density
  2. Low violent crime rate
  3. Housing abundant
  4. Low tax
  5. public transport is reasonably good
  • Overall rating (out of 100): 97.5
  • Established: 1875
  • Population: 1,285,711
  • Language: English, French

4 Osaka, Japan

osaka, japan
Japanese, Tourists, Travelers walked around Osaka Castle with a dry tree around Osaka, Japan.
Image credit: surachetsh/Depositphotos

Osaka is one of the valuable cities in Japan and also the capital city of Osaka Prefecture. This second largest metropolitan area becomes one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations, located on Honshu’s island. Osaka has a humid subtropical climate with relatively mild winters and hot, moist, and rainy summers.

Osaka had developed into a vital port. It divides the city into two urban hubs: Kita (north) and Minami (south). Additionally, Kita is the town’s leading business area, whereas Minami is the shopping and entertainment district. 

Additionally, this one of the liveable cities in the world is historically the merchant capital of Japan. Now Osaka becomes the major financial center of Japan. Every four years, the citizens directly elected the Mayor of the city under the Local Autonomy Law. The city’s local government, called Osaka City Council formed under the Local Autonomy Law.

Using JR West Urban Network and numerous private lines such as Keihan Electric Railway, Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Kintetsu Railway, and Nankai Electric Railway, the city Osaka joints the surrounding towns and suburbs.

Osaka City Bus provided regular bus services. Two airports served outside of Osaka, Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport. Due to Osaka’s geographical position, its international ferry connections are far higher than that of Tokyo.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 97.7
  • Established: 1868
  • Population: 19 million
  • Language: English, Japanese

3 Sydney, Australia

sydney, australia
Stunning view of Sydney Opera House from the ferry, Australia.
Image credit: Doom.ko/Depositphotos

Sydney is the largest and top populous city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales, situated on Australia’s southeastern coast of the Tasman Sea. Inhabitants of the town are generally known as “Sydneysiders.” Sydney becomes one of the most important ports in the South Pacific due to its magnificent harbor and strategic position.

Sydney Harbour means people made up the city on hills surrounding Port Jackson. The iconic Opera House and the most iconic landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, feature there prominently. The landscape of national parks, bays, rivers, and beaches, including the famous Bondi Beach, surrounds the hinterland area.

Besides, the city consistently ranked among the world’s best in terms of quality of living standards. Sydney has a humid subtropical climate zone with long warm summers, mild winters, and consistent rainfall throughout the year. The city provides transportation through buses, trains, and ferries, and the payment system in Sydney is the Opal Card system.

This city is also less prone to natural disasters like tsunamis and floods. The public health care system in Sydney, known as Medicare, offers free primary health care services. The free Medicare services are only available for Australians, Kiwis, and people who have a permanent visa.

Additionally, the Greater Sydney Commission divides Sydney and becomes five districts: the Central City, the Eastern City, the North District, the Western City, and the South District. The most popular green space in Sydney is the Royal Botanic Garden, introducing scientific and leisure activities.

Sydney is an entry to Australia for many tourists, which is a center for international visitors. Sydney becomes the fifth safest city in the world because the crime in Sydney is low. Thus, the town holds the third position within the most liveable cities in the world until 2020.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 98.1
  • Established: 1788
  • Population: 5.23 million
  • Language: English, Mandarin

2 Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
Aerial view of Melbourne CBD at sunrise, Australia.
Image credit: ymgerman/Depositphotos

Melbourne is the capital city of Australia called Victoria and also the most populous city of Victoria. Also, Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city. Melbourne’s municipality includes several inner suburbs, each with its distinctive character, including the central city. It holds the second position among the most liveable cities in the world.

Municipality also shares its borders with seven other councils such as Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Yarra, Moreland, Moonee Valley, and Maribyrnong. Melbourne enjoys a temperate oceanic climate with warm to hot summers, glorious springs, mild autumns, and cold winters. Due to its geographical location, Melbourne, better known for its changeable climate conditions.

Melbourne also offers a world-class educational system. It is home to 10 internationally recognized Universities. People classified the city as a ‘Nexus City’ because it is a top city for innovation in different fields. The city’s Medicare system provides free health care services to Australians and people with a permanent visa. UNESCO also recognized Melbourne as a ‘city of literature’ in 2008.

There are many museums and galleries across the city. The Melbourne Festival, Melbourne international comedy festival, Fringe festival, Indigenous art festival, music week, and burlesque festival are the main cultural attractions in the city. Melbourne is also a valuable financial center. Moreover, tourism has a vital role in Melbourne’s economy.

Train and trams are the two primary modes of public transport in Melbourne. Trains that provide both inner and outer suburbs and the trams can transport people all over the city. The most popular venue in this city is called the Melbourne Cricket Ground, known as the MCG. Melbourne city has a wide range of belief systems.

Christianity held there most extensively. The city’s two large cathedrals signified that-Roman Catholic and Anglican. The city is home to one of the most culturally diverse communities. Melbourne has the lowest crime rates, so ranked it as the fifth safest city in the world.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 98.4
  • Established: 1835
  • Population: 4.936 million
  • Language: English, Mandarin

Related Articles

1 Vienna, Austria

vienna, austria
Stunning evening view of Vienna, Austria.

Vienna is the top one among the most liveable cities in the world, 2019. Officials regarded the town as the federal capital region and Austria’s most significant ever city, located near the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia borders. The population of the town is around 3 million.

The city holds the second most significant portion of German speakers next to Berlin. The town shows its prosperities in the number of fields. Its hosts’ number of international organizations, which include the United Nations and OPEC. UNESCO has recognized the city as a World Heritage Site.

Vienna has a well-developed economy. Banking, insurance, and manufacturing are the major industries in Vienna city. The educational institutions in Vienna are highly efficient and affordable. Vienna also has an outstanding music heritage. This attractive city has a very stable political system, a low crime rate, moderate climate, and excellent infrastructure.

The city is also rich in culture, art, and music. The public transport system is another positive thing about Vienna. The subway train, local train, trams, and autobus are the primary transportation mode in Vienna. These services are efficient, safe, clean, and cheap.

The city is famous for the name of Musical city, which is because of the traditional musical legacy of the town. Vienna, the city of dreams, is home to Sigmund Freud, the world’s first psychotherapist. Vienna’s historic center holds Baroque castles and gardens, architectural ensembles, and various monuments and parks.

The city is well famous for the high living standard it offers. Economist Intelligence Unit assigned the top rank of the town among 127 cities of the world. Hence, the UN-Habitat recognized the city as the most prosperous city in the world.

Apart from these, the Innovation Cities Index got evaluated for about 163 indicators of cities, ranked Vienna as the first liveable city globally, 2019. The city is the best option for all those who look ahead for a peaceful life in a technological city.

  • Overall rating (out of 100): 99.1
  • Established: 500 BC
  • Population: 1.897 million
  • Language: German