Top 5 Must See Underwater Places In The World

As you may know, a significant portion of our planet is water. Exploring underwater can be an exciting and unique way to experience tourism. Some examples of underwater attractions include coral reef structures, underwater museums, sunken ships, and even underwater hotels. To inspire your wanderlust, here are the top five must-see underwater places across the globe.

5Underwater Wedding, Bali

Underwater Wedding, Bali
View of a bride in white dress with flower bouquet in pool water, Bali

Bali, an exquisite island in Indonesia, is a highly sought-after wedding location. What sets it apart from traditional wedding venues is the opportunity to exchange vows underwater – an event that will undoubtedly become a cherished memory for a lifetime. Bali is also popular as a top honeymoon destination. It is important to note that only certified divers can participate in underwater weddings.

However, non-divers are welcome to receive training from professional instructors before the ceremony. To ensure availability, making reservations well in advance and adhering to Bali’s religious customs is advisable. For an unforgettable experience, one can rent a fully-equipped boat, spend a day at sea, and even enlist the aid of an underwater videographer to capture the most precious moments against a unique marine backdrop.

4Serpent Slide at Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas

Serpent Slide at Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise is an amazing aquaventure water park located on the picturesque Island of Brahmas. This popular park, spanning 141 acres of land, uses a whopping 20 million gallons of water to offer visitors the ultimate aquatic fun. Of the various water slides and river rides, the serpent slide is a thrilling experience you won’t want to miss.

One of the park’s unique features is the tube used for sliding, which takes you through a shark-filled lagoon where you can get an up-close view of the sharks. As one of the must-see underwater places, this lagoon is home to many black-nose sharks, barracudas, small tooth sawfishes, and hammer-headed sharks. For those visitors who prefer to stay outside has strong transparent panoramic glass to view these marine animals.

3Shark Reef Aquarium, Las Vegas

must visit underwater places

For tourists seeking an up-close view of marine predators, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the ideal destination. This attraction offers a panoramic view of undersea sights and sounds, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the experience fully. The aquarium is home to over 2,000 marine animals from 100 different species, including 15 different types of sharks, which are the main attraction.

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In addition, rare species such as green sea turtles, golden crocodiles, lionfish, and komodo dragons make this aquarium unique and draw in many visitors each year. Visitors can have a unique, interactive experience by touching stingrays and horseshoe crabs at the touch pool and sitting on 360-degree motion chairs to explore giant sea creatures through Undersea Explorer VR.

2Ambassador Lagoon, Palm Island, Dubai

Ambassador Lagoon, The Palm, Dubai The Ambassador Lagoon Palm Island in Dubai is home to over 65000 marine animals of various species. As one of the must-see underwater places, this incredible lagoon holds 12 million liters of natural seawater, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in exploring the lost city of Atlantis. You’ll get a snorkel, mask, and flotation jacket, so even if you’re not a scuba diver, you can still enjoy the experience.

Experts will guide you during the 30-minute lagoon exploration to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Additionally, you can observe the marine species through panoramic glass from the lagoon. Through interactive aqua theatre shows, kids can also learn about marine life and the underwater world.

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1Ithaa Restaurant, Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Have you ever thought about dining in an underwater restaurant? It may seem unbelievable and adventurous, but it’s a reality. Ithaa Restaurant, located in Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives, is the best water villa restaurant. This luxurious establishment offers suites, bars, and other top-notch facilities. They serve delicious seafood and a variety of beverages.

Every part of the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the reef system and marine life. Additionally, the restaurant provides world-class spa and gym facilities. Snorkeling with whales is a unique travel experience you can enjoy. Conrad Rangali Island restaurant also offers windsurfing and other water sports. Furthermore, the Maldives Islands boast the world’s most stunning beaches, which you can enjoy to the fullest.