Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Crystal clear blue waves, hot red sun in the sky,  cool breeze and feeling of  soft sand at toes…never get enough words to describe the beauty of beaches. Our blue planet gifted with lot of spectacular beaches with grace of God. Here the list of top 10 most beautiful must visits beaches in the world.

10 Hampton, New York


Hampton beach can located in long islands of New York. This mile long beach gifts you spectacular view of Atlantic oceans, white sand spreads in vast areas. Summer holidays are the best time to visit Hampton beach. It is one of the most popular and most parties scheduling beach in United States.

Interesting Facts About Hampton Beach

  • More than 80 free evening concert throughout summer season.
  • Extravagant fire words displays weekly, special one at new year evening.
  • Horse riding, beach bingo and sea cost science center.
  • Boating service and near by park.

9 Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Nantucket is 30 miles long beautiful island in Massachusetts, United States. Number of beautiful beaches are spread across north, east ans south shores of Nanatucket island. Surfside and children’s are most popular beaches of Nanatucket Island. Relatively calm, clear tides and wide area of soft white sands are main attraction of these beaches.

Interesting Facts About Nanatucket

  • Popular for sun bathing and castle building.
  • Spectacular view of sunset.
  • Kite flying, park, volley ball nets.
  • Wind surfing and boat services.

8 Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii


Kauna’oa beach is beautiful white sand beach in kohala coast, Hawaii. The crescent shaped beach of Hawaii known for white sand richness, palm tress and crystal clear calm blue water. It is one of unique destination beach of water sports enthusiasts and families for fun and play.

Interesting Facts About Kauna’oa Beach

  • Swimming in calm, clear blue water.
  • Shark cage tour and whale watching.
  • Para-sailing and circle island eco tour.
  • Snorkeling and volleyball court.

7 Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi can located in Andaman seas in Kedah state of Malaysia. The name Langkawi itself meant that ‘the land ofone’s wish’. Langkawi is known for swaying coconut trees, white sands and crystal clear water. The panoramic view of Andaman sea also becomes main attraction of Lagkawi trip.

Interesting Facts About Langkawi

  • Named as word geo park by UNESCO.
  • Lush green trees and boat service.
  • Site to watch more than 200 different species of birds.
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

6 St.Bart, Caribbean sea

St.Bart is one of many islands surrounded by Caribbean sea. St.Bart have gifted with fourteen beautiful beaches. The soft white sands are spread across in vast areas in all of those Caribbean beaches. Swimming in calm, clear blue water and sunbathing are common activities found in St.Bart beaches. Upon these beaches grand saline is the most recommented and long beach in St.Bart.

Interesting Facts About St.Bart

  • Great weather and scuba diving.
  • Fresh Caribbean foods, Yachts and jet skis.
  • Sub marine trips, spa and other well being systems.
  • Swimming in cool, calm blue water and water sports.

5 Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island located in Brisbane, Australia is world’s largest sand Island with 161 miles length. It is one of the world heritage listed places and have spectacular beach. The whale watching and 1000 year old trees are the main attraction of this geological beauty of Australia.

Interesting Facts About Fraser Island

  • Scuba diving and delicious seas foods.
  • Maheno ship wreck and sand dunes.
  • Sea turtles, sharks and other marine animals.
  • Nearby garden and museum.
  • Rain forest, water sports and sand tracks.
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4 Lanikai, Hawaii

Lnikai beach is a small, counts 0.5 miles high ranked beaches in the world, situated in Kailua, Hawaii. It is one of the most photographed places in Hawaii. Spectacular view of sunset, swaying palm trees and quite water are the main attractions of Lanikai beach, becomes very crowded in all weekends.

Interesting Facts About Lnikai Beach

  • Known for snorkeling and soft white sand.
  • Turquoise water and near by core system.
  • Excellent swimming area with crystal clear calm deep green water.
  • Kayeking and sceneries of illuminations of nearby Kailua mountain cliffs.

3 Bora Bora, Tahiti

most beautiful beaches in the world

Bora bora also known as romantic island situated in French Polynesia, In Pacific ocean region. Vast area of coral reef system, turquoise water are the main attractions of Bora Bora beach. It is also one of the stunning photographic beaches ever in the world.

Interesting Facts About Bora Bora

  • Sub marine drive, personal submarine scooter available for tourists.
  • Aqua safari with promising securities.
  • Boat safari, glass bottom boat tour and jet sky.
  • Lagoon fishing and para sailing.
  • Snorkeling and marvelous core system discovery.
  • Kite surfing and private boat.

2 Seychelles

Seychelles is a country that linked together 110 Islands, located near Madagascar in South East Asia. Each Islands in Seychelles is blessed with stunning beaches. Like other popular beaches, white sand and crystal clear blue watesr are main attraction of Seychelles beaches. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, can discover several number of beaches with varieties in Seychelles.

Interesting Facts About Seychelles

  • Gifted with several species of birds, dolphin watch.
  • Marvelous coral reef system.
  • Year long tropical climate.
  • Snorkeling, wind surfing and hiking.
  • Scuba diving, international sailing place and fishing.

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1 Maldives

Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world, gifted with spectacular beaches. You can make visit to Maldives at any season as the Island have most habitable climate throught the year. The deep blue sea, soft white sand, turquoise reefs and palm trees are main attractions of Maldives beach. The most beauty Maldives Islands connect together 1190 coral Islands through unique atolls.

Maldives Islands are enriches by 1100 species of fishes, 21 different species of sharks and whales and 145 species of crabs. The natives will arrange fishing trips for tourists, can experience the methods to catch fish and can discover special species. It is only tourist destination in the world with under water club, amazing under water restaurant gifts to close appearance of underwater creatures in clear water.

Interesting Facts About Maldives

  • Crystal clear water and more than 3000 coral reef system.
  • Water sports, spa and wellness.
  • Each Island in Maldives provide completely different travel experience.
  • Scuba diving and great swimming experience in clear calm water.
  • Have 4 ultimate lagoon projects.