Top 10 Most Amazing Man Made Wonders

Man have started to create wonders from ancient time onwards through his unique power of creativity. When you look around can see many man made wonders that meet spirit and artistic power. Here the list of top 10 most amazing man made wonders of the world. This list includes both ancient and modern wonders by man for all time.

10 Teotihuacan, Mexico


Teotihuacan is one of the largest city of ancient world, now can located in Mexico. The marvelous constructions that found within this place built in time span of 100 BC and still remains as one of greatest man made wonders. The amazing pyramid of Sun at Teotihuacan have same base areas as that of great pyramid of Giza, having only half of height of pyramid of Giza. The ancient pyramids found at Teotihuacan built using rubble and abode bricks.

Interesting Facts About Teotihuacan

  • Pyramid of Sun is second largest pyramid in the world.
  • Can found the texts of both Maya and Zapatoc from Teotihuacan.
  • Archaeologists have discovered Mica in almost every buildings of Teotihuacan.
  • These ancient pyramids built for Gods of Sun and Moon, became religiously significant ancient system.
  • Have discovered many mysterious sphere system, the use of these spheres are still unknown.

9 Karnak Temple, Cairo, Egypt

karnak temple

It is obne of the largest religious complex ever discovered, located in south Cairo Egypt. Archaeologists estimated that this ancient building was constructed dusting 1390 – 1350 BC.  It is the second most visited religiously historical place of the country just after great pyramid of Giza, great temple of Amun stands as most important among this complex.

Interesting Facts About Karnak Temple

  • Remarkable statues of ancient Egypt still stands in this complex.
  • The entire complex of Karnak temple was built by using only sandstone only.
  • Can see four major ancient temple in this complex, upon them temple of Amun is the largest one.
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8 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

angkor wat temple

Angor wat is one of the largest religious and world heritage listed temple located in Kambodia. This most attractive religious site was built in 1150 by king Khmer. Anghor wat temple along with many other historical attractions within this area makes one of the most favorite tourist places of the country. This temple is still used by Buddhist, earlier it belongs to Hindus.

Interesting Facts About Angkor Wat

  • Spread across 400 square kilometers known as ‘city temple’
  • Marvelous carving of 3000 heavenly nymphs upon the walls.
  • The entire Angkor wat temple was built by using only sandstones.
  • Large scale scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata in inner walls.

7 Bagan Temple and pagodas , Myanmar

bagan temple and pagodas

Began temple is a historical site in Myanmar which have same importance as that of Anghor wat in kambodia. The 26 square miles spread began temple was built in 1287. This historical temple seems more beautiful with many small and big statues of Buddha and beautiful carvings in walls. It is one of UNESCO’s world heritage listed site with more than 2000 pagodas.

Interesting Facts About Bagan Temple

  • World’s largest concentration of ancient Buddhist temples.
  • Impressive ancient paintings from pagodas.
  • Massive structures of pagodas which representing Buddhist cosmos.
  • Natural erosion continuously changes the appearance of temples of Bagan.

6 Easter Island Statues, Peru

man made wonders

Easter Island is world’s most isolated inhabited Island located in north Pacific region of Chile. This treeless Island of Chile is one of the most important archaeological site of the world. The ancients sculptures called mois are the important attraction within this Island. The extinct volcanoes also became key attraction of this site but still it is least visited by the tourists.

Interesting Facts About Easter Island Statues

  • Mois statues are carved by ancient people of rapa nui between the period of 1250 to 1500.
  • Mois statues are carved using the stones from extinct volcano of Easter Island.
  • Average mois statue have weight of 270 tons.
  • Listed on UNESCO’s world heritage  site.

5 Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Colosseum of Rome

Colosseum of Rome is the largest amphitheater in the world. It is built in 70AD using  concrete and stones with base of Roman architecture. There are 80 entrances and have a capacity of 50000 spectators within Colosseum of Rome. In ancient time Colosseum used for hosting game between people and animals.

Interesting Facts About Colosseum Of Rome

  • It took more than 9 years to complete the work of Colosseum.
  • It is estimated 100000 cubic meters of marbles are used for the creation of Colosseum.
  • The dangerous  natural disasters like Earthquake made huge change within appearance of Colosseum.
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4 Christ The Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Christ the redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is the one of modern man made wonders of the world, can be located in Corcovado hills in Rio De Janeiro. In fact the Christ the Redeemer statue was constructed in France as piece by piece and transported to Rio De Janeiro, completed in the year 1931. The 98 feet tall statue was constructed using concrete of thousand of tons.

Interesting Facts About Christ The Redeemer

  • It is the 5th largest statues of Jesus Christ in the world.
  • The left arm of this statue points towards north Rio De Jeneiro and right arm points towards south Rio De Janeiro.
  • The stones used for the construction of this statue imported from Sweden.
  • The Jewish builder who actually create the head of Christ The Redeemer converted to Catholicism upon the completion.

3 Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal

India’s most ionic and symbolic monument ever, listed on world wonders list repeatedly. This marvelous monument was constructed completely using white marbles. Taj Mhal was built by Mugal emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumthas. It took 22 years for the completion of this beautiful monument, also listed on world heritage site.

Interesting Facts About Taj Mahal

  • Used combination of Indian, Islamic and Persian style of architecture for Taj Mahal.
  • Taj Mahal appears in different colors at different time intervals of a day.
  • All sides of Taj Mahal are perefectly identical one.
  • Can found many precious stones within the wall of Taj Mahal.
  • Situated in 17 hectors, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

2 Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

reat pyramid of giza

Pyramids are one of the greatest wonders that the man have ever concived. Upon them great pyramid of Giza stands are ever time man made wonder of ancient world. It was built during the period of 2589BC and 2504BC for pharaohs Khufu. It is the oldest and largest pyramid in the world with record height of 146 meters.

Interesting Facts About Great Pyramid Of Giza

  • Constructed using 2300000 stones that weighs up to 50 tons.
  • Curvature within the faces of this pyramid exactly matches with the radius of Earth.
  • Discovered three chambers inside pyramid of Giza,  Chambers of Kings and Queens and one unfinished chamber.
  • Have many rooms and constant temperature inside pyramid of Giza.
  • The entire pyramid covered using lime stones.

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1 Great Wall of China

great wall of China

Great wall of China is the world’s longest construction ever made by man. The 8851 km long wall of China was built 2000 years ago by king Quin Shi Huang. It is mainly constructed using stones, bricks and woods. It is the only man made structure in Earth that can seen from Moon.

Interesting Facts About Great Wall Of China

  • More than 1 million people have lost their lives during the construction of this wall, became longest cemetery.
  • listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
  • Great wall of China is not at all continuous one, constructed in different sections.
  • The wall nears to Beijing opened for visitors, also most secured section of wall.
  • The height of great wall of China varies in different sections.