10 Most Amazing Geological Wonders In The World

Meteor crashes, volcano eruptions, strong winds, water currents and many other natural erotions continuously changing shape of Earth. It also causes the formation of many geographical wonders. Here the list of 10 most amazing geological wonders in the world.

10 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate hills

Located in island of Bahol, Chocolate hills is one of the finest tourist attractions in Philippines. This incredible formation of conical shaped hills spread across 50 square kilometers. There are 1776 such mountains in this areas, completely covered with grass.

  • During summer season the color of these hills turns to chocolate one.
  • The coral deposits of sea to the surface is causes the formation of these hills.
  • Have deposits of limestones, coral and algaes.
  • Listed on World Heritage Site.

9 Australian Wave Rocks

Australian wave rock


This breathtaking geological formation by nature can be located in Hyden, in western Australia. This wave form like rock formation have an age of 2700 million years. Measured 15 meters in height, Australian wave rock features multi colored granite structures.

  • Prehistoric cave of mulka situated near to wave rocks.
  • This area is enriches by many rare animals an birds.
  • Wildlife park and gardens.
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8 Eye of Sahara

Eye of Sahara

Eye of Sahara is a circular geological formation in the western part of Sahara. To your surprise, Eye of Sahara can be seen from Space. Eye of Sahara has a diameter of 50 km. This geological formation features sedimentary and metamorphic layers developed through continuous erosion.

  • This circular geological formation in Sahara desert have age of 480 million years.
  • From space stations this formation looks like enormous bull’s eye.

7 Giants Causeway, Ireland

Giant's causeway, Ireland

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Ireland, located in the largest city of Coleraine. Ginat causeway consist interlocking of 40000 basalt columns. These rock structures are formed from ancient volcanic eruption.

  • The first ever world heritage site of Ireland.
  • Merging with beautiful coastline make it as finest tourist spot.

6 The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

door to hell


‘Door to hell’ is the name given by locals to natural gas field located in Derweze of Turkmenistan. This field was lit by scientists in 1971. Fueled by natural gas, It burn for 42 years and still continues.  The golden glow from ‘door to hell’ can seen from miles away from the spot. Many attempts had recorded here for burning off it. But none of them find success. Geologists estimated presence of infinite amount of natural gas here.

5 Wave Rocks, United States

wave rocks

Wave rock is a geological sandstone formation in the border between U.S states of Arizona and Utah. This geological formations has an age of 190 million years, formed by continuous erosion of rocks.  Wave rocks is only accessible through foots. Tourist are generally use GPS service for locating the actual spot. It is also one of most interesting photographic spot in United States.

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4 Blue Lake Cave, Brazil

Blue lake cave

credit of image : Valdiney Pimenta on Flickr 


Located in Bonito town, blue lake cave is one of the most amazing geological wonders in Brazil. The minerals of caves cause brilliant blue coloration for its waters. As this lake has crystal clear water it is quite hard to believe that it has a depth of 90 meters.

  • Discovered 10000 years old fossils from the depth of lake.
  • Presence of stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Lake have high magnetism content.

3 Great Blue Hole, Belize

great blue hole

credit of image : Great Blue Hole NASA


Great blue hole is an amazing sink hole located in the coastal area of Belize. This sink hole has a depth of 124 meters and diameter of 300 meters. The age of great blue hole has been estimated at 15000 years.

  • Formed through sudden rise of water in last ice age and caves flooded with waters.
  • Home to many rare marine animals.
  • The floor of great blue hole have several millions of years of age.

2 Crystal Cave, Mexico

crystal cave, mexico


Crystal cave of Mexico is the largest known crystal formation in the world. The crystal beams within this cave have a height of 32 meters. The mineral rich water flows inside this cave plays a big role in keeping amazing structure of these crystals. This cave system is also enriches by years old lime stones.

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amazing geological wonders

Antelope canyon is most photographed geographical formation in United States. It is located in Navajo county of Arizona. It is formed through the continuous hits of natural forces on sandstones. This area also features several archaeological wonders

  • Separated by upper and lower antelope canyon.
  • Million of year rock formations.
  • Pre installled ladder for visiting lower antilope canyon.