Top 6 most amazing deep ocean creatures

The organisms that found within critical surroundings always have bizarre outlook. The deep ocean is one of least explored places on Earth, also the home of unusual life forms. Here top 6 most amazing deep ocean creatures.

6 Gigantocrypis



Gigatocrypis is one of the member of cyprinidae family.  This bizarre looking creature used to live in depth of 1300 meter under ocean. The round shaped  Gigatocrypis appears as transparent in nature, can see small seed pods inside it.

Gigatocrypis only have size of 1 inch and orange red in color. The thin antenna like body part helps Gigatocrypis to swim and find food in deep ocean. The parabolic reflectors like eyes of this creator also help them to detect presence of predators, a natural gift for them as this species lived in a place where there is no presence of sunlight.

5 Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod

credit of image : NOAA Ocean Explorer


Giant isopods are larges isopods in the word found in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans at a depth o 2400 feet. Their size ranges from 12 to 16 inch, have insects like outlook.  The body of giant isopods are protected by thick and strong shell, have different segments.

They like to eat whatever coming from surface of ocean, body parts of dead fishes and other creatures. They suddenly changed into shape of a ball once they find a predator, the strong shield also help them in such situations.

4 Predatory Tunicate

Predatory Turnicate


Predatory tunicate is a special deep ocean creature of tunicate family. They found within deep seas canyon walls, at a depth of 1100 meters. The transparent like body help this creators to hide away from predators also to make easy catch of preys.

Predatory tunicate have large mouth and it used to seawater through it, get filtered out food and leave away water through another siphon. They always found as a stationary creature, wait for food to comes to it.

3 Goblin Shark

amazing deep ocean creatures


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Goblin sharks are also called as vampire sharks because they like to live in ocean floors and never found in presence of light. They normally found in Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Scientists still can’t estimate their number since they never found in presence of light.

The unusual shape of head also makes goblin sharks special among shark family. They have long protrusible mouth with long slender teeths, makes a devil like appearance. They always projecting noise at deep ocean and catch up the reflection to detect preys and predators. Goblin sharks also have large livers which indicate that they don’t eat very often.


2 Bigfin Squid

Bigfin squid

credit of image : NOAA 


Bigfin squid is a member of magnapinna family found within depth of 4500 meters of oceans. The unusual fins of their body covers 90% of total body length. They can hold the body from 90% angle from another side of body. These long arms also help this strange creature to capture the edible organisms at deep ocean floors.

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1 Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark

credit of image : Saname777 on Flickr 


Frilled sharks are one of the oldest animal species in the world, counts 150 million years from evolution. They found in depth of 1500 meters in Pacific ocean. Actually it is one of extant species of shark family, known as living fossil.

It grow up to a size of 5 feet, have sharp teeths in 25 different rows. The strange large mouth of frilled sharks are completely different from that of other members of shark family.They can bend their body when they are about to catch the prey, look like a snake at that time.