Top 10 lesser known vegetables in the world

Most of the people shows habit of making vegetable dishes from a short list, start hating veggies after short interval. In fact the nature itself gives large number of healthy edible vegetables. Followings are 10 lesser known vegetables in the world.

10 Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is one of member of wild cabbage family. It is mainly cultivated and consumed in Kashmir state of India, can be eaten in raw. The natives used to cook almost every part of Kohlrabi.

It becomes a better choice for people you looking for low calorie foods, also high source of energy. Kohlrabi also a carbohydrate rich vegetable, makes good digestion. You will also get boosting of immune system through recipes of kohlrabi.

9 Sunchoke


Sunchoke is also called as Jerusalem artichoke, have no relation with that place, native to North America, from sunflower family. This root vegetable can be one of best remedy for diabetes. It is often cooked with other root vegetables.

It have same calorie value that of potatoes. At same time it is zero cholesterol and contain only small amount of fats. The presence of vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E along with carotenes in sunchoke gives protection against cancer.

8 Nopales

Nopales are actually derived from scary looking cactus plant, endemic to Mexico.  After the removal of spines the fleshy part of cactus becomes edible. It is used in many Mexican dishes since ancient times.

Having salads and soups made up of nopales can boost your immunity, tastes just like that of beans.  It also becomes a low calorie food.

7 Yardlong

Yardlong is native to warmer regions of Southeast Asia. In fact it only grows up to a length of half a yard, have misleading name for this vegetable. Unlike common beans yardlong is vigorous climbing veggie using their vines. It also grows within a shorter period, becomes helpful for cultivators.

As it becomes source of soluble and insoluble fibers can prevent cancer causing elements from blood.  This vitamin C presence in this low calorie vegetable empowers  immunity.

6 Dulse

Dulse is actually a red seaweed found in the coasts of Atlantic and Pacific ocean. It is called as vegetable of seas and known as sol in Iceland. It is arcih source of minerals and protein, in fact contains 30 times much potassium that of banana.

The rich source of minerals in dulse make it to best choice for patients with renal conditions. The strong anti oxidative property of this seaweeds help to prevent against unhealthy cell growth.

5 Samphire

Samphires grows in rocky and salt rich areas of ocean, where other vegetables won’t grow. It is also called as sea pickle because of rich source of salt. It is mainly used to make salads and along with different fish dishes. Thee ashes of samphire also used to make soap in European countries.

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4 Celeriac

This root vegetable is native to Northern Europe. It can be best alternative to potatoes, contains very little starch. Celeriac is edible in row form or can be cooked. Having celeriac dishes also give protection against cancer causing elements.

It contains several minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and manganese, prevent anemia and balance bone metabolism. The vitamin K within this root vegetable also becomes help to increasing the bone mass within the body.

3 Oca

This root vegetable is also known as New Zealand yam after introduced in 1800 from South America. As oca demands specific climate and soil it is not at all cultivated in North America and in other countries.  It can be a best substitute for potatoes and contains starch same as that of fruits.

When mixed with salads it gives pleasant smell, much sweeter than that of potatoes. It can be also eaten in raw with salt, taste good as it is tangy in nature. Oca also becomes rich source of vitamin C, potassium, iron and vegetable protein.

2 Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are also known as ostrich fern found within Eastern United States.Keep in mind that not all members of fiddleheads are edible, some becomes poisonous. It have a unique flavor than other vegetables.

Actually fiddleheads are not get cultivated only get harvested and become rare.  It provide twice as antioxidant properties that of blueberries. Fiddlehead also contains high quantity of iron, omega 3 fatty acids and fibre.

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1 Romanesco

lesser known vegetables

Romanesco is an edible flower of cauliflower family, Native to Italy. It have a unique growth pattern, have ornate twist from different green heads. Actually the spirals on heads found within romanesco follows the Fibonacci series.

The presence of zinc within this vegetables becomes very helpful for people who lost the sense of taste. Romanesco can be eaten raw, semi cooked for cooked, easily digestible one. This edible flowers is also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber.