Top 10 Countries with the Best Weather Year Around

What called the best weather? It may depend on our personal preferences. It is not easy to find the countries with the best climate because everyone has their ideas on what kind of weather they enjoy very much. Some people like warmer weather, while others may favor cooler temperatures. We explore the top ten countries that experience relatively the best weather year-round.

10 Portugal

Portugal’s beautiful caves and grottoes in the Algarve region.

One of Europe’s warmest countries is located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Portugal’s official name, the Portuguese Republic, indicates to the country’s second-largest city of Porto. It is the oldest country in Europe. It’s no surprise that Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and Mozambique, Principe, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome, and Equatorial Guinea.

The cork trees are native to Portugal. Their bark’s various uses provide 70% of the world’s cork exports, making it the world’s largest cork product producer. Portugal has Europe’s longest bridge, the Vasco da Gama Bridge, situated in Lisbon with 10.5 miles. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, has the oldest bookstore in the world. Moreover, Portugal is one of the world’s top surfing locations. Portugal has a population of almost 10.29 million.

National artists designed the Portuguese flag. Each color of this flag represents important messages; Green indicates hope in the future, while Red demonstrates the bloodshed during battles. However, the shield means the victories in competitions of the nation with the Moors.

It has a Mediterranean and steppe climate with mild winters, long summers, and mostly sunny days, and the highest temperatures averaging above 71 F. Most of the tourists choose to visit Portugal for their best weather. The Atlantic Ocean influenced this country mainly. It has a Mediterranean and steppe climate with mild winters, long summers, sunny days, and the highest temperatures above 71 F. 

Most of the tourists choose to visit Portugal for their best weather. The Atlantic Ocean influenced this country mostly. The climate of Portugal is temperate. There is more rainfall during the winter than in Porto’s summer. Portugal offers different weather, but the most prevalent ones are the summer Mediterranean climate, Hot-summer Mediterranean climate, Humid subtropical climate, and Oceanic climate.

This dynamic, friendly, and beautiful country are full of surprises. Additionally, Portugal boasts picturesque villages, vibrant culture, rich history, traditional food, golden sands, etc. This year, it reaches the top spot in the Climate category, the winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2020. So we can understand why tourists are attracted to the country. Thus, it comes in the list of countries with the best weather.

9 New Zealand

New Zealand
View on Queenstown from Bob’s Peak, New Zealand.

New Zealand is a stunning and gorgeous nation on earth, situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean that features two main landmasses, the South Island and the North Island, and other smaller ones. Its largest city is Auckland, while the capital city is Wellington. This country’s official spoken languages are English, NZ Sign Language, and Maori, with English being the most widely used.

This nation offers an extensive range of scenic views and is better known for its dynamic Maori culture, stunning national parks, incredible hiking trails, and world-class skiing and surfing. Even with its modest size, it attracts the tourists to experience these features, a lot of history, and culture. The country contains enormous marine resources due to its long coastline and far-flung outlying islands.

Due to its isolation, it has developed a land full of exotic plants and creatures. It’s the perfect destination for those people who enjoy the sun and snow. Beach getaways active during the long summers, and it provides snow for winter sports enthusiasts in the winter months. 

Albert Hastings Markham designed New Zealand Ensign. There is no doubt, the weather in this country is very diverse. Even though New Zealand weather can vary within no time, the climate is a pleasant one. The residents described the country as warm and tropical in the North as it becomes a bit cooler going towards the South and windy and rainy.

The South part can get snowy and low temperatures below zero as well because of inland mountains. We can expect the rain throughout the year, but it evenly spread, making this country one of the greenest countries. Snow occurs from early June until early October.

Rainfall is usually more frequent in winter than in summer, but it is quite prevalent throughout the year, except in the extreme South. Thus, New Zealand proposes some of the world’s best weather and climate whichever region we are. So New Zealand has the all right to have in the list of countries with the best weather year-round. 

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8 Mexico

The arch of Cabo San Lucas in a yellow sunset, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Mexico is in the southern portion of North America. It provides much more than pleasant weather. Also, it is the world’s largest producer of silver. Overall, this hot spot country has one of the world’s most diverse climate systems due to Mexico’s varied topography. Painting is one of Mexico’s oldest arts.

The United Mexican States is covering almost 770,000 square miles. This world’s 13th-largest country is also the world’s most populous Spanish-speaking country. Moreover, its capital city is Mexico City. This nation’s climate comes in two parts; one part is the temperate zone while the other is tropical.

During the winter months, the northern region provides cooler temperatures around about 68°F to 75°F. But the climate of southern regions remains constant all year-round and range between around 75°F and 83°F. Also, in the North, there is more variation, with summers being hotter and winters colder. That doesn’t mean the climate of all southern or northern areas is the same. 

The temperature in cities like Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum stays high. Around nine degrees between the summer highs and the lows of winter only vary the temperature. Mexico’s some parts, especially the North, have a dry climate with sporadic rainfall.

Due to elevation, we can see differences in temperatures, even in areas relatively close together. In beach areas, delightful sea breezes tempered high temperatures and humidity. Other factors of Mexico that can attract the visitors include job security, career prospects, and the local population’s friendliness.

It has the same superb climate, and no wonder to put this country on the list of countries with the best weather. In fact, with so many visitors, Mexico can get downright hectic. Its climate has long made it a popular getaway for tourists. Thus, Mexico has the best weather year-round.

7 South Africa

South Africa
Aerial view of the most diverse and intriguing country, South Africa.

The official name of South Africa is the Republic of South Africa that lies in the southern end of Africa. It has three capital cities, such as Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria act as the legislative, judicial, and administrative. However, it covers almost 471445 square miles; this country’s weather is not so easily summarized.

Additionally, it has 11 official languages, including English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Southern Sotho, Tsonga, Swazi, Venda, Southern Ndebele.This county act as a home for a wide range of animals, including hippopotamus, leopards, giraffes, and lions.

South Africa’s most critical issue is conservation. It lost many natural habitats because of overpopulation and deforestation. South Africa is one of the United Nations members, and Frederick Brownell designed this country’s flag. Johannesburg had the most extensive South Africa population, and it is also the largest city in this country.

The climate conditions range from extreme desert and lush subtropical in the northwest to the eastern coast. Most of this country has warm, sunny days with cold nights. Additionally, winter in South Africa takes over from June to August. The extreme southwest has hot, dry summers and wet winters, like that of the Mediterranean Sea. This region also produces a massive amount of wine in South Africa.

This area is better known for its wind, which does not flow almost all year, and rainfall occurs in winter. The main factors that influencing weather conditions are altitude, varied topography, and the surrounding oceans. Precipitation usually takes place during summer. Also, this nation has a pleasant temperate climate with plenty of sunny, dry days.

It offers the best high-quality environments and availability of leisure activities, with very excellent weather and climate. If we seek a nation that has sunny weather for a long time, choose this country. We can encounter the four seasons, such as summer, fall, winter, and spring.

We can expect to see clear skies on mostly sunny days of the month, May through September, and we may experience short afternoon showers in October through April. But this time is the best for watching the birds, and the hotter months are December through February. Here, the weather changes over the year, but that’s what makes this country so unique. It has all the right to have in the list of countries with the best weather year-round.

6 Spain

Cinca River in Mountains, Aragon, Spain.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe just north of Africa. Spain’s official and national language is Spanish, and the country is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain. Madrid is the largest, as well as the capital city of this country. It covers almost 195,365 square miles. So, it becomes Southern Europe’s largest country and Western Europe’s second-largest country.

Antonio Valdes y Bazan designed the flag. People used it as an ensign and civil flag. If we are a definite sun-seeker, Spain offers many benefits to living. All residents in this beautiful region loved the Mediterranean climate of Spain. The various socializing and leisure activities, excellent opportunities to travel, and robust transport infrastructure are suitable for tourists and locals.

Spain has the world’s 13th largest economy and ranks 24th on the quality of life index rating. Because of the size of this country, there are different climate zones such as pleasant Mediterranean climate zone with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, warm temperate moist forest climate with wet winters and dry summers, and a maritime climate with cold, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

Because of its varied landscape and mainly consists of mountain areas, there are many different climates such as Mediterranean climate, desert climate, continental climate, high mountain climate, maritime climate, and even a subtropical climate. Many people think of Spain as a sunny and warm country; however, this does not always apply everywhere.  

The summer month’s weather is sunny and warm and scorching, even in the interior. However, in the winter months, large parts of Spain feel cold and like winter. Central Spain follows a continental climate, where winter is cold, and summers are sweltering with no precipitation.

However, Spain is a popular winter destination, not surprising the pleasant climate on the coast. The canaries and Costa Blanca are a perfect winter destination. In addition to the delightful weather, this lovely country is famed for its extensive beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes and cultural activities. So, it is also one of the countries with the best weather year-round.

5 France

Scenic view of Chamonix Mont Blanc, France.

France covers almost 248,573 square miles. The official and national language of France is French. The capital, as well as the largest city of this country, is Paris. France, officially known as the French Republic. It has several overseas regions across the world. Lafayette and Jacques-Louis David designed its flag, and people used it as a national flag.

We rated as number five in the top ten countries with the best weather because of its very mild summers and icy, snowy winters. But we can find this country to have a temperate and warm climate along the coastlines. Sometimes we can see snow during the winter. This most significant country in Western Europe shows climatic variation because it is bordering three of its sides and ranges two mountains.

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France is also known as ‘the hexagon’ because of its geometrical shape. Europe’s highest peak in the French Alps. And finally, France’s national motto is liberty, equality, and fraternity. It also has the best education system. 

It has different climate zones, including hot-summer Mediterranean climate, warm-summer Mediterranean climate, humid subtropical climate, oceanic climate, and degraded maritime climate. The others are subalpine marine climate, warm-summer Mediterranean continental climate, cool-summer Mediterranean continental climate, and warm-summer humid continental climate. Additionally, we can find subalpine climate, alpine tundra climate, and ice cap climate in this country.

It’s Europe’s wealthiest nation. France enjoys mild summers and cold winters except along the Mediterranean, where we can usually experience mild winters and hot summers. This beautiful nation is the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Every year, more than 83.7 million people visit this great city. We can also enjoy the museum, narrow streets, shopping offers, old town, beach activities, and cool sights throughout the country. It makes this city one of the countries with the best weather year-round.

4 Greece

Scenic view of Symi island, Dodecanese, Greece.

The real name of the country is the Hellenic Republic, and also Hellas. Greek is unique and makes it the official and national language of Greece. People designed the flag of Greece to use as a national flag and ensign. Athens, the capital of this nation, also its largest city. Greece always has one of Europe’s top travel destinations and is located in Southeast Europe. It boasts the best weather almost year-round. 

Greece has the world’s 11th longest coastline, with several islands just off the coast. There are more than 80% of this country lies in the mountainous regions. It has more than 2000 Islands. But only 170 of these islands are populated, and the others are uninhabited. With such pleasant weather, ex-pats can enjoy various leisure activities in this one of the sunniest countries. 

Its geographical position maintains long, dry, warm summers and mild, wet winters. The summers last about an average of 250 days in a year, they are full of sunshine, and we can see the rainfall rarely. Snowfalls occur in mountains and northern areas in every year. Of course, we expected the snow at higher altitudes such as Mount Olympus. This climate occurs at all coastal locations, but winters are milder on the islands than on the mainland. 

Greece is better known for its dynamic history. Apart from the great climate, we can also enjoy the fantastic sunny beaches, countless cultural sites, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Greece produces mostly Feta cheese, marble, sea sponges, and olive oil, and yogurt worldwide. Greece is the world’s only country whose tourist population doubles its own every year.

3 Malta

Aerial view of Popeye Village in Malta.

Malta, one of the world’s smallest countries, is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its warm climate, it’s a popular tourist destination. Malta is a country in Europe, probably the best environment for living. It sits south of Italy, east of Tunisia, North of Libya. Hot and dry summers and mild winters characterized this country.

We can experience warm weather throughout the year, with pleasant rainfalls in autumn and spring. But people also expected thunderstorms in these periods. Also, it maintains sweltering and dry summers and warm and sunny winters.

Malta holds third place in the Work-Life Balance sub-index. So, it is no surprise that ex-pats working in this country have free time left to enjoy the excellent weather. Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is known as the European’s first planned city and one among the world’s most concentrated historical areas.

Malta is a walker’s paradise. The Republic of Malta covering almost 122 square miles with a population of 475,000. It holds the fifth position in the most densely populated sovereign country and tenth position in its smallest nation.

Malta has its language, Maltese, but most of the population also speaks English. It has beaches, a steep coast, lots of history. It has three Islands, such as Gozo, Comino, and Malta. So, there we have it, the beautiful little island does a mind-blowing view to satisfy everyone. The sea surrounding Malta is the main reason for calm weather and climate.

We can even get five-six hours of sunshine during the winter. The tourists can visit these sunny islands without fear of rain. Thus, Malta also enlisted in the countries with the best weather year-round.

2 Cyprus

Konnos Bay Beach in Cape Greko national park, Cyprus.

Cyprus is a subtropical island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It has Europe’s one of the warmest climates that belong to the climatic types such as Mediterranean and semi-arid. It provides long, hot, and dry summers, but a bit wetter and mild winters. Cyprus is one of the countries with the best weather all year round for warm temperatures and no extremes. Rain mainly occurs in winter.

This Mediterranean’s third-largest and the third-most populous island covers an area of 3,572 square miles. The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. The weather and climate of Cyprus are equally as tropical and temperate. Moreover, the highest peak in this country is Mount Olympus at 6402 ft above sea level.

Each year, Cyprus receives 40 days of rainfall on average and is better known for its sunshine! It has a population of over 1.1 million inhabitants. Its capital and largest city are Nicosia. The official currency of this country is Euro (EUR). Additionally, people celebrate Independence Day on the 1st of October every year and divide the Republic of Cyprus into two parts, South and North.

People called the southern part of the nation the “Independent Republic of Cyprus” or the “Greek Cyprus,” while the northern part is called the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.” Ismet Giiney designed the flag. We can find some of the oldest water wells in the world is in Cyprus. Due to its low crime rate, Cyprus is the safest place in the world. So, Cyprus is one of the countries with the best weather year-round.

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1 Costa Rica

costa rica
Aerial stunning view of Costa Rica in the Caribbean in Puerto Viejo.

Costa Rica is Central America’s small country of 19,714 square miles and belongs to the year-round tropical climate, officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica. The country’s population is almost 5 million. It borders Panama to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Nicaragua to the North, and Ecuador to the South of Cocos Island.

Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica and divides the country into seven provinces, such as San Jose, Alajuela, Limon, Heredia, Cartago, Guanacaste, Puntarenas. The largest city, San Jose, serves as the capital of this country. Although species like flora and fauna calling the country their home, the hummingbirds stand out in their species diversity.

Central Valley in Costa Rica has the most pleasant weather with balanced humidity and an average temperature of around 70˚F that makes this country one of the countries with the best weather year-round.

The summer or dry season starts from December to April, while the winter or rainy season is from May to November. The summer season is the best time to visit. Costa Rica is a perfect anytime vacation destination. Moreover, its exquisite beaches, great volcanoes, and unique biodiversity have a significant role in tourism.

Costa Rica’s national symbol is called yiguirro and depicts a clay-colored pigeon. The national flower of Costa Rica is the orchid. Pacifica Fernandez designed the flag, which is used as the official ensign and includes Costa Rica’s arms coat. Because of Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, the sun rises and sets simultaneously every day. The natural beauty and wildlife diversity of this country have a significant role in tourism. So, tourism can earn more foreign exchange in the country.

 The friendly locals, the better quality of life, career-focused, and thirst for adventure are the other most popular reasons why ex-pats decide to move to this tropical paradise. Thus, undoubtedly Costa Rica is one of the countries with the best weather year-round.