Top 10 Beautiful Flowers in the United States

Have you ever felt lost by the beauty of a flower?

Yeah, me too. Because there is something special about it, which helps us to express our emotions as well.

Here we are discussing the top 10 beautiful flowers in the United States. First of all, let’s have a look at the features, which makes them unique.

10 Anemone


Anemone is a flowering plant in the family of Ranunculaceae. About 200 species of this beautiful flower found in temperate zones. They belong to perennials types which have basal leaves arranged along with an upright stem.

The compound or straightforward leaves include parted or lobed leaf blades. The flowers consist of 4-27 sepals, which can be of any color. The name came from the Greek word Anemoi, which means winds. Anemone also called as “windflower.”

They are one of the favorite garden plants in the US. The flowers also help to keep the garden colorful in the entire period of Spring and Autumn. Among all species, A. coronaria type or poppy anemone is the best summer flower. It’s a tuberous rooted plant with large poppy like blossoms.

They have a height of 15-20 cm high and the flower color varies from blue, purple, white, scarlet and crimson. Double colored flowering types are also present which helps to make the garden gorgeous. It cultivates in numerous areas, and the best-suited soil for them is loamy soil.

A. nemorosa and A. apennina are two beautiful varieties of Anemone planted in woods or places with shades, which makes spring splendid. So, Anemone holds a position in the top 10 beautiful flowers in the United States for its eternal beauty.

9 Iris


Iris belongs to the group of flowering plants having showy flowers. The meaning of Iris in Green is rainbow, and it is the name of Greek goddess of the rainbow. They are perennial plants with creeping style; they are adapted with drier climates and grow from the bulbs.

The Iris flower has a long erect stem that can be simple or branched. The stem is circular or flatten, and in some types of Iris, it will be solid or hollow. The plants also have around 3-10 basal sword-like leaves. The bulbous species have basal leaves of cylindrical shape. Among the petals, three will stand upright behind the sepal. The number of lobes also varies depending on the species.

Iris is a well known ornamental plant in home gardens and some botanical gardens as well. For cultivation in the garden, the plant classified as per the taxonomy. The significant categories of bulb iris and rhizome iris subdivided into many groups, which makes a unique difference in the cultivation needs. Above all, Iris grows well in different types of soils.

Among the species of Iris, I. Junonia and I. reichenbachii blooms too early. They considered as an example of rapport between flowering plants and pollinating insects. The beautiful Iris decorates the gardens in the US and consequently occupies a place in the list of most beautiful flowers in the US.

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8 Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are the beautiful garden decorating flowers with other names such as mums or chrysanths. They have the origin in Asia and northeastern Europe. There are countless varieties of the species including various cultivation items. Wild variants of the plant also seen as subshrubs or perennial plants.

The leaves of the plant divided into leaflets with smooth edges. The compound bunch of flowers can include several heads or a single head. The flower is in many colors, and the variants include red, violet, yellow and white. The mums model of Chrysanthemums considered as the most favorite one which starts blooming in the first autumn itself. This version is fame in the title of favorite flower in the November month.

The Chrysanthemums appear in the American regions in early 1798. It was Colonel John Stevens who played a significant role in importing the cultivated variety called ‘Dark Purple’ from England. As a result, the Elysian Fields in Hoboken in New Jersey became more attractive.

Chrysanthemums are one among the favorite beautiful flowers in the US. Their presence makes a delightful experience to one’s eyes. With distinct color and enriched look, they make our heart and days more pleasant. Above all, NASA Clean Air Study revealed that the Chrysanthemums plants play a role in reducing pollution to a great extent.

7 Carnation


Dianthus caryophyllus also known as carnation is a category of Dianthus. Its origin is believed to be in the Mediterranean region, but still, the exact source is unknown. It belongs to the type of herbaceous perennial plant, which can grow up to a height of 80 cm.

The leaves are of different variants of green, such as grayish to blue-green and are nearly 15cm long. The cyme can contain single or up to five flowers in number. The actual color of this flower is bright pinkish-purple, but different cultivators produce variant colors of the same. The flower is also famous for its fragrance. Furthermore, they require well-drained soil which is slightly alkaline.

Carnations adorned on special occasions like on Mother’s Day and wedding occasion. The tradition of using carnations in Mother’s Day is followed in the United States and Canada on the second Sunday of May every year. The flower also stands to express love and gratitude.

Carnations also considered as the traditional first-anniversary flower. The beautiful Carnations are widely seen in the gardens of United States, and so it is there among the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the United States. The pretty flower is famous all over the universe for its unique features.

6 Dahlia


Dahlia is a family member of dicotyledonous plants, which includes related species of sunflower. It is a type of bushy tuberous plant that contains perennial features. The plant has an origin in Mexico. Around 42 variants of Dahlia are available which can grow mostly as garden plants.

There are variations in the flower forms and its features. These flowers appear in single color or multi-color, and their bright colors attract insects for pollinating. Almost all color gradients can be seen in Dahlia except the variation of blue color. Most noteworthy, the flower is the national flower of Mexico.

They are not able to tackle with severe climatic changes such as sub-zero temperatures. For that reason, the tuberous roots of Dahlia are an advantage for themselves to sustain the diverse climatic situations. Hence their living conditions include enough wet soil and proper deadheading.

In a single season, the Dahlias can grow and bloom to provide a gorgeous visual treat. Their diversity in color, forms, and shapes are also quite fascinating to the viewers. The Dahlias score the fifth rank in the list of top 10 flowers in the US which are quantifying the beauty. Yeah….It’s a pleasure to have this color bunch in gardens!

5 Daffodils


Daffodils are beautiful flowers having around 50 species along with numerous hybrid varieties. They are capable of flourishing clusters or singles in the regions where the climate is moderate. They believed to have the origin from the Mediterranean region, Northern America and the Middle East.

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Generally, they are of the color yellow, and range from yellow-and-white, yellow-and-orange, white-and-orange, pink, and lime-green. The flower holds a corona in the center which seems like a trumpet surrounded by a ring of petals. The original version has a golden yellow color with a different colored horn. They also have a significant role in the outdoor gardens and indoor gardens in Christmas season.

The flower comes in diverse sizes, and the American Daffodil Society took part in developing miniature versions of Daffodils. They are easy perennials which bloom in the time of late winter or early spring seasons. They can also beautify the spaces within shrubs or border places or in indoor regions.

The woodland gardens and large groves of US have more Daffodils on it. These flowers also mentioned as a symbol of friendship. They hold an unmatched beauty and belong to the genus of Narcissus. The flowers are also popular as paperwhites. They are sometimes the very first flowers appear in spring seasons. Certainly, they ensure a fixed position in the US which makes them be in first five beautiful flowers there.

4 Lilies


The lily is an attractive flowering plant, which includes many flowering plants such as trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. They are tall perennials which grow from bulbs. They are common in areas such as Europe, North America, and Asia as well.

Around 100 species of Lilies exists in the world, and many hybrid varieties also cultivated. They came in several colors including white, yellows, orange, pink, red and purples. The petals of the lily appear in multiples of three. The flowers also grow in wild areas such as forest and mountains, whereas several types grow higher in wet ground.

These flowers are a part of culture and literature worldwide. They prefer late spring or summer flowering usually. The flowers also appear like umbels at the end tip of the stem. It will have six petals, spreader. As a result, Lily get a unique appearance of funnel shape. The petals which are far from each other hold nectar at the base portion of every flower.

Many of the Lily species enriched with high fragrance and their height can be in the range of 30cm − 120cm. Furthermore, the flower symbolizes divine beauty and purity. As a result, they ranked within the top 10 beautiful flowers of US.

3 Orchid


Orchids are the beautiful flowers which exist in all the regions of the world except deserts and open water. They tend to live as epiphytes on other plants and rocks. There are some species with the ability to live in grassland areas.

Nearly 22000 species are available for these attractively flowering plants. They also considered as the highly evolved type of flowering plants. They are simple in look and exhibit unique reproductive strategy. The flowers are available in all colors, and they are also bilaterally symmetric.

Their features such as size, shape, and texture of the leaves vary depending on the habitat. Those who live in dry conditions holds thick leaves covered by wax. The orchids in warm regions got long thin leaves. They possess aerial roots, and some species are parasitic. They used to consume food from fungi within their roots since they are unable to produce the same using sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Even more, a single flower of orchid can survive up to six month which varies according to the species. Orchids are useful for many works like developing perfumes, spices and in medicinal sector too. These old beauties hold the third rank in the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the US.

2 Tulips


Tulips are some of the most popular spring flowers of all over the world. They hold a unique position next to Rose flower. They came in a variety of colors, height, and shapes. Some also have a sweet fragrance. The flower buds are perfectly symmetrical, and some Tulips sprout a single flower bud. They belong to the Lily family, and they bloom for about 3-7 days in the spring.

The Tulips are the signals for the upcoming spring season, and almost all colors of the flower hold different meanings. Most noteworthy, the white Tulips shows apology and says ‘I am sorry!’. Netherland is the place where a large number of Tulips developed on a commercial basis.

In the fall seasons, it’s the best time to plant Tulips in the garden. The flower has a single stem with around 2 to 6 long green leaves. Approximately 3000 different varieties of Tulips reported as of now. They are the best choice to celebrate Valentine’s Day. These spring flowering garden plants are sold in large number annually by different cultivators. The very common among them is Golden Tulips.

The Tulips have got a significant role in exports from ancient times itself. Due to all these reasons, In the United States, the Tulips are the second best beautiful choice of gorgeous flowers.

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1 Rose


William Shakespeare says “What’s in a name?  Maybe we can call a rose by any other name which would also smell as sweet. Rose is a symbol of love, friendship, passion, and beauty.  Rose is suitable for every single occasion whether it might be joy or sorrow, happy or sad, good or bad. The name rose comes from Latin word Rosa. Rose is a flowering shrub with thorny stem, green leaves, and flowers at the tip of the stem.

Rose is the most beautiful flower in the US not only because of its visual design but also for its popularity among every person. The most popular rose is the Red Rose, mostly used for the expression of love. There are different colors of roses such as Red, pink, white, yellow, orange, green, blue, black, violet, lavender, each of which used for different occasions.

The flower of rose varies from small size to big (approximately from half an inch to 7 inches). Roses are also useful for making attractive scents or perfumes. Due to all these specialties, we can conclude Rose is the most beautiful flower not only in the US but also in the entire world.